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Vision changes around while the hero moves

Vision describes what a unit can and can't see from its current location and state. Places a unit cannot see are filled with the Fog of War, a dark mist that hides units inside of it. Invisible units can't be seen even when outside of the Fog of War, unless they are spotted by a unit with True Sight. Units can't see through trees or to higher elevations - the only exceptions to this rule are flying units, who have unrestricted Vision, and Night Stalker/Keeper of the Light with an Aghanim's Scepter at night/day.

All units on your team share Vision, which means that if a unit can see through the Fog of War, all allies can as well. This also applies to Lane Creeps, other controlled Creeps, and Buildings.

Fog of War[edit | edit source]

All areas outside of friendly Vision become Fog of War. Any non-friendly units within the Fog of War cannot be seen or targeted (it is effectively invisible), however they can still be hit by non-targeted spells. To reveal units in the Fog of War, an allied unit must gain vision in that area. Observer Wards will provide vision in an area to their team.

If an enemy unit in the Fog of War attacks or targets a spell on a friendly unit, a 100 radius small area around them will be revealed for 2 seconds.

Elevation and Trees[edit | edit source]

Units cannot see areas that are on higher elevations than them

Units cannot see areas that are on higher elevations than them, while units on higher ground receive unrestricted vision below. Additionally, any ranged units attacking an enemy on higher elevation have a 25% chance to miss their target. Trees also block vision, and can be used to escape enemies by running through small gaps in them (known as "Juking"). When Trees are cut down or destroyed, they no longer block vision. Unit Target abilities are cancelled if vision of the target is lost, even if the cast animation began.

Balance changelog[edit | edit source]


  • Vision and Fog of War can now be any numerical value, rather than specific intervals (previously it was 0, 64, 192, 320, 448, 576, 704, 800, 832, 960, 1088, 1216, 1344, 1472, 1600, 1728)
    • Previously if you had a vision between the fixed intervals, it would clamp to a fixed value.


  • Removed Unexplored Fog of War.

Day and Night[edit | edit source]

Most units have different vision ranges for the day and night cycles. Generally, units see a lot farther during the day than they do at night. Most heroes have 1800 units of vision during the day, and 800 at night, though there are several exceptions. Heroes can increase their night vision by equipping Moon Shard icon.png Moon Shard which passively grants 250 bonus night vision. This makes ganking a lot more viable at night, because Heroes can get much closer without being detected.

Below is a table of all heroes which do not have the standard 1800/800:

Hero Day Night
Batrider icon.png Batrider 1200 800
Bounty Hunter icon.png Bounty Hunter 1800 1000
Luna icon.png Luna 1800 800/18001
Lycan icon.png Lycan 1800 800/18002
Night Stalker icon.png Night Stalker 1200 1800
Slark icon.png Slark 1800 1800
Sniper icon.png Sniper 1800 1000
Winter Wyvern icon.png Winter Wyvern 1800 800/12003
1 Luna's night vision increases to 1800 upon learning Lunar Blessing icon.png Lunar Blessing.
2Lycan's night vision increases to 1800 during Shapeshift icon.png Shapeshift.
3 Winter Wyvern's night vision increases to 1200 during Arctic Burn icon.png Arctic Burn

Buildings[edit | edit source]

Allied Buildings share vision through the Fog of War with their entire team. Below is a table listing the vision ranges of all buildings:

Building Day Night True Sight Attack
Towers 1900 800 900 700
Barracks 900 600 N/A N/A
Ancients 1800 1800 900 N/A
Fountains 1800 1800 1200 1200
Miscellaneous buildings 800 550 N/A N/A

Flying Vision[edit | edit source]

Flying vision gives unrestricted vision in an area, it is not blocked by trees or obstacles and can see all elevations.

