Call of the Bladeform Legacy

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Voice pack
Call of the Bladeform Legacy
Cosmetic icon Call of the Bladeform Legacy.png
Juggernaut icon.png
Rarity: Arcana
Slot: Voice

The Juggernaut now speaks with the power of an ancient lineage of revered warriors. Connected once again to the land of the living, these progenitors of the Isle of Masks shall not fall silent again.

This voice pack is available to owners of the Bladeform Legacy Arcana for Juggernaut, and can be equipped to replace Juggernaut's default voice with an exclusive Arcana version.
Created By
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The file names and several lines indicate that these lines are likely spoken by the dragon that accompanies Juggernaut when Bladeform Legacy is equipped.



  • Play u We are Juggernaut.
  • Play u Yurnero is gone. Only The Juggernaut remains.
  • Play u We stand ready to fight.
  • Play u We will bring glory to our friends… and death to our enemies.

Entering battle

  • Play The Isle of Masks will rise again.
  • Play We are Yurnero.
  • Play Juggernaut.
  • Play Call us Juggernaut.
  • Play Juggernaut stands ready.
  • Play Once Yurnero was the last of his kind, but no longer.
  • Play Changed, but still…the Juggernaut.
  • Play The strength of fallen brothers and sisters flows through this body.


  • Play It's in the bag!
  • Play We have fought many battles. None as certain as this.
  • Play The conclusion is foregone, but honor demands we fight.

Beginning battle

  • Play The time is upon us!
  • Play Today this blade spills blood.


6 seconds cooldown


6 seconds cooldown

  • Play Attack!
  • Play Your death approaches.
  • Play Battle calls.
  • Play At last!
  • Play DIE!
  • Play Run if you can!
  • Play The dragon's gaze finds you.
  • Play Stand and fight!
  • Play What coward runs?
  • Play You cannot hide!
  • Play Our blade hungers
  • Play Time to die.
  • Play No retreat!

Ordering a spell cast

Only when distance is at least 2x the cast range, 4 seconds cooldown

  • Play Now is the time!
  • Play Our blade answers the call.


Blade Fury icon.png Blade Fury
On cast

  • Play Haaaaaaaai!
  • Play Coming through!
  • Play Juggernaaaaaaaaaaaut!
  • Play Your death approaches.
  • Play Fall before us!
  • Play Yaaaaaaaa!

Using Town Portal Scroll icon.png Town Portal Scroll or Boots of Travel 1 icon.png Boots of Travel, enemy hero visible within 1200 range

  • Play This isn't over.
  • Play There will be another time to fight…
  • Play We'll be back.

Killing an enemy
5% chance

  • Play None can stand against us.

Omnislash icon.png Omnislash
During cast time, no visible enemies within jump radius around target

  • Play It's time.
  • Play You won't feel a thing.
  • Play You will fall.

On each slash
Although these lines are hooked up, they do not play ingame

Upon ending, 40% of total damage not dealt to heroes

  • Play What a waste!
  • Play Argh, we had such plans…
  • Play Discipline fails us.
  • Play A novice mistake.
  • Play Our blade falters.

Leveling up

  • Play Our power increases!
  • Play Strength is ours!
  • Play The fruits of discipline.
  • Play With practice comes strength.
  • Play It's almost time.
  • Play We become more as one.
  • Play We knew this time would come.

Level 25

  • Play Now the battle truly begins.

Killing an enemy

  • Play The art of our people.
  • Play You should be honored.
  • Play To die at our hand is an honor.
  • Play An honor for you.
  • Play Face your death.
  • Play A worthy foe.
  • Play Blame our blade.
  • Play Our blade has tasted better.
  • Play There's a fine line between bravery and stupidity.
  • Play Look no more upon our face.
  • Play Adorable.
  • Play Perfect.

