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Background Information
Name:Іван Антонов
Romanized name:Ivan Antonov
Birthdate:1989-04-21 (age 31)
Country:Ukraine Ukraine
Role:Support, Carry, Coach
Signature heroes:Night Stalker icon.png Enchantress icon.png Chaos Knight icon.png
2008 — 2009
2009 — 2010
2010-12-25 — 2011-10-03
Dota 2:
2010-12-25 — 2011-10-03
20??-??-?? — 20??-??-??
2012-02-17 — 2012-09-12
2012-09-19 — 2012-10-04
2012-10-04 — 2012-11-11
2014-08-04 — 2014-08-29
2014-08-29 — 2014-10-30
2014-11-13 — 2014-12-24
2014-11-15 — 2015-03-30
2015-04-05 — 2016-11-07
2017-03-06 — 2018-09-05 (Coach)

Ivan "ArtStyle" Antonov is an Ukranian professional Dota 2 player.

Professional Career


In April 2009, ArtStyle joined DTS at the expense of Axypa.[1] During ESWC 2010, ArtStyle showed strong performances, with DTS claiming second place, only losing to eventual champions EHOME. During WDC, ArtStyle showed his versatility and craft by overpowering EHOME in the group stage with a surprise strategy, followed by a win over LGD, and eventually claimed third. At the end of 2010, ArtStyle was named captain of the year by media site GosuGamers.[2]

Natus Vincere

In December 2010, after a series of conflict with manager v1lat,[3] ArtStyle left DTS[4] and joined Na`Vi along with Dendi,[5] replacing Mag~ and Deff~.[6] After a roster change, Na`Vi stomped through ASUS Summer 2011 and, with an all-win record, won the $1,000,000 Grand Prize from Dota 2 The International, cementing ArtStyle's legendary captain status.

Back to DTS

After the International, ArtStyle went a long vacation which saw him miss Techlabs Cup. Soon after that, Na`Vi announced his departure from the team,[7] and ArtStyle reformed DTS with players from HT. They participated in the offline finals of ICS 9 and placed 4th.[8]


In January 2012, ArtStyle was spotted playing as a stand-in for M5. In a few weeks, after a huge scandal, the former M5 players left their organization and Darer Entertainment had made it official that the former M5 team would be playing for them with ArtStyle becoming the captain. However, their results were rather average, and many fans questioned ArtStyle's legendary captain skills. Eventually, ArtStyle silenced all doubters in a showmatch Darer vs by ingenious picks, which seemed weak and without synergy at first, but worked perfectly, and Darer was able to win in 15 minutes.

Under ArtStyle's leadership, team Darer was invited to the International 2012. Soon after that, ArtStyle changed his captain position with his teammate Goblak, the former DTS captain. The reason behind this was simple - ArtStyle, who had been criticized for "non-shining" performances, wanted to play more carry-like heroes instead of being classic captain-support. After these role changes, ArtStyle excelled with strength-based semicarry heroes such as Night Stalker or Chaos Knight.

Although Darer was eliminated in the round 2 of the lower bracket at the International 2012, ArtStyle's performances were stable. His highlight moment was in the first round of the lower bracket against team Absolute Legends. ArtStyle's Chaos Knight was extremely effective against aL and played a major role in Darer's success.

Team Kharkiv/Eclypsia Gaming

Shortly after The International 2012, team Darer disbanded, and ArtStyle formed a new team called Team Kharkiv, with Mag, ALWAYSWANNAFLY, dubas, and Unstop. The team was picked up by Eclypsia Gaming in October 2012.


With Natus Vincere

Date Place Event Opponent Winnings
2015-06-15 A22nd ASUS ROG DreamLeague Season 3 2 : 3 $32,391+

With HellRaisers

Date Place Event Opponent Winnings
2014-09-27 A44th Excellent Moscow Cup Season 2 1 : 2 $6,000
2014-09-12 A55th - 6th Game Show League Season 1 1 / 4  
Round Robin (W/L)

With Natus Vincere

Date Place Event Opponent Winnings
2011-08-21 A11st The International 2011 3 : 1  EHOME EHOME $1,000,000