April 20, 2017 Patch

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Patch notes

  • Players can now edge pan while dragging items
  • Fixed a visibility exploit with Monkey King minimap icon.png Monkey King
  • Fixed an issue where players would not see pregame inventory purchases displayed in the UI in certain modes
  • Fixed compendium predictions not allowing picking of players from DC, Team Random, and Mousesports.
  • Fixed the Games Played compendium prediction to have correct values.
  • Players must now link a phone number to their account in order to queue for Ranked Matchmaking.
  • Solo queue players can now choose to be matched only against other solo players in ranked games.
  • Party MMR calculation has been adjusted upward.
  • Low priority players now receive an escalating timed duration ban from ranked matchmaking, in addition to the existing game-count bans.
  • Added griefing detection mechanisms and evaluation system for players.
  • Added bot detection systems.
  • Removed South Africa, India, and Dubai from ranked matchmaking region selection.

Tournament items

  • Dota 2 BEAT Invitational Season 8
  • DreamLeague season 7
  • EPICENTER: Moscow Season 2
  • Niu League 2017 Season 2
  • Godlike Dota 2 Online Tournament
  • Spring Cup
  • CyberMIPT Cup
  • Zen iCafe Dota 2 LAN Tournament @Jogja
  • Vandoors Online Tournament
  • Tver Cup Team
  • Dota 2 The Open Tournament
  • Zotac Cup Masters