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Bonkers the Mad

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Bonkers the Mad
Cosmetic icon Bonkers the Mad.png
Witch Doctor icon.png
Witch Doctor
Rarity: Immortal
Slot: Back

From the treetops, Bonkers watched. He saw the sick and infirm tended to, the malicious cursed, the rituals, the rites, the traditions of a Witch Doctor. Bonkers brought this wild knowledge to his kin, and for doing so was banished, called mad in his tongue. Perhaps he is, but now he knows his true calling.
Created By
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  • Minor custom spawn, victory and other animations for Bonkers not shown.
Customization Type Preview
Ambient Effect
Death Animation
Death Ward Animation1
Paralyzing Cask Effect

1 Bonkers also performs the Death Ward animation if Taunt: Celebration of Death is used with this item.
2 Bonkers throws the coconut. Witch Doctor uses an auto attack animation.

Ability Icon[edit]

Paralyzing Cask
Bonkers the Mad Paralyzing Cask icon.png