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Bad against...[edit]

Axe icon.png
  • Berserker's Call icon.png Berserker's Call prevents Anti-Mage from escaping with Blink, and works well with Blade Mail icon.png Blade Mail against Anti-Mage's relatively low health.
  • Counter Helix icon.png Counter Helix deals pure damage, ignoring the protection from Spell Shield.
  • Axe's high base health regeneration allows him to dominate the lane against Anti-Mage, especially with a support.
Bane icon.png
Bloodseeker icon.png
  • Rupture icon.png Rupture deals damage through Blink, dissuading Anti-Mage from using it. This allows Bloodseeker to get early kills on Anti-Mage, preventing him from snowballing.
  • Blood Rite icon.png Blood Rite silences Anti-Mage during teamfights, preventing him from Blinking away.
  • Bloodseeker's abilities also deal pure damage, which bypasses Spell Shield.
Disruptor icon.png
  • Glimpse icon.png Glimpse brings Anti-Mage back after he Blinks away.
  • Static Storm icon.png Static Storm stops Anti-Mage from Blinking.
Doom icon.png
  • Doom ability icon.png Doom shuts down Anti-Mage's escape capabilities with Blink. The ability also deals pure damage, which ignores the protection from Spell Shield.
  • With Aghanim's Scepter icon.png Aghanim's Scepter, Anti-Mage loses his Mana Break and Spell Shield, weakening both his offense and defense.
  • Doom's low mana pool causes him to take little damage from Mana Void.
Drow Ranger icon.png
Drow Ranger
  • Gust icon.png Gust stops Anti-Mage from Blinking away.
  • Marksmanship icon.png Marksmanship lets Drow Ranger hit harder than Anti-Mage, allowing her to overwhelm him in the early to mid game.
Legion Commander icon.png
Legion Commander
  • Duel icon.png Duel renders Anti-Mage's escape capabilities with Blink useless. A good initiation from Legion Commander and her team is enough to kill Anti-Mage without trouble.
Meepo icon.png
  • Multiple Earthbind icon.png Earthbinds allow Meepo to lock down Anti-Mage almost indefinitely.
  • Meepo's clones can only use their mana for Poof icon.png Poof, keeping their mana pool nearly full and thus making them a bad target for a Mana Void.
Night Stalker icon.png
Night Stalker
  • Crippling Fear icon.png Crippling Fear makes Night Stalker one of the best early game gankers to shut down Anti-Mage.
  • However, he deals little damage against Anti-Mage in the late game.
Outworld Devourer icon.png
Outworld Devourer
  • Arcane Orb icon.png Arcane Orb's pure damage goes through Spell Shield, and deals high damage to illusions spawned from Manta Style icon.png Manta Style.
  • Sanity's Eclipse icon.png Sanity's Eclipse hits Anti-Mage while he is disabled with Astral Imprisonment icon.png Astral Imprisonment, and forces him to take heavy damage due to his low intelligence.
  • Essence Aura icon.png Essence Aura keeps Outworld Devourer and his teammates at high mana, thus greatly reducing the damage from Mana Void.
Phantom Assassin icon.png
Phantom Assassin
  • Phantom Assassin has an abysmal mana pool and intelligence gain, causing Mana Break and Mana Void to deal minimal damage.
  • Blur icon.png Blur reduces Anti-Mage's damage against Phantom Assassin, and forces him to buy a Monkey King Bar icon.png Monkey King Bar.
  • Coup de Grace icon.png Coup de Grace's physical damage burst often kills Anti-Mage before he has a chance to Blink.
Slardar icon.png
Shadow Demon icon.png
Shadow Demon
  • Disruption icon.png Disruption sets up Anti-Mage for a chain disable. The illusions will deal extra damage due to Mana Break.
  • Soul Catcher icon.png Soul Catcher causes Anti-Mage to take much more damage, and can hit him when he is inside Disruption icon.png Disruption.
  • Shadow Poison icon.png Shadow Poison hits Anti-Mage even after he's Blinked away.
Templar Assassin icon.png
Templar Assassin
  • Refraction icon.png Refraction protects against Anti-Mage's low burst damage, and allows her to win most fights against Anti-Mage during the early game.
  • Meld icon.png Meld's burst damage and armor reduction is often enough to finish Anti-Mage before he Blinks away.
Troll Warlord icon.png
Troll Warlord
  • Troll Warlord's passive bash, high attack speed, and blind from Whirling Axes icon.png Whirling Axes makes him an exceedingly difficult opponent for Anti-Mage to take down in a one-on-one fight.
  • Troll Warlord's low mana causes him to take little damage from Mana Void.
Viper icon.png
  • Viper's skill set makes him a powerful hero much earlier than Anti-Mage can fight.
  • Viper's Corrosive Skin icon.png Corrosive Skin and low mana pool causes him to take little damage from Mana Void.
  • Nethertoxin icon.png Nethertoxin disables Spell Shield, making Anti-Mage vulnerable to many heroes he traditionally beats in straightforward fights. This effect pierces magic immunity so it remains a major threat throughout the game.


