April 02, 2014 Patch

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Patch notes

Disconnection Strings

  • When a player abandons a ranked game before first blood, their entire party receives a loss, even though stats are not otherwise recorded.
  • Poor network conditions have been detected, and this game will not be scored. It is now safe to leave.
  • Your party has forfeited the game and will receive a loss.

Economy Strings

  • Unusual courier descriptions now say "Random courier w/ special FX and colors."
  • Two new particle effects: Touch of Frost and Touch of Flame related to the Baby Roshans.
  • Two new colors: Pyroclastic Flow and Glacial Flow related to the Baby Roshans.

New Items

  • Added new gift for Chinese servers:


  • Added new treasure chest:


Item Drop List

  • Added:
  • Removed:

Miscellaneous Item Changes