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Dota 2 Wiki Bulletin
Help Needed
Dota 2 Wiki is maintained and updated by less than 5 people. Please create an account and help us in any way you can.
  • We need someone to update the Unreleased Content page regularly after each patch.
  • If any item or hero is missing from navigational templates, please help out by typing the item's name in the search box, navigating to the item's article, and resaving the article. This will restore the page's semantic properties.
  • We need experts to write brief guides on the Dota 2 Workshop Tools and Modding articles.
  • Help keep the latest Tournament match results up to date.
  • Help create pages for Players and Teams. Use existing pages as models. We welcome teams and players to make their own pages!
  • Help create pages for new patches and new cosmetic items.
  • Help translate English pages to other language pages.
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