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Cavernite Radiant Creeps

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Cavernite Radiant Creeps
Cosmetic icon Cavernite Radiant Creeps.png
Radiant Creeps
Rarity: Legendary
Slot: Radiant Creeps

These custom creeps can be equipped in the World options of the Global Items loadout menu.
Created By
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This item is awarded to players who leveled The International 2018 Battle Pass to 190.


Melee Ranged
Cavernite Melee Creep Radiant model.png Cavernite Ranged Creep Radiant model.png
Cavernite Mega Melee Creep Radiant model.png Cavernite Mega Ranged Creep Radiant model.png

Update history[edit]

  • Added mega creep models.
  • Fixed the portraits of Cavernite super and mega creeps.