Killing a specific enemy

  • Play Sven Sven… this isn't some pretend duel where we let you win…
  • Play Sven Consider the swift death a courtesy for the kindness you've shown Yurnero.
  • Play Tiny Your name equals your accomplishments: Tiny.
  • Play Tiny We had hoped your name was misleading.
  • Play Dragon Knight Must have been a lesser dragon.
  • Play Dragon Knight Was there another, better dragon form you could have used?
  • Play Wraith King You could only get back up once?
  • Play Wraith King You're a waste of eternity, Ostarion.
  • Play Huskar Next time, look before you leap, Huskar.
  • Play Huskar Was this another attempt at getting sacrificed, Huskar?
  • Play Bristleback Never turn your back in battle.
  • Play Bristleback Any drunken buffoon can pick a fight, Bristleback. It takes a warrior to finish one.
  • Play Tusk Small town hero, big time flop.
  • Play Tusk Playtime was over, pup.
  • Play Legion Commander We expected more from you, Tresdin.
  • Play Legion Commander Battle's an art, Tresdin, not a show.
  • Play Axe Story time is over, Axe.
  • Play Axe This is why Sorla Khan took your place.
  • Play Pudge This must be what the Rumusque Clerics felt when they purged the Fields of Endless Carnage
  • Play Pudge To bury you would defile nature itself.
  • Play Slardar Your treasures left undefended. For what?
  • Play Slardar At least your death was honorable, if not your cause.
  • Play Lifestealer No finesse.
  • Play Lifestealer This was a mercy, sad creature.
  • Play Night Stalker Shadows always recede when faced with the light.
  • Play Night Stalker Like vermin in the night.
  • Play Io You were never going to beat me, Sparkie.
  • Play Io Runner-up in a race of two, Io.
  • Play Lycan The end of a bloodline, by our hand.
  • Play Lycan We take no pleasure in your death, Lycan.
  • Play Anti-Mage A boy's crusade becomes a man's folly.
  • Play Anti-Mage You should've stuck to fighting scrawny wizards.
  • Play Phantom Lancer Kill the right one and all will fall.
  • Play Phantom Lancer Our blade will always find the truth of things.
  • Play Sniper A coward's toy will never beat a warrior's blade.
  • Play Sniper A belt knife would serve you better than that…thing.
  • Play Templar Assassin Strange… we feel… sadness.
  • Play Templar Assassin Fairwell Lanaya.
  • Play Luna Wickedness always comes back around, moon rider.
  • Play Luna Seek redemption elsewhere, moon rider.
  • Play Bounty Hunter Now we know what you were hiding from.
  • Play Bounty Hunter There was no bounty on you, Gondar. This was sport.
  • Play Lone Druid You've earned your rest, ancient one.
  • Play Lone Druid The dreams of your people die with you…
  • Play Troll Warlord You die as you lived, Troll… Alone.
  • Play Troll Warlord Your rage is nothing in the face of the Juggernaut.
  • Play Ember Spirit If only you'd stayed in that temple training acolytes.
  • Play Monkey King You talk big, Wu Kong, but it's just a fairy tale.
  • Play Monkey King Crawl back to your monkey followers, King.
  • Play Phantom Assassin An assassin has no place on this battlefield.
  • Play Phantom Assassin You should have stayed in the shadows, Mortred.
  • Play Slark You're not that handy with a blade after all.
  • Play Slark This was a long time coming, Slark.
  • Play Medusa There was no quarrel with you until you brought one, Medusa.
  • Play Medusa What will become of your sisters now, Medusa?
  • Play Crystal Maiden This is where madness leads, Maiden.
  • Play Crystal Maiden Try to temper your courage with wisdom, Maiden.
  • Play Lina You were expecting a different outcome?
  • Play Lina Your volatility is predictable, Lina. The limits of discipline? Unknowable.
  • Play Tinker How many died for your experiments, Tinker? Now you join them.
  • Play Tinker Yours is a knowledge best lost to the world.
  • Play Ogre Magi This is what happens when you don't work together.
  • Play Ogre Magi Smart for an ogre is still just smart for an ogre.
  • Play Rubick You can only mimic our techniques, Magus.
  • Play Rubick If you want our respect, Magus, craft something of your own.
  • Play Warlock No book will stop this blade.
  • Play Warlock You sought power of the worst kind, Warlock.
  • Play Invoker Your arrogance grows tiresome, Invoker.
  • Play Invoker With such a mind, you've come to this?
  • Play Winter Wyvern Who will write your epitaph, Auroth?
  • Play Winter Wyvern Should have kept your head in the fight, Wyvern.
  • Play Techies What did you think would happen, Techies? It's a battlefield, not a sandbox.
  • Play Tidehunter This is all too familiar, Tidehunter!
  • Play Tidehunter Your attempts at vengeance are adorable…
  • Play Naga Siren Naptime's over!
  • Play Naga Siren When will you learn Siren, you'll never beat us…
  • Play Puck You should pick better friends, Puck.
  • Play Dark Seer What can a plan do to stop the Juggernaut?
  • Play Dark Seer We end your lonely suffering.

