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Abaddon icon.png
Strength attribute symbol.png
23 + 2.6
Agility attribute symbol.png
17 + 1.5
Intelligence attribute symbol.png
21 + 2
Level Base 1 15 25
Health 200 660 1380 1900
H. regen amp 0% 16.43% 42.43% 61%
Mana 75 327 663 903
M. regen amp 0% 42% 98% 138%
Armor -1 1.83 5.33 7.83
Spell dmg 0% 1.5% 3.5% 4.93%
Att/sec 0.59 0.69 0.81 0.9
Damage 32‒42 55‒65 91‒101 117‒127
Status res. 0% 3.45% 8.91% 12.81%
Base health regen 1.5
Base mana regen 0.9
Movement speed 310
Turn rate 0.5
Vision range 1800/800
Attack range 150
Projectile speed Instant
Attack animation 0.56+0.41
Base attack time 1.7
Magic resistance 25%
Collision size 24
Legs 2

Abaddon, the Lord of Avernus, is a melee strength hero known as one of the most versatile characters in Dota due to his rather low mana dependence, short spell cooldowns and a large number of viable item choices. His ability to help sustain his allies and himself plus his strong tower diving capacity give him solid lane presence. Many of his abilities offer a large sum of utility, which makes him a strong support Hero. Mist Coil serves as both a single target nuke and heal that helps shift the sustainability of both allied and enemy heroes in a lane at his will, though sacrificing a portion of his own health. Aphotic Shield holds as one of the most useful abilities in the game, able to shield a target from some damage while also able to reflect said damage to a huge area. The most important aspect is how it is able to dispel many status effects such as slows and stuns. His other abilities allow him to become a mix between a semi-carry and tank. Abaddon's passive, Curse of Avernus, allows his attacks to not only slow down his enemy, but also increase the attack and movement speed of any ally attacking the same target. With his ultimate, Borrowed Time, Abaddon is able to shift all non-HP-removal damage he receives into health. When not on cooldown, Borrowed Time may activate passively when his health falls under a certain threshold, even under the most dire situations. Due to his powerful spells and versatility, Abaddon is an excellent addition to any team.


Abaddon Abaddon, the Lord of Avernus
Play "The fog of war is no match for the mist of fate."
Lore: The Font of Avernus is the source of a family's strength, a crack in primal stones from which vapors of prophetic power have issued for generations. Each newborn of the cavernous House Avernus is bathed in the black mist, and by this baptism they are given an innate connection to the mystic energies of the land. They grow up believing themselves fierce protectors of their lineal traditions, the customs of the realm--but what they really are protecting is the Font itself. And the motives of the mist are unclear.

When the infant Abaddon was bathed in the Font, they say something went awry. In the child's eyes there flared a light of comprehension that startled all present and set the sacerdotes to whispering. He was raised with every expectation of following the path all scions of Avernus took--to train in war, that in times of need he might lead the family's army in defense of the ancestral lands. But Abaddon was always one apart. Where others trained with weapons, he bent himself to meditation in the presence of the mist. He drank deep from the vapors that welled from the Font, learning to blend his spirit with the potency that flowed from far beneath the House; he became a creature of the black mist. There was bitterness within the House Avernus--elders and young alike accusing him of neglecting his responsibilities. But all such accusations stopped when Abaddon rode into battle, and they saw how the powers of the mist had given him mastery over life and death beyond those of any lord the House had ever known.

Voice: TJ Ramini (Responses)


Mist Coil
Can be disjointed. Partially blocked by Linken's Sphere. Partially pierces spell immunity. Play
Mist Coil icon.png
Enemies / Allies
Magical / Pure
Abaddon releases a coil of deathly mist that can damage an enemy unit or heal a friendly unit at the cost of some of Abaddon's health.
Cast Animation: 0.25+0.67
Cast Range: 800
Self Damage: 75/100/125/150 (Talent 125/150/175/200)
Enemy Target Damage: 100/150/200/250 (Talent 150/200/250/300)
Allied Target Heal: 100/150/200/250 (Talent 150/200/250/300)
Cooldown symbol.png 4.5 (Talent 3.825)
Mana symbol.png 50/60/70/80
Partially pierces spell immunity. Can be cast on Spell Immune allies.
Cannot be cast on spell immune enemies.
Self damage pierces spell immunity.
Partially blocked by Linken's Sphere. Blocked upon impact, therefore, Abaddon still loses health.
Can be disjointed. Can be disjointed by enemies and allies.
A mysterious vapor from the Font of Avernus now infuses the breath of Abaddon, who releases it at will.