Sources of Flying Vision[edit | edit source]

Ancient Apparition - Ice Blast
Ice Blast icon.png
AoE on projectile: 275
Linger Time: 0
AoE on target location: 700
Duration of vision on target area: 3
Batrider - Firefly
Firefly icon.png
Duration: 18
Gives Batrider flying vision equal to his current vision distance, 1200 during the day or 800 at night.
Batrider - Flamebreak
Flamebreak icon.png
AoE on projectile: 175
Batrider - Sticky Napalm
Sticky Napalm icon.png
Radius on target location: 400
Duration: 2
Beastmaster - Call of the Wild: Hawk
Call of the Wild Hawk icon.png
Day Sight Range: 700/1000/1300/1600
Night Sight Range: 700/800/900/1000
Beastmaster - Wild Axes
Wild Axes icon.png
AoE on projectile: 600 on each axe
Linger time: 0
Bloodseeker - Blood Rite
Blood Rite icon.png
AoE from center: 200
Duration: 6
Clockwerk - Rocket Flare
Rocket Flare icon.png
Radius on target location: 600
Duration: 10
Dazzle - Weave
Weave icon.png
Radius: 775
Duration: 9
Gives flying vision of the area where Weave is cast. Radius is always 775 (Radius of Aghanim's Scepter upgrade) even without scepter.
Faceless Void - Chronosphere
Chronosphere icon.png
Radius from center: 425
Invoker - Sun Strike
Sun Strike icon.png
Radius: 300
Duration: 5.5
Invoker - Tornado
Tornado icon.png
AoE on projectile: 600
Linger time: 0
Io - Spirits
Spirits icon.png
AoE on impact location: 300
Duration: 3
Will only give vision if spirit connects with a target. Area of vision doesn't move.
Kunkka - Ghostship
Ghostship icon.png
AoE on projectile: 300
Linger time: 0
Lich - Chain Frost
Chain Frost icon.png
AoE on projectile: 800
Linger time: 0
Medusa - Mystic Snake
Mystic Snake icon.png
AoE on projectile: 100
Meepo - Earthbind
Earthbind icon.png
AoE on projectile: 300
Mirana - Sacred Arrow
Sacred Arrow icon.png
AoE on projectile: 650
Nature's Prophet - Sprout
Sprout icon.png
Radius from center: 1000
Duration: 3/3.75/4.5/5.25
Phantom Assassin - Stifling Dagger
Stifling Dagger icon.png
AoE around projectile: 500
AoE on impact location: 500
Duration: 3
Area of vision doesn't move after impacting with hero.
Phoenix - Launch Fire Spirit
Launch Fire Spirit icon.png
Radius on target location: 175
Duration: 1
Puck - Illusory Orb
Illusory Orb icon.png
AoE on path: 800
Duration: 3.34
Pudge - Meat Hook
Meat Hook icon.png
AoE on hooked target: 500
Duration: 4
Will only give vision if hook connects with a target. Area of vision doesn't move.
Razor - Plasma Field
Plasma Field icon.png
Radius around hero: 800
Duration: 4
Shadow Demon - Shadow Poison
Shadow Poison icon.png
AoE on Projectile: 190
Shiva's Guard - Arctic Blast
Cost 4700
Shiva's Guard icon.png
Vision range: 800
Duration: 4
Skywrath Mage - Arcane Bolt
Arcane Bolt icon.png
AoE on projectile: 325
Upon impact, projectile reveals the target area for 3.34 seconds.
Skywrath Mage - Concussive Shot
Concussive Shot icon.png
AoE on projectile: 400
Sniper - Shrapnel
Shrapnel icon.png
Radius on target location: 400
Duration: 9
Spectre - Spectral Dagger
Spectral Dagger icon.png
Radius along path: 200
Duration: 12
Storm Spirit - Ball Lightning
Ball Lightning icon.png
AoE around Storm Spirit: 400
Storm Spirit - Static Remnant
Static Remnant icon.png
Radius: 600
Duration: 12 seconds or till detonated
Techies - Remote Mines
Remote Mines icon.png
Radius: 500
Duration: 3
Flying vision is provided after a mine is detonated by any source (Pinpoint Detonate, Focused Detonate, by destroying it or the time ran out)
Timbersaw - Chakram
Chakram icon.png
AoE where Chakram stops: 300
Tusk - Ice Shards
Ice Shards icon.png
AoE on projectile: 100
The vision lasts for 2 seconds at the targeted point upon reaching it.
Vengeful Spirit - Wave of Terror
Wave of Terror icon.png
AoE on Projectile: 300
Duration: 3
Venomancer - Venomous Gale
Venomous Gale icon.png
AoE on projectile: 280
Windranger - Powershot
Powershot icon.png
AoE on projectile: 400
Linger Time at end point: 3.34
Zeus - Lightning Bolt
Lightning Bolt icon.png
Radius on target location: 750
Duration: 4.5
Zeus - Thundergod's Wrath
Thundergod's Wrath icon.png
Radius around the hero: 500
Duration: 3

Note: Night Stalker and Keeper of the Light may have unobstructed vision during Night and Day correspondingly if they purchase Aghanim's Scepter icon.png Aghanim's Scepter.

