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18 + 1.85
22 + 2.6
15 + 1.75
Level 1 16 25
Hit Points 492 1043 1708
Mana 195 559 1001
Damage 41‒43 82‒84 123‒125
Armor 3.08 8.82 14.62
Attacks / Second 0.71 0.95 1.2
Movement Speed 285
Turn Rate 0.4
Sight Range 1800/800
Attack Range 450
Missile Speed 900
Attack Duration 0.3+0.7
Cast Duration 0+0.51
Base Attack Time 1.7
Collision Size 24

Lesale Deathbringer the Venomancer is a ranged agility hero who is focused on dealing damage over time and slowing enemies down. He is not granted with a big amount of base attack and attribute gain, but he can bring enormous area damage with his poisonous abilities. Venomancer can unleash a Venomous Gale to enemies in a straight line, infecting them, damaging and slowing them over time. His attacks are hazardous thanks to his lethal Poison Sting, which adds a toxic effect to his normal attacks, poisoning opposing Heroes for a duration. Plague Ward, his next ability, lets him summon a sentient ward to a targeted point, which attacks enemies or structures. While weak on first use its power grows in numbers, which means the more the wards are placed the deadlier they become. This gives him good versatility, providing vision, pushing power, and a helpful block, preventing enemies from running away when trapped in a sticky situation. Venomancer's most dangerous ability is Poison Nova, though it isn't lethal and won't kill an enemy, the damage it inflicts is tremendous, the duration is very long, and it affects an area around him. It is mostly used to initiate battles, since Poison Nova isn't a killing type spell. When used altogether, the Venomancer is a powerful killing machine, like a virus, slowly killing enemies with venom and poisons. Despite being considered by most players as a support, because of his slowing capabilities, extra ward vision, and being item independent, this doesn't hinder his power to gank and kill enemies, especially in the earliest parts of the game, and with enough kills, farm, and domination, Venomancer can transition into a semi-carry, with formidable venomous power and deadly specialties.


Venomancer Lesale Deathbringer, the Venomancer
Play "No necromancer shall raise what the venomancer puts down."
Role: Pip roamer.png Support / Pip ganker.png Nuker / Pip initiator.png Initiator / Pip pusher.png Pusher
Lore: In the Acid Jungles of Jidi Isle, poison runs in the veins and bubbles in the guts of every creature that scuttles, climbs or swoops between fluorescent vines dripping with caustic sap. Yet even in this toxic menagerie, Venomancer is acknowledged as the most venomous. Ages ago, a Herbalist named Lesale crossed the Bay of Fradj by coracle, searching for potent essences that might be extracted from bark and root, and found instead a nightmare transformation. Two leagues into Jidi's jungle, Lesale encountered a reptile camouflaged as an epiphyte, which stung him as he mistakenly plucked it. In desperation, he used his partial knowledge of the jungle's herbal bounty, mixing the venom of the (swiftly throttled) reptile with the nectar of an armored orchid, to compound an antidote. In the moments before a black paralysis claimed him completely, he injected himself by orchid-thorn, and instantly fell into a coma. Seventeen years later, something stirred in the spot where he had fallen, throwing off the years' accumulation of humus: Venomancer. Lesale the Herbalist no longer—but Lesale the Deathbringer. His mind was all but erased, and his flesh had been consumed and replaced by a new type of matter—one fusing the venom of the reptile with the poisonous integument of the orchid. Jidi's Acid Jungles knew a new master, one before whom even the most vicious predators soon learned to bow or burrow for their lives. The lurid isle proved too confining, and some human hunger deep in the heart of the Venomancer drove Lesale out in search of new poisons—and new deaths to bring.
Voice: Dave Fennoy (Responses)


Venomous Gale
Blocked by Spell Immunity. Not blocked by Linken's Sphere. Cannot be purged. Play
Venomous Gale icon.png
Ability Affects Damage
Target Point Enemies Magical
Launches a ball of venom in a line, poisoning enemy units so that they take both initial damage and damage over time, as well as suffering slowed movement. Venomous Gale deals damage every 3 seconds over its duration.
Cast Range: 800
Max Travel Distance: 800
Gale Radius: 125
Initial damage: 25/50/75/100
Damage over Time: 0/30/60/90
Move Speed Slow: 50%
Duration: 15
Cooldown 22 Mana 125
A concoction of various stings, poisons, and toxins gathered from the jungles of Jidi Isle, victims surviving it are rare.