  • The projectile travels at a speed of 1600.
  • The self damage is applied instantly upon cast.
  • The self damage is lethal, so that Abaddon can deny himself with this ability.
  • If the target ally turns invulnerable or hidden before projectile impact, it still gets healed by it.
  • Choosing the damage/heal upgrading talent immediately upgrades all of Abaddon's currently flying Mist Coil projectiles.

Aphotic Shield
Does not pierce spell immunity. Play
Aphotic Shield icon.png
Allies / Enemies
Summons dark energies around an ally unit, creating a shield that absorbs a set amount of damage before expiring. When the shield is destroyed it will burst and deal damage equal to the amount it could absorb to an area around it. Removes certain types of negative buffs and stuns on cast.
Cast Animation: 0.4+0.57
Cast Range: 500
Damage Radius: 675
Shield Capacity: 110/140/170/200 (Talent 360/390/420/450)
Burst Area Damage: 110/140/170/200 (Talent 360/390/420/450)
Duration: 15
Cooldown symbol.png 12/10/8/6 (Talent 10.2/8.5/6.8/5.1)
Mana symbol.png 115
Does not pierce spell immunity. Shield persists if it was placed before spell immunity.
Buff Aphotic Shield: Dispellable with any dispel.
The powers of the black mist rise to absorb attacks like the black mist absorbs light.


  • Aphotic Shield has the second lowest priority in the group of damage negating spells.
    • This means when combined with e.g. Borrowed Time icon.png Borrowed Time or Refraction icon.png Refraction, the shield does not absorb any damage until the other sources are gone.
    • It has a higher priority than Living Armor icon.png Living Armor, so when combined, Aphotic Shield blocks damage while Living Armor does not.
      However, Living Armor still loses a charge per damage instance.
  • Losing the Aphotic Shield buff always causes it to burst and deal area damage, no matter how the shield was lost.
  • The area damage is independent from the amount of absorbed damage. It always deals the full 110/140/170/200 (Talent 360/390/420/450) damage.
  • Successive casts on the same unit do not stack. Upon recast, the previous shield gets destroyed (dealing area damage) and a new one gets applied.
  • Choosing the shield capacity and damage upgrading talent does not affect any of Abaddon's currently active Aphotic Shields.

Curse of Avernus
Partially usable by illusions. Disabled by Break. Pierces spell immunity.
Curse of Avernus icon.png
Allies / Enemies
Abaddon strikes an enemy with chilling curse on each attack, causing all units who attack the slowed enemy to gain increased movement speed, along with faster attack speed, for a limited time.
Move Speed Slow: 8%/12%/16%/20% (Talent 33%/37%/41%/45%)
Attack Speed Slow: 8/12/16/20 (Talent 33/37/41/45)
Move Speed Bonus: 15%
Attack Speed Bonus: 10/20/30/40
Slow Duration: 2.5
Bonus Duration: 4.5
Partially usable by illusions. Illusions cannot place the debuff on enemies, but they do get the buff when starting an attack.
Buff Frostmourne Buff: Dispellable with any dispel.
Debuff Frostmourne Debuff: Dispellable with any dispel.
The curse that slows an enemy, speeds an ally.


  • On each successful attack, Abaddon places a debuff on the target which slows them.
    • The attacks first apply the debuff, then their own damage.
  • Every allied unit which starts attacking a unit which has the Curse of Avernus debuff on, gets the speed increasing buff.
  • This means it does not matter if Abaddon is still attacking the unit. As long as a unit has the debuff on, allies get the speed buff upon attacking it.
  • The slowing debuff can be placed on buildings, but cannot be placed on wards or allied units.
  • The speed increasing buff is not applied on buildings, wards or enemies attacking a debuffed unit.
  • Abaddon himself always gets the speed increasing buff upon starting an attack, regardless of the debuff, except when the attack target is a building.
    • However, after having placed the debuff on a building, Abaddon gets the buff like how allies do upon attacking it.
  • Successive attacks on the same target do no stack, but refresh the duration instead. This goes for the buff and debuff.
  • Choosing the slow upgrading talent does not affect any of Abaddon's currently placed Curse of Avernus debuffs.

