August 03, 2011 Patch

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Patch notes


  • Fixed Shadow Shaman's wards and Venomancer's Wards not being able to attack Roshan.
  • Fixed Lion's Mana Drain and Shadow Shaman's Shackles to properly handle getting purged.
  • Tidehunters anchor smash takes 0.5 seconds instead of 0.3.
  • Weaver: Geminate Attack properly triggers on an attack landing, not on a fixed timer.
  • Clockwerk: Hookshot no longer hits himself if he has Ultimate Scepter.


  • Fixed Courier price 200 -> 170.
  • Fixed Shadow Blade price 1100 -? 1000.
  • Fixed smoke of deceit not providing the move speed bonus.
  • Smoke of Deceipt will now conceal units on the minimap even if they can be seen by a sentry ward or any other True Sight deal.
  • Teleport Scroll won't receive the increased channel time if teleporting near the fountain.
  • Travel boots now properly teleport to the target unit, and will be aborted immediately if the unit dies.


  • Updated Vengeful to new model.
  • Added a number of ability icons.
  • Revised a number of neutral creep models.
  • New necro warrior model.
  • Updated portrait videos.
  • Fixed Frozen units not playing their death animations.
  • Fixed Mirana's arrow having bad attachment and sometimes looking wrong.
  • Fixed Vengeful Spirit's weapon drawing a square when an illusion.
  • Added some color back to Roshan.


  • Dire imbaward spot: clipped top surface to ensure wards are placed level, so they provide correct vision (fixes wards sinking into the non-solid rock model and then having half their vision blocked).
  • Radiant imbaward spot: pulled neutral camp trigger up a bit so only half the imbaward spot blocks the neutral camp spawn.
  • Miss messages how appear immediately, and over the misser's head.
  • Abilities that dominate creeps clear out the players that used to be able to control them. This prevents Chen and Enchantress from being able to control the same creeps.
  • You can now issue attack orders on friendly units regardless of whether or not they can be denied. There are no longer deny-related error messages.
  • Implemented de-aggroing. Activates when issuing an attack order on a friendly unit.
  • Fixed some items from considering their stack count when calculating their sell price.
  • Neutral Camps no longer consider dominated units when determining whether they have been cleared.
  • Summoned units will no longer disable backdoor protection on towers.
  • Troll heal heals a single character.


  • Fixed being able to drag a channeling teleport scroll to the stash and have it complete. Now throws a warning that dragging a channeling item is not allowed.
  • Level up stats now requires either being in level up mode or pressing control+key.
  • Queried enemies no longer show the level of buffs.
  • Fixed Mask of madness thinking it was toggled on every alternate cast.
  • Update stats section on hud when a displayed modifier changes its tooltip parity, eg Dazzle's Weave.
  • Reduced brightness of shops on the minimap.
  • Minimap:
  • When voice chatting, illusion icons won't swap to the chat bubble.
  • Fixed invisibility hero icon not drawing.
  • Fixed Dire hero glows drawing while in spectator.
  • ConVar dota_minimap_simple_color uses Simple Colors on Minimap.
  • ConVar dota_minimap_hide_background prevents the minimap terrain being drawn.
  • Hooked up close button in spectator panels.
  • Vertically aligned lifetime timer for heroes.
  • Hooked up 'return to game' button in dashboard topbar.
  • Added tooltip and button state to glyph button.
  • Fixed courier button on the hud. clicking while having the courier selected jumps the camera to the unit.
  • Fixed the display of negative bonus armor and damage.
  • Hooked up inventory icons for necronomicon level 2 and 3.