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  • Play Pre attack sound plays during the attack animation.
  • Impact sounds play when the attack successfully hits a target.


  • Play on each step while moving (30%-40% vol)


Mana Break[edit]

  • Play Extra attack sound layer plays upon successfully hitting a unit and burning its mana (70% vol).
  • Play Full sound example with attack sounds.


  • Play Start sound plays at the starting location.
  • Play End sound plays at the targeted location.
  • Play Full sound example.

Spell Shield[edit]

  • Play Plays on Anti-Mage whenever Spell Shield blocks a single target spell.
  • Play Plays on the enemy who just got a spell blocked and reflected.

Mana Void[edit]

  • Play Pre cast sound plays on Anti-Mage during the cast animation.
  • Play Cast sound plays on the target upon cast.
  • Play Full sound example.