  • The gale travels at a speed of 1200.
  • Can hit units up to 925 range away (800 travel distance + 125 radius).
  • The slow deceases over time. Hit units regain 1% of their movement speed in 0.3 second intervals.
  • A unit with less that 25% of its maximum health can be denied when it has the Venomous Gale debuff on.
  • Deals the initial damage upon hitting enemies, and then deals the damage over time in 3 second intervals, resulting in overall 6 damage instances.
  • Venomous Gale can deal up to 25/180/375/550 damage to a single unit (before reductions).

Poison Sting
Not blocked by Spell Immunity. Not blocked by Linken's Sphere. Cannot be purged. Partially usable by illusions.
Poison Sting icon.png
Ability Affects Damage
Passive Enemies Magical
Adds poison damage to Venomancer's normal attacks, slowing movement speed.
Damage per Second: 5/10/15/20
Move Speed Slow: 11%/12%/13%/14%
Duration: 6/9/12/15
Partially usable by illusions. Illusions have their own version of Poison Sting, which can only slow. Their attacks place a different debuff,and do not refresh the debuff placed by Venomancer. The slow from the illusion's Poison Sting stacks with the slow of Venomancer's Poison Sting.
The paralytic sting of the creature which caused his transformation now belongs to the Venomancer.


  • The damage ticks in 1 second intervals, starting immediately when the debuff is placed, resulting in 7/10/13/16 damage ticks.
  • Can deal up to 35/100/195/320 damage (before reductions).
Plague Ward
Venomancer Plague Ward.png
Duration 40
Hit Points 75/200/325/450
Damage 9-11/17-21/

(Piercing damage)

Armor 0
Movement Speed 0
Sight Range 1200/800
Attack Range 600
Missile Speed 1900
Attack Duration 0.3+
Base Attack Time 1.5
Bounty 14-17
Experience 20/25/30/35
Notes Unit type: Ward

Plague Ward
Cannot be purged. Play
Plague Ward icon.png
Ability Affects
Target Point Enemies
Summons a plague ward to attack enemy units and structures. The ward is immune to magic. Wards gain the Poison Sting level from Venomancer, dealing 50% of the full damage.
Cast Range: 850
Ward Duration: 40
Cooldown 5 Mana 20
A mixture of his old herbalist talents and newfound toxic mastery creates a living embodiment of plague.


  • A Plague Ward will automatically attack the closest enemy unit within its attack range.
  • It is possible to manually select an attack target for a Plague Ward.
  • It is also possible to stop them from attacking by ordering them to stop, however this only works when the auto-attack option is turned off.
  • The Poison Sting from the Plague Ward does not stack with the one from Venomancer. Instead, it places its own separate Poison Sting debuff, which will deal no damage when Venomancer's Poison Sting debuff is active.
  • The damage source of the wards' Poison Sting is set to be the wards themselves, and not Venomancer.
  • Plague Wards have a lower target priority than units and heroes, so they are attacked by towers and lane creeps as last.
  • The wards gain their spell immunity through a buff, so it is possible for enemies to check the buff and guess how long it will last.
  • The wards' attack damage is not reduced by damage block abilities.