First Blood

  • Play Last of our kind but first in this.

Bladeform Legacy taunt

Meeting an enemy

During earlygame, within 1000 radius
25% chance

  • Play Ember Spirit By our word, this ends with honor, Xin. But it does end.
  • Play Techies Techies, we'll find you out there. We'll see who's laughing.
  • Play Puck Puck. If you couldn't beat us when we were asleep, what chance do you have when we're awake?

Meeting an ally

During earlygame, within 1000 radius
30% chance

  • Play Sven Sven, thank you for using the Adjudicator's Blade to awaken us…
  • Play Sven We are in your debt Sven, we won't forget this.
  • Play Tiny You… are a very large piece of rock with a woefully inaccurate name.
  • Play Dragon Knight Let's show'em what a couple of Dragons can do…
  • Play Dragon Knight It's nice to know we're not the only half- possessed warrior on the battlefield…
  • Play Wraith King None of your tricks, Wraith King. Let it be a fair fight.
  • Play Wraith King What nature fails to mend, only magic might revive.
  • Play Huskar Huskar? So much for battle planning.
  • Play Huskar Signal before you go, Huskar. We'll be ready.
  • Play Bristleback Turning your back on an adversary defies all logic.
  • Play Bristleback Tusk claims he's the better warrior… prove him wrong.
  • Play Tusk Bristleback claims he's the better warrior… prove him wrong.
  • Play Tusk Aim higher than barfights, walrusman. You could be something.
  • Play Legion Commander You need not fight alone, Tresdin.
  • Play Legion Commander People once feared the Bronze Legion… we will make them fear again…
  • Play Axe Your technique is lacking, Axe, but we can't argue with the results.
  • Play Axe Axe, when this battle is over we must discuss what to do about Sorla Khan.
  • Play Pudge Stand downwind of your prey, butcher.
  • Play Pudge After our victory, we wish to hear more about your homeland Pudge…
  • Play Slardar We are honored to fight at your side, faithful Slithereen.
  • Play Slardar Duty is a lost art, Slardar.
  • Play Lifestealer To fight without purpose is truly madness.
  • Play Lifestealer If you were born on the Isle of Masks you would have been fed as mulch to Crex vo Gali…
  • Play Night Stalker You rely too much on natural ability, Night Stalker. A warrior knows discipline will take the day.
  • Play Night Stalker You might consider…a mask.
  • Play Io You work so hard, yet we take all the glory. It's a shame, little friend.
  • Play Io What are you trying to say, Io?
  • Play Lycan We both have lost something we yearn to restore…
  • Play Lycan Take heart Lycan, the sounds of battle quiet the cries of those we have lost.
  • Play Anti-Mage Keep your discipline on this side of zealotry, Anti-Mage.
  • Play Anti-Mage We heard about your partnership with the Tyler Estate… how's that working out?
  • Play Phantom Lancer It's been too long old friend.
  • Play Phantom Lancer Azwraith, you haven't heard any rumors of Kanna's return have you?
  • Play Sniper We give your kinfolk credit, Sniper. A small and fragile people, yet you prosper.
  • Play Sniper Your weapon may be without honor, Sniper, but so is the warrior who would attack one as small as you.
  • Play Templar Assassin Lanaya… let's just get through this battle without killing each other.
  • Play Templar Assassin Yurnero is the past Lanaya, you need to move on.
  • Play Luna Good deeds cannot erase the past, Luna, but a measure of solace has value all the same.
  • Play Luna Where you were lost, now you have found a new home, moon rider.
  • Play Bounty Hunter If an ally's help goes unseen, has he helped at all?
  • Play Bounty Hunter Lead us to the prey, Gondar.
  • Play Lone Druid To have lost everything yet remain so true to purpose…
  • Play Lone Druid At least you have one companion, Sylla.
  • Play Troll Warlord The greatest journeys begin in exile, Troll.
  • Play Troll Warlord Fight with honor and you will always be welcome at our side, Troll.
  • Play Ember Spirit We should train together more, Xin… It always had… interesting results.
  • Play Monkey King Sun Wu Kong, let us be the first to welcome you to the fight.
  • Play Monkey King You're full of mischief, Monkey King. We hate mischief.
  • Play Phantom Assassin Obedience and honor are not always the same, Assassin.
  • Play Phantom Assassin Perhaps there's some art to your ways after all, Mortred.
  • Play Slark We're temporary allies Slark, don't mistake this for friendship.
  • Play Slark Time to earn your pardon.
  • Play Medusa What use is a beautiful face with no loved ones to gaze upon it?
  • Play Medusa The power to free your people was worth any price, Medusa.
  • Play Crystal Maiden It's time to set aside childish feuds, Rylai. Family is finite.
  • Play Crystal Maiden Care for yourself as well as others, Maiden, or you'll help no one.
  • Play Lina Stop antagonizing your sister, Lina. She might warm up to you.
  • Play Lina Your sister talks too much.
  • Play Tinker Your crimes must weigh heavily on your shoulders, Tinker.
  • Play Tinker Redemption is found by those who seek it, Tinker.
  • Play Ogre Magi What happens when you both want to do legs, Ogre?
  • Play Ogre Magi Are you sure you don't want me to remove the extra head?
  • Play Ogre Magi Stay focused, Magi. If you're lucky, you won't kill yourself.
  • Play Rubick Not to be pedantic, but it seems more like 'borrowing' spells, Rubick.
  • Play Rubick What was it like living in Aghanim's shadow?
  • Play Warlock You read all that in a book, Warlock?
  • Play Warlock How do you know you're saying the words right, Warlock?
  • Play Invoker Your mind parts reality like a blade, Invoker.
  • Play Invoker With a discipline such as yours, Invoker, victory is all but assured.
  • Play Winter Wyvern Our blade writes poetry as well, Auroth.
  • Play Techies This plan of yours better work, Techies.
  • Play Techies What you do can't be called fighting, Techies.
  • Play Enchantress It's good to fight by your side again, Enchantress.
  • Play Enchantress Together with Enigma, Shadow Shaman, and Rubick, we made history.
  • Play Enigma Your black hole has changed tide of battle before… it will happen again.
  • Play Enigma Enigma! What do you say we make history one more time?
  • Play Shadow Shaman Looking forward to beating the odds once more Shadow Shaman?
  • Play Shadow Shaman Yurnero claims that once we made history together…let's do it once more.

