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Centaur Warrunner minimap icon.png Centaur Warrunner is an aggressive tank who excels when he is placed in the middle of fights. He reflects damage with his passive ability Return (Centaur Warrunner) icon.png Return, while stunning and attacking the area around him with Hoof Stomp icon.png Hoof Stomp and Double Edge icon.png Double Edge. Unlike other tanks, Centaur Warrunner sacrifices some durability in exchange for damage output, and may have a hard time recovering if the early game does not go well.
Pros Cons
  • Tanky early game to late game
  • Can be useful to the team without large amounts of gold/items, but also benefits greatly from any gold he can get.
  • Can gank very effectively.
  • His biggest Strength gain in the whole game makes him a hero with the most HP without any buffs or items.
  • Good initiation with his Hoof Stomp and Stampede.
  • Counters DPS carries.
  • Countered by lifesteal.
  • Low mana.
  • Low damage in the late game.
  • Vulnerable to enemy abilities which remove a percentage of health or kill at a certain health threshold.

Ability Builds[edit]

Generic Centaur Warrunner
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 20 25
Hoof Stomp icon.png Double Edge icon.png Hoof Stomp icon.png Double Edge icon.png Return (Centaur Warrunner) icon.png Stampede icon.png Double Edge icon.png Hoof Stomp icon.png Hoof Stomp icon.png Talent icon.png Double Edge icon.png Stampede icon.png Return (Centaur Warrunner) icon.png Return (Centaur Warrunner) icon.png Talent icon.png Return (Centaur Warrunner) icon.png Nil icon.png Stampede icon.png Talent icon.png Talent icon.png


Hero Talents
+1s Hoof Stomp icon.png Hoof Stomp Duration 25 Gains Return (Centaur Warrunner) icon.png Return Aura
+15 Strength attribute symbol.png Strength 20 +10% Spell Amplification
+10% Magic Resistance 15 10% Evasion
+2 Mana Regen 10 +35 Damage
  • The mana regen is added as a bonus and does not benefit illusions.
  • The attack damage is added as bonus attack damage, and therefore does not benefit illusions.
  • The magic resistance and evasion stack multiplicatively with other sources of magic resistance and evasion.
  • Return (Centaur Warrunner) icon.png Return's description always reads as if the aura was there, even when the talent is not chosen.

Tips & Tactics[edit]


  • Centaur Warrunner is usually played solo in the off-lane. However, with a support who has hard disables (such as Earthshaker minimap icon.png Earthshaker or Lion minimap icon.png Lion) he can absolutely dominate the safe-lane and potentially get several kills.
  • Centaur Warrunner can also semi-jungle if the lane is going badly.
  • Centaur's actual damage is average at best in the early game, with slow attack speed and only one damaging ability that hurts himself as well. However, Return can do crippling damage to the enemy team if they choose to heavily harass him.
  • Centaur's late-game damage is entirely dependent upon how much Strength he has. If he ends up with over 200 strength (achieved by items such as Heart of Tarrasque icon.png Heart of Tarrasque and Armlet of Mordiggian (Inactive) icon.png Armlet of Mordiggian) then he can deal frightening amounts of damage.


  • Remember that Return doesn't return damage on missed attacks. Keep this in mind when choosing a level 15 talent. It may be worth it to take hits if the enemy team is highly magical, or relies on fast attacks instead of powerful attacks.


Hoof Stomp icon.png Hoof Stomp[edit]

  • With a Blink Dagger icon.png Blink Dagger, Hoof Stomp can be used as an initiation ability.
  • When trying to land Hoof Stomp on fleeing enemies, get in front of their path if possible. Most opponents will outrun the stun during the cast time if they are already on the edge of the radius.
  • Hoof Stomp has a long cast animation, and can be cancelled by the player or by enemies.

Double Edge icon.png Double Edge[edit]

  • Centaur cannot deny himself with Double Edge.
  • As Double Edge affects all enemies in a small radius around the target, it is very effective when taking on tight clusters of enemies. This includes jungle creeps, lane creeps, large amounts of enemy illusions, or multiple melee heroes trying to gang up on you.
  • It is generally not a good idea to use or skill into this ability until you have a Heart of Tarrasque icon.png Heart of Tarrasque, allowing you to quickly heal from the damage you deal to yourself.
  • Using Double Edge against enemies with unusually high magic resistance, such as Anti-Mage minimap icon.png Anti-Mage or Pudge minimap icon.png Pudge, is not recommended, as it ends up hurting you more than it hurts the enemy.

