April 30, 2014 Patch

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Patch notes

  • Fixed the death and pause screens ignoring your video settings and causing performance loss
  • Fixed Frost Armor slowing you when you attack allied units
  • Fixed Lightning Bolt not interrupting units when ground targeted
  • Chain Frost stops playing a sound effects on non-hero units and stops intermittently flashing in the Fog of War after it has bounced 50 times
  • Fixed secondary bounces on Static Charge not crediting the kill properly
  • Fixed some Spirit Form Scepter crashes
  • Fixed some issues with double clicking on control groups
  • Fixed buying Scepter on Keeper of the Light while dead not updating your state properly
  • Fixed a crash with Reaper’s Scythe
  • Fixed Geminate Attack's second hit proccing effects
  • Fixed being able to walk through Power Cogs
  • Fixed Burning Spears being unable to miss
  • Fixed Static Charge hitting the primary attacker even if he was out of range
  • Fixed a crash with Vengeance Aura
  • Fixed Silence interrupting channeling items
  • Removed the New Bloom filter in the live games tab
  • Fixed Brewmaster being unable to dispel his Cyclone
  • Fixed being unable to sell items from the stash if you were selecting another unit
  • Fixed a gap in the HUD while dead
  • Added new point booster: