August 01, 2016 Patch

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Patch notes

The International 2016 Battle Pass

  • A new popup has been added to remind users that August 13th 7 AM GMT is the last date to purchase Battle Levels will end on August 13th. Also the last date to purchase Collector's Cache.

The International 2016

  • The Featured Tab on the Watch Tab has been updated with The International 2016 Hub.
  • Brackets, Schedule, Standings and Match Grid for The International 2016 have been added to this hub.


  • The inventory icon for The International 2016 tab has been fixed.

UI Updates

  • A new notification has been added that links you to the newly added The International 2016 Hub.
  • The Livestream Embed tab for The International 2016 on the front page has been added.


  • Backend support has been added for The International 2016 Shortfilm Contest Finals Voting in The Compendium.
  • Valve added a bunch of files that totally seem to be modifying the end game screen on the Dashboard itself.

Update 2

UI Updates

  • Fixed the links of a couple of The International 2016 Group Stage and Bracket notifications to take to the correct panels.
  • A bug that was crashing the game when you select the Brackets tab in The Compendium has been fixed.
  • Some missing imagery such as team logos, hub image and etc from The International 2016 Hub added earlier today have been fixed.
  • They seemed to have repacked the maps and related files for some reason.
  • The Short Film Contest final entries have been added to the game client for public voting.
  • Updated the organizer of The International Hub from 'Valve Software' to just 'Valve'.

String Update

  • Minor fix to the string that thanks you when you vote for a custom game.
  • Supporting strings for the Short Film contest tab.