Borrowed Time
Cannot be used by illusions. Partially disabled by Break. Pierces spell immunity. Play
Borrowed Time icon.png
No Target
(Upgradable by Aghanim's Scepter. Aura)
(Upgradable by Aghanim's Scepter. Allied Heroes)
When activated, all damage dealt to you will heal instead of harm. Most negative buffs will also be removed. If the ability is not on cooldown, it will automatically activate if your health falls below 400.
Cast Animation: 0+0
Radius: 0 (Upgradable by Aghanim's Scepter. 900)
Passive Health Threshold: 400
Redirected Damage: 0 (Upgradable by Aghanim's Scepter. 50%)
Duration: 4/5/6 (Upgradable by Aghanim's Scepter. 5/6/7)
Cooldown symbol.png 60/50/40 (Talent 51/42.5/34)
Upgradable by Aghanim's Scepter. Increases duration. While Borrowed Time is active, a percentage of all damage taken by allied heroes in a radius will be redirected to Abaddon.
Partially disabled by Break. The passive activating when below 400 health is disabled. The damage redirecting aura provided by Aghanim's Scepter is not disabled.
Buff Borrowed Time: Undispellable.
Buff Borrowed Time Redirect: Undispellable.
The most unnatural of all the gifts of the Font of Avernus, this power defies mortal understanding. What should hurt, instead heals; and what should kill gives strength anew.


  • Interrupts Abaddon's channeling spells upon cast. Does not interrupt channeling spells when passively activated.
  • Applies a strong dispel on Abaddon upon activating, be it manually or passively activated.
  • Activates automatically when a damage instance (without the HP Removal flag) drops Abaddon's health below 400, or hits Abaddon while already below 400 health.
    • The damage is dealt before Borrowed Time is activated, meaning if the damage instance exceeds Abaddon's current health, he dies without Borrowed Time activating.
    • This also means that it does not save Abaddon from instantly killing effects like Culling Blade icon.png Culling Blade and Ice Blast icon.png Ice Blast
  • Borrowed Time converts damage into healing after reductions.
  • Borrowed Time has the highest priority in the group of damage negating spells.
    • This means when combined with other damage negating effects (e.g. Aphotic Shield icon.png Aphotic Shield or False Promise icon.png False Promise), Borrowed Time negates the damage while the others do not.
    • For False Promise, this means that Borrowed Time first turns damage into heals, and then it is registered by False Promise as a heal and not as damage.
  • As with all damage manipulating effects, Borrowed Time only negates and heals from the 3 damage types. It does not heal from HP Removal.
  • It can't dispel those deal damage before debuff, since it applies dispel on damage but not after the whole effect.
  • The damage redirection granted by Aghanim's Scepter icon.png Aghanim's Scepter is aura-based, however, its effects do not linger and no buff appears in the HUD.
    • The damage reduction for allies stacks multiplicatively with other sources of damage reduction.
    • The damage reduction does not reduce damage for units under any damage negating effect.


Hero Talents
+25% Curse of Avernus icon.png Curse of Avernus MS/AS Slow 25 +250 Aphotic Shield icon.png Aphotic Shield Health
+90 Damage 20 15% Cooldown Reduction
+50 Mist Coil icon.png Mist Coil Heal/Damage 15 +6 Armor
+20% XP Gain 10 +25 Movement Speed

Recommended items[edit]

Starting items:

  • Tango icon.png Tango and Healing Salve icon.png Healing Salve are important in order to keep Abaddon from being harassed out of the lane, particularly as he is a melee hero.
  • Clarity icon.png Clarity fuels Abaddon's powerful spells, giving him the mana to make or break engagements through manipulating the HP and damage taken by his allies.
  • Iron Branch icon.png Iron Branch are cheap and give Abaddon additional attributes. They can be built into a Magic Wand or Mekansm components, or simply sold for more inventory space.
  • Animal Courier (Radiant) icon.png Animal Courier is expected as support Abaddon is less item-dependent than others.

Early-game items:

  • Boots of Speed icon.png Boots of Speed are important to get early on Abaddon, as he needs good positioning in order to make use of his spells. It also allows him to more easily chase down enemies with Curse of Avernus.
  • Magic Stick icon.png Magic Stick is important for giving Abaddon burst HP and mana regen whenever he needs it. Both can fuel his spell-casting and increase his longevity in fights, allowing him to accomplish more.
  • Ring of Basilius (Active) icon.png Ring of Basilius provides Abaddon with more armor, bonus damage, and mana regen to fuel his spell-casting. The aura boosts his allies' survivability, further increasing his ability to protect them, and the item can be disassembled and both components recycled for later items.
  • Orb of Venom icon.png Orb of Venom allows Abaddon to apply a slow with his attacks, and stacks alongside Curse of Avernus. It can be a good item to build for an aggressive posture, in order to inflict a stronger slow on gank targets.

