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Background Information
Name:Andreas Løchte
Birthdate:1991-10-27 (age 28)
Country:Denmark Denmark
Signature heroes:Anti-Mage icon.png Morphling icon.png Kunkka icon.png Brewmaster icon.png
2010 — 2011

Andreas "Balsam" Løchte professional Defense of the Ancients player, who is currently teamless.

Professional career[edit]


Nordic-esport closed. Balsam and the other players were without a team. Balsam said goodbye to his team-mates, as was to serve six months in the army.

Next Evolution ESC[edit]

After closing the Nordic-esport, CalculuS and Link joined Nevo. NE structure was disbanded in late 2011.

After Balsam served in the army, he returned to the DotA scene.

The Tough Bananas[edit]

Balsam founded The Tough Bananas with Buller and hiphopNOTpop, CalculuS and s4 join them and form a new composition. Although all was well at The Tough Bananas, hiphopNOTpop was expelled from the team, and it was followed by Buller. Staying with Balsam, CalculuS s4 and invited a team of German players neNo-, and then HenryD from England.

Copenhagen Wolves[edit]

Copenhagen Wolves sign The Tough Bananas, and a few months HenryD leaving the team because of a conflict with other players. The team was disbanded in September 2012.