Return (Centaur Warrunner) icon.png Return[edit]

  • Return is an extremely powerful ability and not to be underestimated. Although its most notable effect is greatly increasing damage against enemies that try to gank Centaur in the late game, even at lower levels it can completely shut down heroes with high damage and low health.
  • To force a tower to attack you and utilize Return, issue an attack command upon an enemy hero when in range (even one in another lane). This trick also works to aggravate lane creeps in order to push.

Stampede icon.png Stampede[edit]

  • Stampede's effect is global. Keep an eye on allies and enemies across the map to use it when needed.
  • Stampede can be used offensively to allow you and your team to quickly initiate a teamfight, or chase down enemies trying to run away.
  • Stampede can be used defensively to help allies escape a bad situation.
  • Stampede only affects enemies once for a relatively short duration, so in larger fights the skill may go totally awry. This means the initiation must be careful and planned, with a chosen initiator, as with other fights (more than not, possibly Centaur himself).
  • In the late-game, if Centaur has the right items, Stampede can do upwards of 600 damage to every enemy hero affected by it (before reductions). This means that Centaur Warrunner or his teammates should try to trample over all enemy heroes if possible, as this can result in a whopping 3000 damage to the enemy team.


Starting items"

Early-game items:

  • Magic Stick icon.png Magic Stick can increase your survivability in lane, and can be later turned into a Magic Wand icon.png Magic Wand to store extra charges and save inventory space.
  • Boots of Speed icon.png Boots of Speed gives a nice movement speed boost.
  • Tranquil Boots (Active) icon.png Tranquil Boots give you some extra survivability, and help negate the self-damage from Double Edge.

Core items:

  • Heart of Tarrasque icon.png Heart of Tarrasque grants extra survivability from the health increase and health regeneration, and the strength also increases damage done by attacks, Return, and Stampede. The massive health regen also allows for the near-constant use of Double Edge without needing to heal for a long time afterwards. Note that in the late-game it may be a good idea to buy a second or (rarely) even a third Heart, as they are the most gold-efficient source of Strength.
  • Armlet of Mordiggian (Inactive) icon.png Armlet of Mordiggian is a very cheap and effective source of Strength and armor, increasing damage and tankiness greatly. It should be activated constantly, as your various health regen items will counteract its health drain.

Situational items:

  • Vanguard icon.png Vanguard can be a good purchase if playing against many physical heroes. Later upgrade to a Crimson Guard icon.png Crimson Guard to help defend your team, or an Abyssal Blade icon.png Abyssal Blade for more stuns.
  • Boots of Travel 1 icon.png Boots of Travel further increases your ability to initiate by being able to teleport to almost anywhere on the map, as well as having extra movement speed.
  • Medallion of Courage icon.png Medallion of Courage is a good, cheap source of armor and mana regeneration, two things that are often badly needed.
  • Blink Dagger icon.png Blink Dagger is essential to initiating with Hoof Stomp. It is a necessary item if your team has no other heroes that can initiate well.
  • Aghanim's Scepter icon.png Aghanim's Scepter's buff is sometimes useful, but mostly during games where you already have an advantage.
  • Pipe of Insight icon.png Pipe of Insight will help your team deal with enemy initiation and nukes, while reducing the health cost of Double Edge.
  • Assault Cuirass icon.png Assault Cuirass turns centaur into a full tank, as well as providing his team with extra armor.
  • Radiance (Active) icon.png Radiance can be a luxury item when your team is winning, as Centaur will be able to live long enough to burn down the enemy.
  • Blade Mail icon.png Blade Mail's damage reflect stacks with Return, making Centaur an even less appetizing target. However, enemies will probably already be focusing on your teammates in a fight rather than you.
  • Heaven's Halberd icon.png Heaven's Halberd grants strength, and also the ability to disarm enemies, which can be useful in the late game when Centaur's damage falls off.