Poison Nova
Not blocked by Spell Immunity. Not blocked by Linken's Sphere. Cannot be purged. Play
Poison Nova icon.png
Ability Affects Damage
No Target Enemies Magical
A spreading ring of poison that does damage over time to enemy units around Venomancer. Poison Nova cannot deal lethal damage; targets will be left with at least 1 health.
Radius: 575
Nova width: 255
Damage Per Second: 36/58/81 (58/81/108*)
Duration: 12/14/15 (14/15/16*)
Cooldown 140/120/100 (140/120/60*) Mana 200/300/400
Can be Improved by Aghanim's Scepter (* shows the improved values). Increases damage and duration, and decreases cooldown.
In the Acid Jungles, creatures releasing noxious poison to their attackers is common; Venomancer spreads this plague beyond the Jidi Isle.


  • Interrupts Venomancer's channeling spells upon cast.
  • The ring expands with a speed of 500.
  • Poison Nova can hit units up to 830 range away (575 travel distance + 255 width).
  • Despite the nova having a width, units between the ring and Venomancer will still get hit, even when not within 255 width of the nova ring (such as blinking into the area some time after the spell is cast).
  • Deals damage in 1 second intervals, starting immediately as the debuff is placed, resulting in 13/15/16 (15/16/17) ticks.
  • Does not tick when affected units turn spell immune, so that Blink Dagger icon.png Blink Dagger is not disabled.
  • Poison Nova icon.png Poison Nova can never kill a unit. It will not drop affected units below 1 health from its damage ticks.
  • Can deal up to 468/870/1296 (870/1296/1836) damage to a single unit (before reductions).

Recommended items[edit]

Starting items:

  • Ring of Protection gives you some armor while laning, and can be turned into a Ring of Basilius.
  • Tango and Healing Salve allow you to stay in lane longer without going back to the fountain.
  • Slippers of Agility give you some Agility, which is your main attribute.
  • One Clarity is needed because you are quite mana dependent, and you need some mana regeneration before getting other items to cover this weakness.

Early game:

  • Magic Stick provides good regeneration, especially if you're laning against opponents who keep casting their abilities.
  • Boots of Speed grant more movement speed.
  • Ring of Aquila solves most of your problems in the early game. It gives mana regeneration, which is very needed, good attributes and some armor. All of this can also make pushing a bit easier.

Core items:

  • Magic Wand gives attributes and regeneration: it's always handy to have this item for emergencies.
  • Power Treads are a good purchase as the extra attributes can be used either to increase your Intelligence to make casting easier or to increase your Strength to give you more survivability. Additionally, the bonus attack speed helps you with applying Poison Sting to enemies with your attacks.
  • Aghanim's Scepter greatly increases the killing potential of your ultimate: it can deal up to 1836 non-lethal damage before magic resistance reductions, making it perfect for initiations when assisted by teammates.

Situational items:

  • Veil of Discord provides attributes and armor for Venomancer as well as the item's active: Magic Weakness, which increases Venomancer's Venomous Gale and Poison Nova's damage over time. Though not as powerful as Aghanim's Scepter regarding Poison Nova, Veil can serve as a cheaper alternative if the player suffers from poor farm. On the other hand, however, a well-farmed player with Aghanim's Scepter can invest on a Veil for potentially more damage over time. Having a Veil can also be a valuable asset for your teammates if you have a caster-heavy lineup.
  • Eul's Scepter of Divinity will give a lot of mana regeneration, some movement speed and some Intelligence. A very useful item if you want to place Plague Wards without worrying about running out of mana. It also makes positioning easier by disabling an opponent for a short time.
  • Blink Dagger is the best choice if you are your team's main initiator. Use it to position yourself before casting your Poison Nova and/or your Venomous Gale.
  • Shadow Blade gives more damage, more attack speed and a useful escape mechanism. You can also use its ability to sneak close to the opponents and cast your ultimate.
  • Orchid Malevolence will solve all of your mana problems and give you more physical damage per second. Additionally, the silence can be used to disable enemies, which is useful both as a semi-carry and support