Core items:

  • Tranquil Boots (Active) icon.png Tranquil Boots are very powerful on Abaddon, on top of being the cheapest boots upgrade available. The increased movement speed gives Abaddon better positioning, allowing him to get his spells off more easily. The additional armor gives him tankiness, increasing his effective HP against physical damage. The HP replenishment allows Abaddon to recoup the HP cost of Mist Coil, ensuring that he never puts himself at too much risk when casting the spell.
  • Magic Wand icon.png Magic Wand gives Abaddon increased attributes and much more burst HP and mana regen, giving him much more survivability and allowing him to use his spells even after running completely dry.
  • Mekansm icon.png Mekansm gives Abaddon a powerful heal with which to protect his team, alongside Mist Coil. It also gives Abaddon more tankiness through the additional attributes and armor, making him harder to bring down.
  • Observer Ward icon.png Observer Ward are important to purchase regularly as a support. Providing map vision gives Abaddon and his team forewarning to engagements, allowing Abaddon to show up to keep the tide of fights in his team's favor.
  • Town Portal Scroll icon.png Town Portal Scroll is important on all heroes. Abaddon's ability to turn ganks around and give his team a strong survivability advantage make him a strong hero to have present in any engagement.
  • Urn of Shadows icon.png Urn of Shadows is a useful utility support item that synergizes with Abaddon's ability to protect and heal his team. The increased strength gives Abaddon more HP and base damage and the mana regen helps keep his mana pool filled. Urn charges can be used to heal teammates or damage enemies alongside Mist Coil, and can be used on Abaddon himself to recoup Mist Coil's HP cost.

Situational items:

  • Arcane Boots icon.png Arcane Boots is a strong support item that allows Abaddon to replenish his teammates' mana as well as his own. Given the strong defensive power of Aphotic Shield, having the mana to cast it whenever it is needed can greatly benefit Abaddon's team.
  • Power Treads icon.png Power Treads helps give a carry Abaddon more combat presence. The increased attack speed allows Abaddon to utilize his physical attacks more, and attribute switching can reduce the mana cost of Aphotic Shield, reduce the HP cost of Mist Coil, and give Abaddon more HP and base damage as needed.
  • Vladmir's Offering icon.png Vladmir's Offering is a solid item on Abaddon, no matter what role he takes. Its aura grants armor, HP and mana replenishment, lifesteal, and bonus damage to Abaddon and all nearby allies, making it a powerful item to have present in any fight.
  • Pipe of Insight icon.png Pipe of Insight gives Abaddon greatly increased magic resistance and HP regen, allowing him to shrug off magic nukes and vastly increasing his survivability. The active allows Abaddon to further protect his teammates through shielding them from the enemy's magic nukes for a short time, synergizing with Aphotic Shield.
  • Drum of Endurance icon.png Drum of Endurance is a good all-around attribute item that gives Abaddon more HP, mana, armor, attack speed and damage, as well as an aura that he and his team can utilize for much longer due to Abaddon's tankiness.
  • Radiance (Active) icon.png Radiance is a strong carry item, as it greatly increases Abaddon's attack damage and gives him a burn aura that forces the enemy to engage him. The aura also inflicts a blind debuff on the enemy, causing them to miss attacks directed at any friendly units so long as Abaddon is nearby.
  • Assault Cuirass icon.png Assault Cuirass greatly increases Abaddon's armor and attack speed, giving him physical survivability and increased damage output to allow him to carry effectively. The aura also greatly benefits teammates, and reduces enemy armor, allowing Abaddon and his team to deal more damage.
  • Aghanim's Scepter icon.png Aghanim's Scepter extends the duration of Borrowed Time and allows Abaddon to shield his allies from damage. The reduced damage can also force the enemy to heal Abaddon as it is redirected to him during the ultimate.
  • Heart of Tarrasque icon.png Heart of Tarrasque drastically improves Abaddon's HP, making him significantly harder to bring down. It also allows him to quickly replenish his HP outside of combat, making him a powerful threat if he is farmed enough.
  • Scythe of Vyse icon.png Scythe of Vyse provides Abaddon with a single target hard-disable, making it a powerful support item. It gives Abaddon stats across the board and greatly improves his mana pool and mana regeneration, allowing him to make strong use of his spells.
  • Guardian Greaves icon.png Guardian Greaves greatly boosts Abaddon's survivability and allows him to greatly support his team. The heal and mana replenishment are very powerful, and the self-dispel allows Abaddon to remove debuffs from himself that may be preventing him from participating effectively in teamfights. The aura is also very strong, giving Abaddon and his teammates enhanced survivability when they are at low health, giving Abaddon more time to save and protect them with his spells.
  • Glimmer Cape icon.png Glimmer Cape is a strong support utility item, allowing Abaddon to cloak a teammate in invisibility and greatly boost their magic resistance. If needed, it can also be used to help one of Abaddon's teammates initiate invisibly on the enemy.
  • Solar Crest icon.png Solar Crest is a powerful support item that further enhances Abaddon's ability to protect his teammates. The armor and mana regen give Abaddon survivability and mana sustain, and the active allows Abaddon to either enhance a teammate's survivability against physical attacks, or induce an armor debuff and miss chance on a troublesome enemy to reduce their ability to fight.
  • Mask of Madness icon.png Mask of Madness is a cheap lifesteal item that can give Abaddon tremendous attack speed in order to increase his damage output as a carry. The lifesteal allows Abaddon to maintain his HP while farming, and recover the HP cost of casting Mist Coil. Using the active in combat allows Abaddon to utilize his physical attacks to deal damage, while at the same time boosting his movement speed to better allow him to take advantage of Curse of Avernus. The increased damage vulnerability can be ignored in favor of Borrowed Time, which prevents the enemy from using it against him.
  • Blade Mail icon.png Blade Mail can be a powerful semi-carry item that fills in several of Abaddon's deficiencies. The bonus armor increases his tankiness, the bonus intelligence gives him more mana for casting spells, and the bonus damage increases his damage output for fighting and farming. The active can allow Abaddon to use his HP pool offensively during fights, discouraging the enemy from focusing him down when he does not have Borrowed Time activated.
  • Force Staff icon.png Force Staff is a strong utility support item that helps Abaddon to get his spells off and protect his teammates further. The increased intelligence and HP regen give Abaddon a bigger mana pool and helps sustain his casting of Mist Coil, and re-positioning himself allows him to get within range to use his spells to protect his allies. As well, the active can also be used to help push escaping allies to safety if enemies are pursuing.
  • Blink Dagger icon.png Blink Dagger greatly increases Abaddon's mobility, allowing him to engage the enemy more effectively during teamfights, position himself for casting his spells on his teammates, and chase enemies down as needed. Both Aphotic Shield and Borrowed Time can be used to prevent Blink Dagger's on-damage cooldown from proccing, allowing Abaddon to use it to blink whenever needed.
  • Armlet of Mordiggian (Inactive) icon.png Armlet of Mordiggian is a useful mid-game carry item to build. While the HP cost of the active cannot be converted into healing by Borrowed Time, Armlet provides many powerful carry bonuses, and Borrowed Time can still be activated once Abaddon's HP is low in order to quickly recover HP through enemy damage.
  • Eul's Scepter of Divinity icon.png Eul's Scepter of Divinity increases Abaddon's support potential tremendously and is relatively cheap to build. The bonus intelligence and mana regen greatly improve Abaddon's ability to cast his spells to protect his team, and the bonus movement speed gives him better positioning ability as well as allowing him to get within range to use Curse of Avernus against enemies more easily. The active allows Abaddon to instantly disable an enemy from range, or can be used on himself to remove silences that may be preventing him from casting his spells or manually activating Borrowed Time.
  • Rod of Atos icon.png Rod of Atos gives Abaddon greatly increased support potential while also making him more tanky. The huge intelligence boost greatly improves his ability to cast spells, while the bonus HP makes him harder to bring down in fights, as well as increasing the potency of Borrowed Time. The active allows Abaddon to root an enemy from long range, preventing movement abilities and allowing him to get within range to inflict them with Curse of Avernus to further debilitate their mobility.
  • Crimson Guard icon.png Crimson Guard is a powerful utility item that benefits Abaddon both as a carry and a support. The damage block, increased HP and bonus armor make Abaddon much harder to bring down with physical damage, and the active gives all nearby allies enhanced damage block and armor, increasing their resistance to physical damage for a short duration.
  • Heaven's Halberd icon.png Heaven's Halberd gives Abaddon increased tankiness and a strong active that helps him carry in teamfights. The increased strength and bonus evasion give Abaddon much more survivability against physical attacks, and the active allows him to disarm an enemy carry during a fight, preventing them from effectively contributing.
  • Black King Bar icon.png Black King Bar can be a necessary purchase on a carry Abaddon if the enemy has a large number of disables. While Abaddon can remove debuffs from himself with Aphotic Shield and Borrowed Time, spell immunity allows him to act continuously without the fear of being chain-disabled and rendered unable to participate in fights at all. The bonus strength and attack damage also increase his HP and damage output, giving him more carry potential.
  • Lotus Orb icon.png Lotus Orb can be a very powerful utility support item that further allows Abaddon to keep his teammates alive. The item gives Abaddon increased armor for tankiness and mana and HP regen for self-sustain, allowing him to always be ready to participate in fights. Using the active on himself or a teammate discourages the enemy from casting single-target spells on them, as they can be turned back against the enemy; if Abaddon is not the target of the Echo Shell, he can also remove any disables placed on the targeted ally with Aphotic Shield, effectively using the enemy's disables against themselves with no effect on Abaddon's team.
  • Moon Shard icon.png Moon Shard greatly increases Abaddon's attack speed, giving him much more physical damage output, and increases his situational awareness at night. It can also be consumed in the late game to give Abaddon a permanent attack speed bonus and free up an inventory slot for other items.
  • Shiva's Guard icon.png Shiva's Guard is a strong item to build on Abaddon whether he is a support or carry. It greatly increases his armor and intelligence, increasing his tankiness and greatly improving his mana pool. The passive aura greatly reduces enemy attack speed, which can be stacked alongside Curse of Avernus, and the active ability allows him to inflict a damage nuke and slow enemy movement speed as well.
  • Silver Edge icon.png Silver Edge gives Abaddon offensive potential and a powerful active, increasing his carry potential. The item's attributes give him a great status bonus, attack speed and physical damage output, while the active can give him both initiation and escape ability, something he otherwise lacks. The active allows Abaddon to apply a break to an enemy during initiation at the same time as Curse of Avernus, negating their passives and reducing their overall damage output while simultaneously dealing backstab damage and applying Curse of Avernus to them.
  • Eye of Skadi icon.png Eye of Skadi is a very powerful carry item to build on Abaddon. It gives him stats across the board, improving his HP, mana, base damage, and attack speed, as well as giving him a powerful attack that can greatly slow any attacked enemy alongside Curse of Avernus.
  • Satanic icon.png Satanic is mainly strong on agility hard carries due to their high physical damage output and small HP pools, but can be very strong on carry Abaddon as well if he has built up enough physical damage output. The lifesteal and armor greatly increase his tankiness, alongside the bonus strength, which gives him HP and more damage to utilize the lifesteal. The active can be treated as a pocket version of Borrowed Time, allowing Abaddon to bring his HP back up to full in a matter of seconds using his damage output, drastically increasing his tankiness and forcing the enemy to work down his HP a third time.