  • Kunkka Kunkka can bring Anti-Mage back with X Marks the Spot icon.png X Marks the Spot, effectively negating Blink or forcing him to wait out the debuff before Blinking.
  • Huskar Huskar's natural magic resistance and reliance on health instead of mana makes him very resistant against Mana Void. He is a proficient early ganker against Anti-Mage, but struggles to deal significant damage against Anti-Mage in the late game.
  • Sven Sven's low mana pool means that Mana Break and Mana Void will deal little damage to him. His Great Cleave icon.png Great Cleave quickly clears up illusions from Manta Style icon.png Manta Style.
  • Terrorblade Terrorblade overwhelms Anti-Mage with Conjure Image icon.png Conjure Image and Manta Style icon.png Manta Style illusions, and turns Mana Break against him with Reflection icon.png Reflection.
  • Heroes with abilities or items that can silence or disable Anti-Mage for long periods of time will prevent him from Blinking away: Silencer Silencer, Shadow Shaman Shadow Shaman, Death Prophet Death Prophet, Clinkz Clinkz, Riki Riki, Broodmother Broodmother, Skywrath Mage Skywrath Mage


Good against...[edit]

Ancient Apparition icon.png
Ancient Apparition
  • Anti-Mage easily Blinks out of Ice Blast icon.png Ice Blast's radius.
Abaddon icon.png
  • Mana Break drains Abaddon's mana, preventing him from using Aphotic Shield icon.png Aphotic Shield to zone out enemies in lane.
  • Spell Shield decreases the amount of damage received from Aphotic Shield icon.png Aphotic Shield and Mist Coil icon.png Mist Coil.
Arc Warden icon.png
Arc Warden
Clockwerk icon.png
  • Anti-Mage can Blink into or out of Power Cogs icon.png Power Cogs, negating Clockwerk's initiation and bypassing his defenses.
Elder Titan icon.png
Elder Titan
Medusa icon.png
  • Anti-Mage easily destroys Mana Shield icon.png Mana Shield with Mana Break, especially once he has Manta Style icon.png Manta Style.
  • Anti-Mage effectively avoids Stone Gaze icon.png Stone Gaze with Blink, and can reinitiate after its duration is over.
Phoenix icon.png
  • Anti-Mage dispels Phoenix's slows with Manta Style icon.png Manta Style.
  • Anti-Mage can Blink directly next to Supernova icon.png Supernova, giving him more time to destroy the egg.
Pugna icon.png
  • Pugna only deals magical damage, which Anti-Mage is exceptionally resistant to due to Spell Shield.
  • Anti-Mage can purge Decrepify icon.png Decrepify with Manta Style icon.png Manta Style.
  • Pugna has a very large mana pool. This allows Anti-Mage to constantly deal bonus damage to Pugna with Mana Break and devastate Pugna's entire team with Mana Void.
Spectre icon.png
  • Spectre cannot chase down Anti-Mage with Spectral Dagger icon.png Spectral Dagger because of Blink, though it still grants her team vision over him.
  • Spell Shield reduces much of the damage from Dispersion icon.png Dispersion and Spectre's Radiance (Active) icon.png Radiance.
  • Anti-Mage usually builds a Manta Style icon.png Manta Style, preventing Spectre from dealing any Desolate icon.png Desolate damage to him once he summons his illusions.
Storm Spirit icon.png
Storm Spirit
  • Because of the high mana cost of Ball Lightning icon.png Ball Lightning, Storm Spirit is often vulnerable to Mana Void.
  • Mana Break diminishes Storm Spirit's mobility with Ball Lightning icon.png Ball Lightning, and Anti-Mage can catch him with Blink over short distances.
  • Almost all of Storm Spirit's damage is magical, which is reduced by Spell Shield.
Undying icon.png
  • Tombstone icon.png Tombstone's zombies rarely inhibit Anti-Mage, as he can Blink away or onto the Tombstone and destroy it.
Venomancer icon.png
  • Venomancer's damage-over-time abilities do little damage against Spell Shield.
  • Blink helps Anti-Mage get away from Venomancer's slows.
Wraith King icon.png
Wraith King
  • Mana Break quickly eats away at Wraith King's small mana pool, preventing Reincarnation icon.png Reincarnation from triggering.
  • Wraith King has no innate mobility. Even with Blink Dagger icon.png Blink Dagger, Wraith King is easily kited by Blink.
  • Anti-Mage can farm much more quickly than Wraith King, allowing Anti-Mage to overpower Wraith King once a significant farm advantage is established.
Zeus icon.png
  • Zeus deals almost all magical damage, which is heavily reduced by Spell Shield.
  • Zeus' complete lack of mobility makes him very easy for Anti-Mage to chase down with Blink.
  • Zeus likes to stand in the back during teamfight, but Anti-Mage can easily Blink to close the distance.


