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Known Bugs


Several issues in Arc Warden's ability tooltips
Spark Wraith
  • The tooltip is missing a movement speed slow value.

Tempest Double

4 March 2017

Arc Warden's default walk, injured walk and injured run animations are missing footstep sounds
The default walk animation has footsteps bound only to the first half of the animation (which contains 4 footstep animations), so that half of the time no footstep sounds play. His injured walk and injured run animations have no footstep sounds at all.
4 March 2017

Arc Warden's rare idle animation plays while in his injured phase
While injured, rare idle animations are not supposed to play, or the unit has an injured version of the animation. Although Arc Warden does have an injured version, it is identical to the non-injured rare idle animation, instead of fitting to the default injured idle animation.
4 March 2017

Arc Warden does not use his injured attack animations in his injured phase when having higher attack speed
Arc Warden has four levels of attack animations, which are used based on his attack speed. They are all identical, only their animation speed differs. However, he only has one level for his injured attack animations. So when having low attack speed, he uses the injured attack animation normally. But when having higher attack speeds, he uses the regular attack animations.
4 March 2017

Magnetic Field[edit]

Magnetic Field's sound does not match its duration anymore
Since the duration was increased, the sound no longer matches it. Instead of using a looping sound which adapts to any future duration changes, it uses a regular non-looping sound which needs updating whenever the duration gets changed.
4 March 2017

Tempest Double[edit]

Hero kills done by the Tempest Double may sometimes not grant any experience to Arc Warden
Just like any other summoned unit, a hero kill done by the Tempest Double grants the gold and experience to Arc Warden, no matter how far away he is. However, unlike with any other summoned unit, the experience is not granted when the double makes the kill while it is dead.
4 March 2017

Tempest Double grants AoE Gold Bounty if killed by Tower/Creeps
If a Tempest Double dies to an enemy building or lane creep, its gold bounty gets evenly distributed between all nearby enemy heroes, going against the rule of summoned units not distributing AoE gold on deaths like these, but only distribute AoE experience.
4 March 2017

Tempest Double can be given Observer Wards and Sentry Wards
The CTRL-sharing function of Observer Ward icon.png Observer Wards and Sentry Ward icon.png Sentry Wards can be used to give the double wards. Since the double cannot take or drop items, this should not be possible. Dragging and dropping the wards on the double does not work, as expected. Tango icon.png Tangos, which also have the CTRL-sharing function, cannot be given to the double in this way.
4 March 2017

Tempest Double creates new double whenever re-stolen and used by Rubick
Tempest Double is supposed to "recycle" the same double, so that the hero has one double per match, which gets revived whenever recast. However, when used by Rubick, it creates a new double instead. Whenever he loses the spell, re-steals it and casts it, an entirely new double is created, instead of the double from a previous cast being used. Since the doubles do not disappear after death like how other summoned units do, this can cause performance issues, the dead unused doubles are still there, taking performance. It also causes unit group hotkey issues for Rubick.
The same issue is present with Summon Spirit Bear, which works in the same way as the Tempest Double does.
4 March 2017

The Tempest Double uses respawn lines whenever it gets resummoned
The Tempest Double does not respawn, but still uses the respawn lines whenever resummoned. They overlap with the cast responses of Arc Warden. On the very first cast of Tempest Double, the double is silent, only on recasts it uses the respawn lines.
4 March 2017

The Tempest Double cast animation plays after cast, instead of during cast
The cast animation for Tempest Double was not updated as the cast time was added to the spell. The animation plays upon reaching the cast point, instead of playing during the cast time of the spell like how it is supposed to be for spells with a cast time. The animation itself is also not updated, only Arc Warden's upper body is animated.
4 March 2017

Tempest Double spell is not properly tinted in All Random Deathmatch
In All Random Deathmatch the double is missing its black skin tint, so that it looks identical to the main hero.
4 March 2017

Tempest Double leeches deny Experience from its Allies
The Tempest Double is not supposed to passively leech experience, but it does leech the experience that is granted on denying allied Creeps. The leeched experience is granted to the Tempest Double itself, it is not given to the main Arc Warden.
22 May 2017

Tempest Double is unable to gain Magic Stick/Wand charges
The Tempest Double is unable to gain any Magic Stick icon.png Magic Stick or Magic Wand icon.png Magic Wand charges by itself. The same applies to Lone Druid’s Spirit Bear.
15 July 2017

Tempest Double malfunctions if initially summoned while disconnected
The Tempest Double’s EXP & Gold gaining abilities will malfunction, if it was initially summoned while the original Arc Warden player was disconnected from the game. The same bug applies to Meepo minimap icon.png Meepo's clones.
15 July 2017