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Ancient Armor Set

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Ancient Armor Set
Cosmetic icon Ancient Armor Set.png
Morphling icon.png
Rarity: Rare

Includes all of the items in the 'Ancient Armor' set for Morphling
Created By
Ancient Armor Set
Ancient Armor Arms
Ancient Armor Breastplates
Ancient Armor Helmet
Ancient Armor Back
Ancient Armor Shoulder Shields

This set grants Morphling custom attack and run animations.

Set items[edit]


Customization Type Preview Bound To
Attack 1 Animation1 Ancient Armor Helmet attack 2.gif
Attack 2 Animation Ancient Armor Helmet attack.gif
Run Animation2 Ancient Armor Helmet Run.gif

1 Same as default attack animation, but uses Morphling's other arm instead.
2 Morphling swings his arms slightly while moving.