August 04, 2017 Patch

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Patch notes

  • Updated player photos of Empire and TnC Pro Team.
  • Some minor UI fixes here and there.
  • New console command: cl_prop_fadeout_alpha, cl_prop_fadeout_height, cl_prop_fadeout_mode, cl_prop_fadeout_radius, cl_prop_fadeout_radius_end, and cl_prop_fadeout_time.

Broadcaster Tools

  • Added support for Generic search on the tools.
  • The search tab on the Quick Hero Facts tab added yesterday has been changed to generic search rather than be hero specific.
  • Added option to clear search on the Quick Selection UI of the tools.
  • Some styling updates have been done to the panel on which the ability movie is displayed.
  • Fixed a typo in one of the snippets where it read Shadow Fiend instead of Shadow Shaman.
  • Fixed a typo in the item snippets where it read damabe instead of damage.
  • A new unit strings file has been added that defines selections for the following categories: Generic, Base Unit, Ranged Mega, Upgraded Ranged, Melee Creep, Ranged Creep and Roshan.