August 25, 2017 Patch

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Patch notes

  • Fixed a particle bug with casting town portal scroll while dropping it into your backpack.
  • Fixed the selection box on Gyrocopter minimap icon.png Gyrocopter's Missile of the Gunboat Hegemon.
  • Fixed the icon on the second style of Luna minimap icon.png Luna's Reef Kyte Rider set.
  • Corrected the expiry date of some TI 7 items from 2017-09-01 to 2017-09-18.
    • Fixed the expiration dates on Seasonal Terrain - Spring, Token and Creed of Omniscience.


  • Odobenus Ogre Seal vision has been changed from 900/900 to 1300/1300.
  • Pet Amoeba health changed from 2500 to 1500.
  • Pet Amoeba Mana Changed from 10000 to 500.
  • Pet Amoeba Mana regen changed from 500 to 20.
  • Pet Amoeba vision changed from 1800/1800 to 1100/100.
  • Pet Amoeba no longer has any item drop (i.e health and mana potions).
  • Ogre Seal Flop damage has been changed from 550 to 500.
  • Rocks after fighting the Storegga boss are now removed so they do not block players.
  • Fixed an issue with the Kill Alpine Growlers quest.
  • Fixed a small issue with the interaction on Siltbreaker's active and inactive state.


  • A new file has been added that controls protocol buffer messages for reporting bot controlled hero states.
  • Bots now type out a chat message for a new action - Directly Moving.