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For the passive ability of Tranquil Boots, see here.
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Break is a status effect that disables passive abilities from those affected. It does not disable passive components from items such as evasion from Talisman of Evasion icon.png Talisman of Evasion or critical strike from Daedalus icon.png Daedalus.


Break disables passive abilities, but not passives of items and talents. This means that, for example, Blur icon.png Blur is disabled, but Talisman of Evasion icon.png Talisman of Evasion and derived items are not. It disables every aspect of the ability, including proc chances, innate cooldowns, attack modifiers and permanent bonuses.

If a passive ability places a buff or debuff, already placed buffs/debuffs are not nullified. This means when, for example, an enemy is affected by Venomancer's Poison Sting icon.png Poison Sting, it continues to take damage and be slowed by the debuff even when Break is applied on Venomancer. The Break only prevents Venomancer's attacks from applying the effect. The same also applies to passive abilities which grant stacks. Break just prevents them from gaining new stacks, but usually does not disable already existing stacks.

However, the opposite is the case for all disabled auras. The aura itself continues to place its buff/debuff on units, but when Break is applied on the source of the aura, the buff/debuff is disabled for the duration. If its status icon in the HUD shows values, they show 0 during Break.

There is no set rule for which passive abilities are disabled by Break. However, most abilities which are needed by or influence a second spell (e.g. Grow icon.png Grow and Divided We Stand icon.png Divided We Stand) are not disabled.

Break works completely independent from mute and silence.

Sources of Break[edit]

Disabled by Break[edit]

The following passive abilities are completely disabled by Break. This includes passive cooldowns, damage counters or other small parts of the abilities, unless stated otherwise.


Hero abilities

1 These abilities have a passive component which is disabled by Break.

2 Both passive components of Spell Shield icon.png Spell Shield and Marksmanship icon.png Marksmanship are disabled by Break (including the spell block and splinter arrows granted by Aghanim's Scepter icon.png Aghanim's Scepter). However, Marksmanship's particle effects still visually react on enemy presence.

3 These abilities cannot grant stacks while disabled by Break. However, their already existing stacks still fully work.

4 These abilities are fully disabled by Break, even when using their active component.

5 Since Natural Order icon.png Natural Order's magic resistance reducing component is centered on the Astral Spirit, applying Break on Elder Titan only disables the armor reduction.

6 Jingu Mastery icon.png Jingu Mastery and Fervor icon.png Fervor neither apply new stacks, nor do already existing stacks grant any bonuses during Break.

7 Only the Multicast icon.png Multicast part is disabled. The mana, cooldown, range and radius changes are not disabled.

8 Greater Bash icon.png Greater Bash still fully work for Charge of Darkness icon.png Charge of Darkness and Nether Strike icon.png Nether Strike. Break only prevents it from proccing on attacks.

9 Disabling Poison Sting icon.png Poison Sting on Venomancer also disables it for his Plague Wards.

Not disabled by Break[edit]

The following passive abilities are not disabled by Break.


1 The bonus attack range granted by Aghanim's Scepter is not disabled.

2 Eidolon's ability to split is not disabled by Break.

3 Faceless Void's immunity to Chronospheres is not disabled by Break.

4 Aghanim's upgraded passive Spirit Form and unobstructed day vision are not disabled.

5 Unobstructed night vision is not disabled by Break.

6 The passive cast upon death is not disabled by Break.

Version history[edit]


Patch history[edit]

  • Fixed various bugs related to Break:
    • Fixed Break disabling Battle Fury icon.png Battle Fury cleave.
    • Fixed Break not disabling Drunken Brawler icon.png Drunken Brawler's ensured crit/evasion cooldowns.
    • Fixed Break disabling level 3 Elder Dragon Form icon.png Elder Dragon Form's frost breath.
    • Fixed Break disabling Empower icon.png Empower's cleave component.
    • Fixed Break not disabling Kraken Shell icon.png Kraken Shell's damage counter.
    • Fixed Break not disabling Craggy Exterior icon.png Craggy Exterior's armor bonus.
    • Fixed Break disabling Grow icon.png Grow's cleave component.
    • Fixed Break not disabling Thirst icon.png Thirst's ability to reveal low health enemies.
    • Fixed Break disabling Insatiable Hunger icon.png Insatiable Hunger's lifesteal component.
    • Fixed Break not disabling Psi Blades icon.png Psi Blades' attack range bonus.
    • Fixed Break not disabling Fervor icon.png Fervor granting stacks.
    • Fixed Break not disabling Gravekeeper's Cloak icon.png Gravekeeper's Cloak losing charges when taking damage.
    • Fixed Break disabling Tidebringer icon.png Tidebringer's cleave component.
    • Fixed Break not disabling Blur icon.png Blur's minimap hiding component.
    • Fixed Break disabling Split Shot icon.png Split Shot.

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