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  • Pre attack sound plays during the attack animation (80-100% vol).
  • Impact sounds play when the attack successfully hits a target. Each attack uses 1 of main impact, additional impact and blade ring.
    • Play Main impact 1
    • Play Main impact 2
    • Play Main impact 3
    • Play Additional impact 1
    • Play Additional impact 2
    • Play Additional impact 3


  • Play on each step while moving (30%-60% vol)

Piston Impaler

  • Play Ambient sound plays on Bristleback, gets louder while moving (80% vol)
  • Play Extended for better capturing


Viscous Nasal Goo[edit]

  • Play Cast sound plays on Bristleback upon launching the goo.
  • Play Impact sound plays on the target upon successfully hitting the target.
  • Play Full sound example

Blastforge Exhaler

  • Default cast sound's volume is reduced from 100% to 60%.
  • Play Cast overlay plays together with the default cast sound.
  • Play Full sound example.

Quill Spray[edit]

  • Play Cast sound plays on Bristleback upon cast (50%-80% vol).
  • Target sounds play on each unit hit by Quill Spray (50%-70% vol).

Piston Impaler

  • Play Replaces the default cast sound (55%-65% vol).


  • Play Proc sound plays whenever Bristleback reduces any incoming damage (20% vol).

Piston Impaler

  • Play Replaces the default proc sound (25% vol).


  • Warpath does not use any sound effects.