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Alpine Stalker's Scarf

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Alpine Stalker's Scarf
Alpine Stalker's Scarf.png
Ursa icon.png
Rarity: Immortal
Slot: Back

To the north of Ulfsaar's home-wood lies a nameless stretch of jagged, frozen peaks. On occasion the ursine people must range these mountains, culling the wild mountain beasts lest they grow and threaten the sleeping cubs.
Created By
The Alpine Stalker's Set
Lucky Alpine Stalker's Hat
Alpine Stalker's Scarf
Alpine Stalker's Pants
Alpine Stalker's Gloves

This item is part of a set that was pulled from the Dota 2 Store due to community feedback over thematic concerns. A small number of copies purchased before its removal can still be found on the Steam Market.

Set Items[edit]



  • This item was one of the first to receive Immortal rarity.
  • This item is one of the most expensive cosmetic items in the game, due to its extreme rareness.

Update history[edit]