Works well with...[edit]

Bane icon.png
  • Fiend's Grip icon.png Fiend's Grip allows Anti-Mage to attack an enemy with impunity, and its mana drain sets Anti-Mage up for a very effective Mana Void.
Bounty Hunter icon.png
Bounty Hunter
  • Track icon.png Track keeps an eye on gankers, allowing Anti-Mage to avoid danger and farm safely, or pursue a dying enemy.
  • Blink helps Anti-Mage hunt down Track icon.png Tracked heroes.
Dazzle icon.png
  • Shallow Grave icon.png Shallow Grave gives Anti-Mage the extra time needed to Blink away and survive losing fights.
Dark Seer icon.png
Dark Seer
  • Vacuum icon.png Vacuum helps Anti-Mage hit multiple enemies with Mana Void.
Invoker icon.png
  • EMP icon.png EMP drains mana from the enemies, allowing Anti-Mage to deal massive damage with Mana Void.
  • Alacrity icon.png Alacrity used on Anti-Mage is very effective due to his fast base attack time and Mana Break.
Lion icon.png
  • Mana Drain icon.png Mana Drain helps Anti-Mage deal more damage with Mana Void.
  • Hex (Lion) icon.png Hex and Earth Spike icon.png Earth Spike locks down enemies and compensates for Anti-Mage's lack of disables.
Magnus icon.png
  • Magnus' early game nuke potential with Shockwave icon.png Shockwave and Skewer icon.png Skewer creates space for Anti-Mage to farm.
  • Empower icon.png Empower help Anti-Mage farm substantially faster and dish out more damage during teamfights.
  • Reverse Polarity icon.png Reverse Polarity can cluster enemies up for a devastating Mana Void.
Omniknight icon.png
  • Repel icon.png Repel acts like a free Black King Bar icon.png Black King Bar for Anti-Mage, allowing him to farm other items and jump into fights.
Oracle icon.png
  • Spell Shield negates Purifying Flames icon.png Purifying Flames's damage, making it a very effective heal on Anti-Mage.
Shadow Demon icon.png
Shadow Demon
  • Disruption icon.png Disruption can save Anti-Mage from dangerous abilities, and creates extra illusions for Anti-Mage, which benefit from Mana Break and Spell Shield. This is especially useful when pushing.
Slardar icon.png
  • Corrosive Haze icon.png Corrosive Haze not only helps Anti-Mage deal more damage, it also keeps vision over a target for him to pursue with Blink.
Treant Protector icon.png
Treant Protector
  • Living Armor icon.png Living Armor helps Anti-Mage split push, and allows him to farm alone in lane, helping him get more experience.


Works poorly with...[edit]

Alchemist icon.png
  • Anti-Mage and Alchemist both like to flash-farm the jungle during the early mid-game, but sharing the jungle between the two renders both heroes under-farmed come mid-game.
  • Alchemist is a type of mid hero who cannot gank early and has to farm for a while. If Anti-Mage gets shut down in lane, there isn't much Alchemist can do.