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Arcana items are among the rarest items in Dota 2. They come with extensive customizations such as particle effects, animations, icons, sounds, and more. Arcana items cannot be deleted in the Armory.

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Item Used By Description Availability Release Date
Lina minimap icon.png It has often been said that Lina's hair was touched by fire, though few know the truth of this claim. In Lina's youth, as her natural talents first began to smoke and smolder it was her fiery hair that told the tale of the storm to come. With time and training, her skill and control of the flame was enough to suppress the searing display. Yet on occasion, when her ire grows and tempers flare, the full measure of Lina's burning spirit threatens to unleash its wrath. Pictogram tick.png  Purchase

Pictogram tick.png  Drop

Legion Commander minimap icon.png Set in her vengeance against the abyss, Tresdin approached the baleful armorer Qwyth, who gifted to her these hellbound blades. Though she obtained the swords without cost, she may realize too late that the price extracted for wielding such incredible power could be more than she is willing to part with… Pictogram tick.png  Purchase

Pictogram tick.png  Drop

Terrorblade minimap icon.png Deep in the hell of Hell, Terrorblade lay bound behind fractal walls, sentenced to an eternity of twisted contemplation. He stared long into the reflection of his own worst self. And long did his worst self stare into him. Now they rise together, a single entity more powerful than ever before. Pictogram tick.png  Purchase

Pictogram tick.png  Drop

Techies minimap icon.png After months of work, Techies Demolitions proudly unveiled their latest commission: The Swine, the most powerful cannon ever designed. Yet during its first frantic use aboard a homebound galley, the Swine's awesome blast tore its host ship asunder, rocketing the cannon itself backwards toward the shore. It was found days later, deeply embedded in a rocky cliffside just below its makers' workshop. Pictogram tick.png  Purchase

Pictogram tick.png  Drop

Shadow Fiend minimap icon.png Shadow Fiend has long collected the souls of his enemies. As is the case with any collector, some prizes have stood above others, to be sought out at any cost. However, there are certain souls that should not be tried, and forces so dark and filled with rage that no being could hope to contain them. Thus did Shadow Fiend learn the price, and gift, that comes with stealing the souls of demons, and he was changed evermore. Pictogram tick.png  Purchase

Pictogram tick.png  Drop

Phantom Assassin minimap icon.png With a raspy cackle, the elder smith Craler swung the sword that his family had spent eleven generations to fold and forge. So sharp it was that, with a sound like tearing fabric, a rip in reality tore open. Through this rip, Craler recognized himself from moments before, holding aloft the very same coveted blade. Then, in a fit of greed and madness, he cut this earlier self down to seize the twin sword as his own. Too late, however, Craler felt a familiar wound, and was suddenly filled with the memory of being cut down himself… Pictogram tick.png  Purchase

Pictogram tick.png  Drop

(Arcana vote 2014 winner)
Crystal Maiden minimap icon.png Some say the garment began as the wedding gown of an ancient queen. Others say it was once a battle cloak of a frost ogre. In truth, the enchanted fabric is as malleable as an avalanche, and can mold itself into various forms. This form has attracted a lone wolf pup, who has now become a hardy and loyal companion. Pictogram tick.png  Purchase

Pictogram tick.png  Drop

Zeus minimap icon.png Forged by the Hammers of Celestarr and imbued with the energies of the Ancients, this mighty helm feels at home resting across the brow of the Lord of Heaven himself. The faithless shall tremble as true thunder rolls across the fields of battle! Pictogram tick.png  Purchase

Pictogram tick.png  Drop

(Arcana vote 2015 winner)
Monkey King minimap icon.png Though his misdeeds have long been forgiven, the thrills of Sun Wukong's crimes live on. Relive three legendary trials from his earliest adventures with the Great Sage's Reckoning. Pictogram tick.png  Purchase

Pictogram tick.png  Drop

Juggernaut minimap icon.png Yurnero’s mask has been cleaved in two, awakening the ancient souls that once laid dormant inside it. These spirits have become one with Yurnero, giving him both the wisdom and fury of his ancestors. This symbiotic relationship has transformed the Juggernaut into something new and terrifying… a celestial force of nature. Pictogram tick.png  Purchase

Pictogram tick.png  Drop

(Arcana vote 2016 winner)
Io minimap icon.png The wispy tendrils of Io the Fundamental can be found in all planes of the universe, having existed across the boundaries of realms known and unknown since before time itself. After an eternity of exploring the span of its mystic province, Io knows that no matter where the tide of battle leads, the bonds of friendship will always carry the day. Pictogram cross.png  Purchase

Pictogram cross.png  Drop

Pictogram tick.png  Compendium

(Arcana vote 2016 runner-up)
Pudge minimap icon.png Centuries ago, the Rumusque priestess Crella forged unbreakable links of hook and chain to bind the most powerful servants of the Dead God. But the Dead God's corruption grew too strong even for Crella's revered enchantments. Taken up with the rhythm of the Dirge, her chains abandoned their charge, turning instead to carry out the destruction of Crella's homeland at the Dead God's command. Now, their vile purpose long since served, the Chains of Abscession have sworn service to a new master... and the delights of butchery. Pictogram tick.png  Purchase

Pictogram tick.png  Drop

(Arcana vote 2017 winner)
Rubick minimap icon.png Most Magi believed the Puzzle of Perplex to be a mere curiosity. Yet generations of wizards had broken themselves trying to solve it. And even after the Grand Magus thought he finally grasped the crux of its secret, the epiphany of true meaning came only much later—that the knowledge at the heart of Perplex might allow him to alter the very foundations of magic itself. Now, no longer limited to masterful mimicry, Rubick toys with the boundaries of arcane artistry, reshaping the world of magic as he sees fit; always hungry for new preternatural mysteries to unravel and respool, and the undiscovered kingdoms of magic they too might reveal. Pictogram tick.png  Purchase

Pictogram tick.png  Drop

(Arcana vote 2018 winner)

Arcana Voting[edit]

Each year during The International tournament, Battle Pass owners have a chance to vote for the next hero to receive an Arcana item.

Year Runner-up Winner Item
The International 2014 Juggernaut icon.png Phantom Assassin icon.png
The International 2015 Queen of Pain icon.png Zeus icon.png
The International 2016 Io icon.png Juggernaut icon.png
The International 2017 Rubick icon.png Pudge icon.png
The International 2018 Faceless Void icon.png Rubick icon.png


  • All Arcana items are made by Valve.
  • Arcana items for Legion Commander minimap icon.png Legion Commander, Terrorblade minimap icon.png Terrorblade, Techies minimap icon.png Techies, and Monkey King minimap icon.png Monkey King were released at the same time as the heroes themselves.[1][2][3][4]
  • Arcana items for Shadow Fiend minimap icon.png Shadow Fiend and Zeus minimap icon.png Zeus were announced with their hero remodels.[5][6]
  • Despite losing the 2016 Arcana Vote, Io minimap icon.png Io still recieved an Arcana item as an exclusive Reward from the following year's International Battle Pass. The item was exclusive to the Compendium and is not tradeable or marketable, making it the most exclusive Arcana.

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