Last hitting

60 seconds cooldown

  • Play Yes!
  • Play Ours!
  • Play No less than we deserve!
  • Play As expected.
  • Play We'll take that as tribute.
  • Play Bring us another…
  • Play Paid in kind.
  • Play Paid in full.
  • Play The only outcome.
  • Play Rest, little one.
  • Play Eh, a bit beneath us.
  • Play Easy.


Requires visible enemy player within 1000 radius, 60 seconds cooldown

Acquiring an item

  • Play Ours at last.
  • Play This is worth an empty coin purse.
  • Play This will be useful…

Acquiring a specific item

  • Play Battle Fury (4400) r Battle Fury.
  • Play Butterfly (5525) r Butterfly.
  • Play Satanic (5500) r Satanic!
  • Play Vladmir's Offering (2250) r Vladmir!
  • Play Manta Style (4800) r Manta Style!
  • Play Helm of the Dominator (2000) r Helm of the Dominator!
  • Play Diffusal Blade (3150) r Diffusal Blade!
  • Play Mjollnir (5600) r Mjollnir!
  • Play Eye of Skadi (5500) r Eye of Skadi!
  • Play Abyssal Blade (6900) r Abyssal Blade!
  • Play Skull Basher (3200) r Basher!
  • Play Sange and Yasha (4300) r Sange and Yasha!
  • Play Blink Dagger (2250) r Blink dagger.
  • Play Blink Dagger (2250) r The small blade strikes swiftly.
  • Play Aghanim's Scepter (4200) r Ah, scepter.
  • Play Aghanim's Scepter (4200) r Relic of a fallen race.
  • Play Aghanim's Scepter (4200) r Ah, scepter, relic of a fallen race.
  • Play Aegis of the Immortal Immortality!
  • Play Aegis of the Immortal Immortality!

