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Acid Hydra

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Acid Hydra
Cosmetic icon Acid Hydra.png
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Rarity: Mythical

Contains all of the items in the 'Acid Hydra' item set for Venomancer. Includes three color styles, custom ward, loading screen and custom cursors.
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Acid Hydra
Acidic Mandible of the Hydra
Acidic Tentacles of the Hydra
Acidic Tail of the Hydra
Acidic Wings of the Hydra
Acidic Ward of the Hydra
Acid Hydra Loading Screen
Acid Hydra Cursor Pack

Set items received from Treasure of the Defender's Vision are not tradable or marketable for three months after its release.



Acidic Mandible of the Hydra[edit]

Acidic Tentacles of the Hydra[edit]

Acidic Tail of the Hydra[edit]

Acidic Wings of the Hydra[edit]

Acidic Ward of the Hydra[edit]


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