Ground Vision[edit | edit source]

Also known as normal unit vision, standard vision, and hero vision. This type of vision is blocked by trees, other obstacles, and elevation. All heroes have ground vision by default.

Sources of Ground Vision[edit | edit source]

Ancient Apparition - Ice Vortex
Ice Vortex icon.png
Radius: 275
Duration: 16
Crystal Maiden - Crystal Nova
Crystal Nova icon.png
Radius: 900
Duration: 6
Disruptor - Kinetic Field
Kinetic Field icon.png
Radius: 325
Duration: 2.4/3.2/3.8/4.4
Elder Titan - Astral Spirit
Astral Spirit icon.png
Vision range: 450
Ember Spirit - Fire Remnant
Fire Remnant icon.png
Vision range: 450
Duration: 45
Gyrocopter - Call Down
Call Down icon.png
Radius from center: 300
Duration: 4
Invoker - Chaos Meteor
Chaos Meteor icon.png
Vision range: 300 units radius on projectile
Linger time: 0
However vision of the very last area where meteor crumbles is granted for extra 3 seconds.
Jakiro - Ice Path
Ice Path icon.png
Radius: 175
Juggernaut - Omnislash
Omnislash icon.png
AoE around Juggernaut: 200
Kunkka - Torrent
Torrent icon.png
Radius: 250
Duration: 4
Vision is applied when stun is applied, not when particle effect begins.
Luna - Eclipse
Eclipse icon.png
Radius: 0 (Can be Improved by Aghanim's Scepter (* shows the improved values). 675)
Only provides the ground vision when upgraded with Aghanim's Scepter icon.png Aghanim's Scepter and not targeting a unit.
Manta Style - Mirror Image
Cost 4950
Manta Style icon.png
Radius from hero: 1000
Duration: 0.23
Observer Ward - Place Ward
Cost 75
Observer Ward icon.png
Vision range: 1600
Duration: 7 minutes
Phoenix - Fire Spirits
Fire Spirits icon.png
Radius: 175
Duration: 1
Sentry Ward - Place Ward
Cost 200
Sentry Ward icon.png
Vision range: 150
Duration: 12
Techies - Land Mines
Land Mines icon.png
Vision range: 64
Duration: Until exploded
Techies - Remote Mines
Remote Mines icon.png
Vision range: 700
Duration: 600 or until detonated
Techies - Stasis Trap
Stasis Trap icon.png
Vision range: 400
Duration: 270/300/330/360

Shared Vision[edit | edit source]

Some spells share the vision of an enemy unit with your team. Most of these spells allow you to see what the enemy unit sees and some only provide vision over the enemy hero model.

Sources of Shared Vision[edit | edit source]

Bloodseeker - Thirst
Thirst icon.png
Radius: Global
Visibility Health Threshold: 25%
Reveals enemy model and minimap icon through the Fog of War.
Bounty Hunter - Track
Track icon.png
Duration: 30
Reveals enemy model and minimap icon through the Fog of War.
Disruptor - Thunder Strike
Thunder Strike icon.png
Duration: 6
Reveals enemy model and minimap icon through the Fog of War.
Lifestealer - Infest
Infest icon.png
Duration: Until Lifestealer uses ability Consume or unit/hero dies
Razor - Static Link
Static Link icon.png
Duration: 8 or until the link is broken
Silencer - Last Word
Last Word icon.png
Duration: For the duration while the initial debuff is on the target (up to 4 seconds)
Slardar - Amplify Damage
Amplify Damage icon.png
Duration: 25
Sniper - Assassinate
Assassinate icon.png
Duration: 4
Vision lasts for 4 seconds, until the projectile hits, or until the cast gets canceled, whichever is shorter.
Spectre - Spectral Dagger
Spectral Dagger icon.png
Duration: 12
Vision is shared with every enemy hero it collides with. Provides 200 flying vision along shadow path left behind by any struck unit.
Spirit Breaker - Charge of Darkness
Charge of Darkness icon.png
Provides shared vision over the target (only the unit model) until the charge ends on it anyway.

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