Black King Bar

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Black King Bar
Black King Bar icon.png
A powerful staff imbued with the strength of giants.
4050 (1450)
Bought From
Active Avatar
Bonus +10 Strength
+24 Attack damage
Disassemble? No
Alert allies? No
Black King Bar (4050)Components3.png
Ogre Axe (1000)
Mithril Hammer (1600)
Recipe (1450)

The Black King Bar is an item purchasable at the Main Shop, under Armor.

Additional information[edit]


No Target
Grants Spell Immunity and 100% Magic Damage Resistance. Duration decreases with each use.
Magic Resistance Bonus: 100%
Duration: 10/9/8/7/6/5
Cooldown: 70
Buff Black King Bar Immune: Undispellable.


  • Interrupts the user's channeling spells upon cast.
  • During Avatar, the hero cannot be affected by Ghost Scepter icon.png Ghost Scepter. The buff gets removed immediately.
  • Causes the user's model size to increase by 30% for its duration. This has no impact on its collision size.
  • The duration of Avatar is bound to the hero. Rebuying Black King Bar does not reset it.
  • For more details, including a list of spells which are not blocked, see Spell immunity.

Recommended heroes[edit]

  • Black King Bar is, more often than not, a necessary item on almost all carries to prevent the enemy from simply shutting down their damage output with disables.
  • Initiators can consider a Black King Bar to guarantee a safe initiation against disable-heavy teams. This is especially the case if they can impact the fight with abilities beyond their initiation ability or by providing further damage.
  • Heroes with strong channeling abilities can use a Black King Bar to prevent the enemy from interrupting them.


  • When facing a lot of magical damage or many disables, a Black King Bar alone can provide enough survivability, allowing carry heroes to focus on damage items after having Black King Bar.
    • Vice versa, Black King Bar is not effective against physical damage, or spell immunity piercing spells, so other items for survivability should be considered (e.g. armor items against physical damage, or escape items against some spells).