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Known Bugs


Enfeeble doesn't track its targets and messed up the buffs on Bane on refresh
When the "Enfeeble Steals Damage" talent is chosen, Enfeeble can steal damage from each enemy hero once. But when recasting it on the same heroes will only refresh the first gained buff. For example, when having a buff from target 1 and one from target 2, recasting Enfeeble on target 2 will refresh the duration of the buff gained from target 1, leaving the second buff to expire. Just like how it grants one buff per enemy hero, it should refresh the buffs based on the target as well. Recasting Enfeeble on target 2 should refresh buff 2, and not buff 1, since buff 1 is from target 1.
24 December 2017

Enfeeble's debuff starts stacking on Bane when cast on him while he has the damage stealing Enfeeble buff
When Bane has the damage steal buff from Enfeeble, an enemy (e.g. Rubick minimap icon.png Rubick or Morphling minimap icon.png Morphling) can stack the damage reduction debuff on Bane.
24 December 2017

Casting Enfeeble while affected by the Enfeeble debuff, and while having the "Enfeeble Steals Damage" talent, removes the debuff
When a Rubick casts Enfeeble on Bane, that Bane can get rid of the debuff by simply casting Enfeeble on an enemy, if he has the "Enfeeble Steals Damage" talent.
24 December 2017


Nightmare does not end upon taking attack damage
Nightmare is supposed to end upon taking damage. However, damage done by attacks do not end it. This means projectile attacks hitting after the invulnerability apply their damage and the Nightmare continues. Spells which use instant attacks can also damage nightmared units without waking them up.
19 March 2017

Nightmare does not end upon taking damage from active attack modifiers
Nightmare is supposed to end upon taking damage. However, damage done by active attack modifiers does not end it. This even includes damage over time dealt by such modifiers. Passive attack modifiers work fine and do cancel Nightmare.
19 March 2017

Nightmare is not properly dispellable
Nightmare is always placed as a debuff, regardless of whether it is cast on an ally or an enemy. This means when an enemy Bane nightmares himself or his allies, it cannot be dispelled off of them by their enemies.
Furthermore, the invulnerability modifier of Nightmare is undispellable, so that the unit still stays invulnerable even after dispelling Nightmare.
19 March 2017

Nightmare causes Bane to get assist points for dying allies
Nightmare is always placed as a debuff, even on allies. The assist points system grants assist points when a debuffed hero dies. This results in Bane getting assist points when a recently Nightmared ally dies.
Oracle minimap icon.png Oracle's Fate's Edict has this issue as well.
19 March 2017

Nightmare triggers Linken's Sphere and Lotus Orb upon getting transfered
When attacking a Nightmared enemy unit, Linken's Sphere icon.png Linken's Sphere triggers, preventing the Nightmare from transfering. Lotus Orb icon.png Lotus Orb's Echo Shell also triggers, applying Nightmare on whoever originally cast it. Both of these (and an upgraded Spell Shield) should only trigger when Nightmare gets directly cast on the wielder, and not upon getting transfered.
19 March 2017

Nightmare's vision removal does not work on Monkey King while on a tree
While sitting on a tree, Monkey King minimap icon.png Monkey King (and Rubick minimap icon.png Rubick) does not lose vision when getting Nightmared.
19 March 2017

Nightmare's sub-spell has only 1 level, causing several issues
Sub-spells usually have the same amount of levels than the spell they belong to. Their level is automatically set equal to the main spell. However, Nightmare's sub-spell has only 1 level, causing the following issues:
  • ALT-clicking on Nightmare while its sub-spell is active always shows level 1 as its level in the chat, regardless of which level Nightmare actually is.
  • Illusions created of Bane while Nightmare's sub-spell is active always have level 1 Nightmare, regardless of which level Nightmare is on the main hero.
  • Nightmare cannot be leveled up while the sub-spell is active, getting the "Ability Is At Max Level" error message, even when Nightmare is not on level 4 yet.
Other spells with the same issue are Ice Blast, Tether, Telekinesis and Song of the Siren.
21 February 2017

Nightmare End cannot be shift-queued
Nightmare End has the DOTA_ABILITY_BEHAVIOR_IGNORE_PSEUDO_QUEUE flag, which allows the spell to be cast while stunned. However, that flag also removes the ability to shift-queue the spell.
Borrowed Time, Morph and Aghanim's Scepter icon.png Aghanim's Scepter upgraded Enrage also have this issue.
17 January 2017

Fiend's Grip[edit]

Fiend's Grip deals too much damage based on player slot
Based on the player slot Bane is, Fiend's Grip applies 1 damage/mana drain tick too much, ticking for 7 (1) times, instead of 6 () times.
19 March 2017

Bane does not get attacked by wards and buildings while channeling an upgraded Fiend's Grip
When having Aghanim's Scepter icon.png Aghanim's Scepter, Bane does not get automatically attacked by wards and buildings, despite them being immune to Nightmare. Wards can be ordered to attack him still.
19 March 2017

Fiend's Grip does not properly pierce spell immunity
Fiend's Grip does not attempt to damage spell immune enemies. Since it is supposed to pierce spell immunity, it should apply its damage as well. Although it would get reduced to 0, this still is registered as damage, since some effects do react on 0 damage, or react on damage before any reductions.
19 March 2017

Multiple casts of Fiend's Grip on one target interfere with each other
When a unit is targeted by multiple Fiend's Grips, they cause each other to malfunction. The first cast grip stops dealing damage and stops draining mana. On the other side, the later cast grip ends prematurely, ending whenever the first cast ends. Furthermore, if the later cast gets canceled, the first cast continues channeling, despite not having any effect anymore.
19 March 2017

Fiend's Grip's cast sound isn't long enough for talent duration, and the target sound wrongly includes the cast sound
There are several issues with the sounds of Fiend's Grip
  • There are clicking sounds in fiend's_grip_target, at the beginning and at the end. Both are very easy to repair
  • The caster sound is too short for the talent duration. It was not extended.
  • The target sound was extended, but it wrongly includes the caster sound on its extended part.
24 December 2017