25% chance

  • Play Bottle (650) A vessel that holds great power.
  • Play Battle Fury (4400) r Dust off an old favorite.
  • Play Aegis of the Immortal We will not taste death.


  • Play No!
  • Play We shall return!
  • Play We will reclaim our honor.
  • Play This death will not stand.
  • Play This battle is far from over…
  • Play We will learn from this defeat…
  • Play This failure will not define us…
  • Play We were the last of our kind…
  • Play We fall once more…
  • Play Our work undone…
  • Play Two warriors fall…


  • Play Here again?
  • Play Juggernaut returns.
  • Play Down but not defeated.
  • Play A minor setback.
  • Play Our charge remains.
  • Play One battle is hardly the war.
  • Play Back from the brink of extinction.


  • Play Ahahahahahahaha.
  • Play This isn't over!

Bottling Runes

  • Play Best put this aside for now.

25% chance

  • Play This will be useful…

Activating runes

Arcane Rune minimap icon.png Arcane Rune

  • Play 300 Oh, that's nice.
  • Play 300 Arcane mysteries!

Bounty Rune minimap icon.png Bounty Rune

25% chance

  • Play 300 We rely not upon fortune.

Double Damage Rune minimap icon.png Double Damage Rune

  • Play Double damage!
  • Play The Juggernaut's power is doubled!

Haste Rune minimap icon.png Haste Rune

25% chance

  • Play To the swift, the spoils!
  • Play Now our stride will match the swiftness of our blade.

Illusion Rune minimap icon.png Illusion Rune

25% chance

  • Play All is confusion!
  • Play Time to hide in plain sight.

Invisibility Rune minimap icon.png Invisibility Rune

25% chance

  • Play The ultimate mask.

Regeneration Rune minimap icon.png Regeneration Rune

25% chance

  • Play We become whole.

Ability on cooldown

First attempt within 10 seconds

Second attempt within 10 seconds

Third and more attempts within 10 seconds

Not enough mana

First attempt within 10 seconds

  • Play We need mana.
  • Play We have no mana.
  • Play Not enough mana.

Second attempt within 10 seconds

  • Play We need mana.
  • Play We have no mana.
  • Play Not enough mana.

Third and more attempts within 10 seconds

  • Play We need mana.
  • Play We have no mana.
  • Play Not enough mana.

Taking damage

3 seconds cooldown

25% chance

  • Play 120 We're under attack!


5 consecutive clicks on the hero

  • Play With the mask sundered, our souls can finally be free.
  • Play We have been freed by The Adjudicator's Blade.
  • Play The Isle of Masks is gone, but it won't be forever…
  • Play In a past life, we were branded as traitors… And denied a noble death.
  • Play Together we will find a way to bring back our people.
  • Play Lanaya will not recognize us… It is for the best.
  • Play Sven has played his part well.
  • Play In battle our honor will be restored.
  • Play Once the Ancient is destroyed, our real work can begin.
  • Play It is time to find worthy foes…

Chat responses

Lane missing

  • Play Missing Top.
  • Play Missing Middle.
  • Play Missing Bottom.

thx, thanks, ty, or ally casts certain spell on player, 30 seconds cooldown

  • Play We will not forget this.
  • Play Our thanks.

/laugh, haha, lol, 15 seconds cooldown

Match end


  • Play Yes!
  • Play Victory!
  • Play In victory is great honor!
  • Play Victory was an inevitability!


  • Play No!
  • Play Defeated!
  • Play There is no honor in defeat.
  • Play Never will our people rise.

Cosmetic item drop


  • Play Yeees.
  • Play Ha ha ha!
  • Play We humbly accept this offering.


Rare and higher

  • Play A glorious treasure.





  • Play The Juggernaut is here.
  • Play We are ready for Battle.
  • Play None are our equal.
  • Play Fear the Juggernaut.
  • Play Test us if you dare…
  • Play Our victory is inevitable.
  • Play Who can stand against The Juggernaut.
  • Play Ready for war…

Taunt: Sharp Blade

  • Play Each blow sharpens our blade!

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