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Cast range is the range at which a hero may use an ability on another unit. Cast range can be extended by certain abilities and talents.

List of cast ranges[edit]

Besides the listed abilities, Focus Fire and Walrus PUNCH! use the caster's attack range as their cast range.

Hero abilities
Item abilities
1 All active attack modifiers use this cast range when manually cast, and their caster's attack range when set to autocast.
2 Has 400 range while in Elder Dragon Form.
3 This is the cast range when smashing a unit. Has 2000 range when smashing a Stone Remnant within a 200 radius, or 200 when targeting a Stone Remnant further away.
4 While Burrowed, Impale's and Mana Burn's cast range is increased to 1225 and 1050 respectively.
5 This is the default cast range. Has an additional 250 buffer range when used on a unit within the buffer range radius.
6 This is the cast range when used on a tree. Has 450 range when used on a ward.
7 This is the cast range when used on a tree (or allied hero in the case of Tango icon.png Tango). Has 450 range when used on a ward.
8 This is the cast range when used on an allied unit or oneself. Has 400 range when used on an enemy unit.

Cast range modifying abilities[edit]

For a list of special interactions with cast range increases, see Cast Range Interactions.

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