Ahm'Hedoq the Maw

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Ahm'Hedoq the Maw
Cosmetic icon Ahm'Hedoq the Maw.png
Warlock icon.png
Rarity: Mythical
Slot: Golem
Created By

Promo Edition[edit]

A promotional edition of this set was given out to players who purchased an Economy Card from the shop venue at The International 2014. These editions came in Genuine quality, and included an Autograph Rune of its creator. Promotional bundles have the word "Promo" in their names.



  • Ahm'Hedoq means "Great Hunger" in Ozkavosh, the language used by demons in Dota 2. "Ahm" is used to emphasize something, much like the English word "very", and "Hedoq" is equivalent to "desirable","coveted", or "wanted". Therefore, a rough translation of "Ahm'Hedoq" would mean "Very Desired", though in this context it means "Great Hunger"