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Broodmother minimap icon.png Black Arachnia, the Broodmother
For centuries, Black Arachnia the Broodmother lurked in the dark lava tubes beneath the smoldering caldera of Mount Pyrotheos, raising millions of spiderlings in safety before sending them to find prey in the wide world above. In a later age, the Vizier of Greed, Ptholopthales, erected his lodestone ziggurat on the slopes of the dead volcano, knowing that any looters who sought his magnetic wealth must survive the spider-haunted passages. After millennia of maternal peace, Black Arachnia found herself beset by a steady trickle of furfeet and cutpurses, bold knights and noble youths--all of them delicious, certainly, and yet tending to create a less than nurturing environment for her innocent offspring. Tiring of the intrusions, she paid a visit to Ptholopthales; and when he proved unwilling to discuss a compromise, she wrapped the Vizier in silk and set him aside to be the centerpiece of a special birthday feast. Unfortunately, the absence of the Magnetic Ziggurat's master merely emboldened a new generation of intruders. When one of her newborns was trodden underfoot by a clumsy adventurer, she reached the end of her silken rope. Broodmother headed for the surface, declaring her intent to rid the world of each and every possible invader, down to the last Hero if necessary, until she could ensure her nursery might once more be a safe and wholesome environment for her precious spiderspawn.
Associated with
Heroes:Monkey King minimap icon.png Monkey King
Places:Mount Pyrotheos
Magnetic Ziggurat
Thorny Wastes
  • Broodmother has been to the Thorny Wastes, where she hunts a particular prey that her young requires for nourishment.[1] To do this, she adopts a camouflaged shell of spikes, which she finds quite fashionable.[2]
  • Broodmother's fangs contain paralyzing venom.[3]
  • Broodmother's carapace is made of chitin.[4]
  • Broodmother sometimes carries her young on her back.[5]


Broodmother and her spiderlings were once revered by a cult near Mount Pyrotheos, who believed their insatiable hunger was divine. The cult constructed metal armor for her from the flames beneath Mount Pyrotheo's caldera.[6] Worshipers would then offer that armor to Broodmother before throwing themselves into her webs to be devoured.[7] The cult of spiders has since disappeared, leaving only pieces of armor scattered across Broodmother's endless webs.[8]

The Blacksmith[edit]

Once, an unnamed blacksmith wandered into Black Arachnia's lair. Fearing for his life, he begged the Broodmother to spare him, and in return, he would craft her a set of armor. Black Arachnia agreed, and the blacksmith set about, measuring and forging a new set of spider armor, using metal collected from the discarded armor of knights who had fallen prey to the Broodmother.[9] He completed eight spiked leg guards, each fashioned from the breastplate of a fallen knight.[10] Then, with trembling hands, the blacksmith laid a metal headpiece on Black Arachnia's head, saying "A crown fit for a queen".[11] Satisfied, Black Arachnia upheld her promise, and set the blacksmith free–only to watch him be eaten alive by her spiderlings.


Black Arachnia once knew Sun Wukong, and apparently had a friendly relationship.[12] They "broke up" eventually, and remain hostile to each other to this day.[13]

Friendships and rivalries[edit]

Allies meeting Broodmother

  • Play Keeper of the Light minimap icon.png r Mother that you are, you have my great respect.
  • Play Kunkka minimap icon.png r Just to be clear, if I call you mate, I don't mean it literally.
  • Play Play Monkey King minimap icon.png r Let's just get through this Arachnia.
  • Play Play Monkey King minimap icon.png r Would it kill you to walk around like how we first met?
  • Play Nyx Assassin minimap icon.png r Come, we will spin them into death, Broodmother.

Enemies meeting Broodmother

  • Play Play Monkey King minimap icon.png r Arachnia! We end this today!

Enemies killing Broodmother

  • Play Axe minimap icon.png Who said Axe fears spiders? Axe wants to know their name.
  • Play Batrider minimap icon.png Broodmother, if you weren't already--ugh, never mind!
  • Play Bounty Hunter minimap icon.png You can't hide in your web forever.
  • Play Centaur Warrunner minimap icon.png Your wealth of legs offends me.
  • Play Chaos Knight minimap icon.pngI would trample your bones to dust, if you had any.
  • Play Earthshaker minimap icon.png This is no place for a mother.
  • Play Earthshaker minimap icon.png Pick a different place to raise a family next time.
  • Play Earth Spirit minimap icon.png Throw down your arms.
  • Play Ember Spirit minimap icon.png Your minions, my fuel.
  • Play Play Juggernaut minimap icon.png Through all of your snares, Blade Fury cuts like silk.
  • Play Lycan minimap icon.png All those eyes and you didn't see me coming.
  • Play Magnus minimap icon.png Too many legs make for a messy gait.
  • Play Play Monkey King minimap icon.png r It's over between us Arachnia!
  • Play Nyx Assassin minimap icon.png Caught in your own web, ahe.
  • Play Queen of Pain minimap icon.png Oh! I almost missed you.
  • Play Sand King minimap icon.png Eight legs and still you stumbled.
  • Play Slark minimap icon.png Where you're going, you won't need any eyes.
  • Play Spirit Breaker minimap icon.png An eye for an eye, for an eye.
  • Play Ursa minimap icon.png You should have stayed in your cold den, Broodmother.
  • Play Ursa minimap icon.png Broodmother, you should have stayed in your cold den.

Enemies dying to Broodmother

  • Play Nyx Assassin minimap icon.png Broodmotherfuh…


  • Play Oracle minimap icon.png r She waits for you patiently, plucking her strings with all eight eyes a-doze.
  • Play Play Monkey King minimap icon.png u Hey Broodmother: Are you watching? ARE YOU WATCHING?!
  • Play Play Monkey King minimap icon.png u I'll pretend I didn't enjoy this.
  • Play Play Legion Commander minimap icon.png No more hiding!
  • Play Play Legion Commander minimap icon.png I will crush you underfoot!


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