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Background Information
Name:Martin Olsen
Birthdate:1991-09-05 (age 29)
Country:Denmark Denmark
2009 — 2010
2010 — 2011
2011 — 2012

Martin Olsen, also known as AngeL, is a Danish carry player currently playing for Quantic Gaming Quantic Gaming.

Professional Career[edit]


Met was formed back in 2008, participating in MYM Prime Defending #10 time and defeating the then favored SK Gaming. In the following MYM Prime Defending #11, AngeL's Shadow Fiend and Tinker defeated SK 2-1 yet again, before crashing out of the tournament after losing 2-0 to the KuroKy-led Mousesports. After decent showings in Dreamhack Winter and Farm 4 Fame 7, the team decided to part ways in March 2010.


After MeetYourMakers's initial disbandment, Ravens is formed with MYM's former core players. Besides winning ESL Premiership and ESL EMS that year, they participated in Dreamhack Summer '09, defeating 4G in the loser bracket finals but was however defeated by The Last Try in the grand finals. Strong showings in Gamescom '09, especially with Kunkka, brought Ravens to 2nd place.


As MYM was refounded in 2009, AngeL became part of the team.[1] While enjoying a successful period in MYM, he left the team in February 2010.[2]


AngeL played in DDT for two months before getting on the road again by leaving in April 2010.[3]

shift and nevo[edit]

AngeL teamed up with syndereN to form shift near the end of 2010,[4] and shift showed stellar performances leading the 2011 where they are sponsored by Next Evolution ESC. However, they disappointed in The International by winning only one game. Sponsorship problems ensued as the team had to disband.

monkey, SK, dd. and Quantic[edit]

Team monkeybusiness was formed soon after as they won 2nd in Intel Challenge Supercup 9's LAN finals. They also placed 4th in Electronic Sports World Cup 2011 and won BenQ 'The Clash', which is followed by SK Gaming's sponsorship. However, they disappointed in what would be a relatively easy tournament, Dreamhack Corsair Vengeance, which they only finished third. But after renaming to dd., AngeL and co. was able to win D2E Challenge which secured them another sponsorship, this time from Quantic Gaming. They have since reached the finals of The Defenseand finished 2nd.


  • Angel will be representing Team GosuGamers at the Dota 2 Staff Cup.



  • 1st Place ESL Premiership Season 2 (2009)
  • 1st Place ESL EMS Season 4 (2009)
  • 2nd Place Dreamhack Summer (2009)
  • 2nd Place Gamescom (2009)
  • 2nd Place ESL EMS Season 3 (2009)


  • 1st Place KODE5 (2009)
  • 1st Place Kings of Kings (2009)
  • 3rd Place DotA Club Pro Series (2009)
  • 1st Place Pick League XII (2009)
  • 2nd Place DotA-League Masters (2009)
  • 1st Place DotA Pride (2010)
  • 3rd Place Storm the Front (2010)
  • 3rd Place Pick League XIII (2010)
  • 1st Place ESL EMS Season 5 (2010)
  • 3rd Place FARM4FAME Season 2 (2010)
  • 2nd Place European DotA Championships (2010)
  • 1st Place DSRack LAN #3 (2010)
  • 2nd Place ProDotA Season 1 (2010)
  • 3rd Place ESWC (2010)
  • 3rd Place Razer Global Challenge (2010)
  • 1st Place Battle of Masters (2011)
  • 1st Place Darer's Finest (2011)
  • 1st Place Intel Challenge Supercup 7 (2011)
  • 1st Place FARM4FAME Season 3 (2011)
  • 2nd Place Pick League XIV (2011)