Banglagamer Dota 2 Championship

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Banglagamer Dota 2 Championship
BGD2C - Tournament Logo - large 282x282 1.png
Start Date:21 March 2014
End Date:13 May 2014
Version:6.80 - 6.81
Prize Pool:Team products worth of ~$1000


Group A

  • Bangladesh Experience Gaming
  • Bangladesh Always Emotional
  • Bangladesh Hooligan Gaming
  • Bangladesh CDC-Z
  • Bangladesh Ambush`GaminG`
  • Bangladesh CDC-X
  • Bangladesh RDSD
  • Bangladesh The Battle Squad
  • Bangladesh Pacific Avenger

Group B

  • Bangladesh VOiD e-Sports
  • Bangladesh YcB ?
  • Bangladesh Art of Killing
  • Bangladesh Blamers
  • Bangladesh TakeItAway
  • Bangladesh Overk!LL
  • Bangladesh CMA
  • Bangladesh CxG
  • Bangladesh 5pk

Group C

  • Bangladesh Red Viperz
  • Bangladesh FeederS UTD
  • Bangladesh Ti[†]ans
  • Bangladesh Your Enemy!
  • Bangladesh Kill-OR-Be-Killed
  • Bangladesh MYST
  • Bangladesh Black Xcarves
  • Bangladesh Vengeance|Gaming
  • Bangladesh JMB

Group D

  • Bangladesh Try Hard Gaming
  • Bangladesh Dire Luminescence
  • Bangladesh Khaja Baba
  • Bangladesh Bangla 5
  • Bangladesh UnderGround !nfinity
  • Bangladesh Warrior Syntax
  • Bangladesh Order Of Chaos (OoC)
  • Bangladesh TTGF
  • Bangladesh Aurora E-Sports
  • Bangladesh Bangladeshi Soldiers



37 teams are divided in four groups, each consisting 9 teams (group D: 10 teams). Each team will play against all other teams in the same group in a round robin fashion; two matches each for up to 2 points. Four teams from four groups with highest points will advance to final round of double elimination where all games will be BO3 and finals being BO5.

Prize Allocation[edit]

Prize Allocation
Place Team Winnings
A22nd Bangladesh Red Viperz 5x RAM
A33rd Bangladesh Ti[†]ans 5x USB Flash Drives