BTS Southeast Asia 3

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Tournament icon BeyondTheSummit.png BTS Southeast Asia 3
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United States United States
Start Date:2 February 2016
End Date:20 February 2016
Prize Pool:US$10,000

BTS Southeast Asia #3 is the third Southeast Asian regional tournament hosted by American tournament organization Beyond the Summit. It will feature 16 teams from a US$10,000 prizepool.


  • Open Qualifiers: Top 2 teams move onto the main event.
  • Main Event: 16 teams, best-of-3 single-elimination bracket.



Round of 16 Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
Taring Taring 2
iDeal eSports iDeal eSports 0
Taring Taring 1
Execration Execration 2
Execration Execration 1
MVP Phoenix MVP Phoenix 2
MVP Phoenix MVP Phoenix 2
TNC Pro Team TNC Pro Team 3
Execration Execration 2
Can't Say Wips Can't Say Wips 0
MVP Phoenix MVP Phoenix 2
Extremist Dota2 Extremist Dota2 0
MVP Phoenix MVP Phoenix 2
Mineski Mineski 1
Team Laser Team Laser 0
Mineski Mineski 2
Mineski Mineski 2
Mineski Mineski 2
Signature.Trust Signature.Trust 0
Mineski Mineski 0
TNC Pro Team TNC Pro Team 2
Panglima(5) Panglima(5) 0
Signature.Trust Signature.Trust 2
Wu Jie Wu Jie 0
TNC Pro Team TNC Pro Team 2
TNC Pro Team TNC Pro Team 2
Team Redemption Team Redemption 1
Team Redemption Team Redemption 2
First Departure First Departure 0

Prize Allocation[edit]

Final Prize Pool: $10,000 USD
Place Team Winnings Percent
A11st  TNC Pro Team TNC Pro Team $5,000 50%
A22nd  MVP Phoenix MVP Phoenix $3,000 30%
A33rd  Execration Execration $1,000 10%
A44th  Mineski Mineski $1,000 10%