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Known Bugs

Mana Break[edit]

Mana Break does not take priority over Diffusal Blade
Currently, the priority is based on order in which the ability was acquired. This means when getting Diffusal Blade 1 icon.png Diffusal Blade before leveling up Mana Break, Diffusal Blade works while Mana Break does not. As a hero ability, Mana Break should take priority over the item.
26 February 2017

Mana Break and Diffusal Blade stack with the Mana Break of Necronomicon Warrior
Mana Breaks are not supposed to stack with each other since gameplay patch 6.83. However, the Necronomicon Warrior's Mana Break fully stacks with Anti-Mage's and Diffusal Blade's Mana Break.
26 February 2017

Spell Shield[edit]

Spell Shield does not go on cooldown when triggered by Snowball and Toss
Spell Shield only goes on cooldown when it blocks a spell. Since Snowball and Toss are only reflected, but not blocked, it does not go on cooldown upon triggering on them.
26 February 2017

Spell Shield blocks, but does not reflect Blink Strike and Phantom Strike
Similar to how Lotus Orb icon.png Lotus Orb used to not reflect them, Blink Strike and Phantom Strike are only blocked by Spell Shield, but not reflected.
26 February 2017

Spell Shield's Aghanim's Scepter text mentions the cooldown, which is not dynamic
Spell Shield's cooldown can be manipulated (e.g. Octarine Core icon.png Octarine Core). The Aghanim's Scepter icon.png Aghanim's Scepter green text mentions the cooldown. This displayed cooldown is not dynamic and does not adapt when the actual cooldown gets reduced.
19 February 2017

Mana Void[edit]

Mana Void does not properly pierce spell immunity
Mana Void does not attempt to damage spell immune enemies. Since it is supposed to pierce spell immunity, it should apply its damage as well. Although it would get reduced to 0, this still is registered as damage, since some effects do react on 0 damage, or react on damage before any reductions.
26 February 2017

Mana Void uses the wrong AoE targeting cursor when selecting the spell while the cursor is on a valid target
Single targeted spells with an AoE effect have a special AoE indicator. This special indicator does not show up when the spell gets selected while the cursor is pointing on a valid target for the spell. Instead, the default AoE targeting cursor appears.
Following abilities are affected by this bug:
26 February 2017

Mana Void's pre-cast sound plays multiple times during the cast animation
The sound plays two times during the animation, almost simultaneously, causing it to get much louder and to have a distorted effect since they do not play exactly simultaneously, but with a slight delay between each other
26 February 2017

The Mana Void pre-cast sound is bound to Anti-Mage's ability4 animation, instead of the ability
The pre-cast sound is not bound to Mana Void. Instead, it is bound to the animation Anti-Mage uses on his fourth ability slot. This means when he has a different ultimate ability (like in Ability Draft), Mana Void's pre-cast sound plays whenever he uses his ultimate. On the other end, when another hero has Mana Void (like Rubick minimap icon.png Rubick, or any hero in Ability Draft), the pre-cast sound does not play
26 February 2017


The Armor of Tustakuri is spelled incorrectly
The set is currently spelled The Armor of Tustakuri. However, according to Anti-Mage's lore, the place is spelled Turstarkuri and not Tustakuri.
26 February 2017

The Mage Slayer's Set is missing injured idle animations
The Mage Slayer's Set does not have injured idle animations. It does have injured walk and injured attack animations (copying the default ones), so that whenever Anti-Mage starts attacking or walking, his animations snap back and forth between regular idle and injured attack/walk animations.
8 March 2017