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Achievements are in-game challenges and goals that allow players to be rewarded for special actions while playing. Dota 2 has no Steam achievements, but there is evidence for 14 achievements in the game files.

Hero-specific achievements[edit]


You're A Crook Captain Hook You're A Crook Captain Hook
As Pudge land 5 hooks on enemy heroes without missing or dying
Breaking the Scale Breaking the Scale
Win 50 games as Pudge
Combo Meal Combo Meal
As Pudge kill an enemy hero by hooking, rotting and dismembering them
The Biggest Winner The Biggest Winner
Win 100 games as Pudge
Just Ten Bites Just Ten Bites
Win 10 games as Pudge
What's That Smell? What's That Smell?
As Pudge kill an enemy with rot at the same time you die from it

General achievements[edit]

There are 8 general achievements.

Vegetarian Vegetarian
Consume 300 trees using Tangos.
I Can Quit Anytime I Can Quit Anytime
Participate in 1000 games
First One's Free First One's Free
Complete your first game of Dota 2
Party Time! Party Time!
Complete a game while in a matchmaking party
Just A Taste Just A Taste
Participate in 10 games
? ?
Pick up 100 runes
Addicted Addicted
Participate in 100 games
? ?
Last hit 1000 creeps