Roles: Support Support Carry Carry Durable Durable


Playstyle: Unlike the other scions of his house, Abaddon drank deeper than any from the prophetic vapors that flowed from the Font of Avernus. Now a being of unnatural powers, Abaddon releases deathly Mist Coils to damage adversaries and heal allies. The black mist swirls around his compatriots, forming an Aphotic Shield that absorbs attacks before bursting in a wide radius. But the Font's greatest gift is revealed only in the desperation of battle. Bestowed with Borrowed Time, Abaddon charges the enemy ranks, riding down foes with his cursed blade, his health returning with each welcoming blow. For all that was meant to kill did nothing but make the Lord of Avernus even more formidable.





  • Abaddon's title, Lord of Avernus, is a reference to the famous crater in Italy, which was, in ancient times, believed to be the entrance to the underworld.
  • In DotA, Abaddon's third ability was originally called "Frostmourne." It was changed in the transition to Dota 2 due to copyright reasons, since Frostmourne exists as a famed weapon in the Warcraft universe. When using Curse of Avernus, Abaddon says 'The mistblade bites', which is similar to Arthas's Quote: 'Frostmourne hungers'. Similarly, his first ability was originally named "Death Coil", but was likely changed to differentiate it from the ability used by death knights in the Warcraft universe; one of his responses when using Mist Coil references the original name.
  • In the Christian Bible, Abaddon is the name of an angel who rises from the Abyss and commands an army of locusts. Abaddon in Hebrew means "Doom", which is ironic, given that Abaddon's skill set is focused on keeping his team alive.


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