  • As an Agility caster, Venomancer suffers from severe mana problems. It is recommended to focus on increasing the size of your mana pool and purchasing mana regen items when possible. Due to the high mana cost of Poison Nova, you will need to carefully manage your mana so that you can cast it in a teamfight.
  • Venomous Gale is one of the best ranged slows at level 1. If you have a team that has reliable damage output, putting Venomous Gale on a target can ensure a First Blood.
    • Try to keep Venomous Gale off cooldown unless it is absolutely needed. Its cooldown is quite long, and you may need to use its slow on enemy heroes when an unexpected situation arises.
  • Poison Sting is not a Unique Attack Modifier, and as such it can be combined with other slow modifiers such as Orb of Venom to give your attacks increased slowing power.
    • Be careful when trying to apply Poison Sting to enemy heroes with your attacks. Venomancer's attack range is quite short, so it is easy to accidentally put yourself out of position.
    • When pushing creep waves or killing neutral camps, attack each creep once at the beginning to apply the Poison Sting debuff to all of them. This will drastically increase the amount of damage you can do to them, as they will all be taking damage over time while you focus them down one at a time.
  • Plague Wards deal weak damage in sparse numbers, but their power becomes significant when massed.
    • Early game, if you use Plague Wards during your laning phase, try to deny them or they will provide a gold bounty for enemy heroes.
    • Use Plague Wards constantly in order to provide vision of your neighboring area, especially when across the river and inside enemy territory. You can also use them to scout out areas behind trees and up cliffs to ensure that enemies cannot initiate on you easily.
    • When chasing an enemy, constantly put Plague Wards ahead of them to maintain sight. They can also help slow the enemy by blocking their path.
    • You can place Plague Wards within juke paths to block the enemy team's movements if you are fighting in the jungle. This can be used to either stop the enemy from juking by closing off the path that they want to take, or to block them from pursuing you after passing through a narrow path.
    • Remember that you can control your Plague Wards as immoveable units. This can be useful if you want to change attack targets, stop a Plague Ward's auto attack or deny friendly creeps, and even the Aegis of the Immortal.
  • Unless you have teammates who can follow up, do not use Poison Nova out of spite if you are about to be killed, as the cooldown is very long and it will not result in any kills unless the enemy is affected by other damage-over-time debuffs.
    • Remember that Poison Nova can never bring an enemy below 1 HP by itself. Therefore, you should try to apply Venomous Gale or Poison Sting to your opponents immediately before or after casting Poison Nova, as both debuffs last as long as Poison Nova itself and can help guarantee that they do not survive the Poison Nova.
  • Positioning items like Force Staff, Blink Dagger or Shadow Blade are good items to build on Venomancer, as his frailty and lack of easily-used escape mechanisms are his Achilles' heel. Additionally, harder disables provided by items such as Eul's Scepter of Divinity and Orchid Malevolence can greatly increase his offensive potential.
  • Note that the Valve recommended items are not for playing a support style Venomancer. To play support, starting items should include Observer Wards or Courier (or both), early game should be Observer Wards/Sentry Wards and Boots of Speed, and core should be Phase Boots/Power Treads/Arcane Boots, and Mekansm. Everything else listed would be luxury.


  • Venomancer's name, Lesale, may be a reference to "Le Sale", which is French for "The Dirty" or "The Nasty".
  • In Warcraft DotA, Venomancer's hero model was a hydralisk. Hydralisks are a type of alien combat unit in the RTS game Starcraft, which was also made by Blizzard. Hydralisks are a very common and well-known image in Blizzard games.


Update history[edit]

December 17, 2014 Patch Update 5

November 21, 2013 Patch

July 18, 2013 Patch

January 03, 2013 Patch

  • [Undocumented] Added animations for Beastmaster Beastmaster, Undying Undying, and Venomancer Venomancer relating to their loadout stance.

November 08, 2012 Patch

October 25, 2012 Patch

September 13, 2012 Patch

June 14, 2012 Patch

  • Fixed Aghanim's Scepter not upgrading Poison Nova duration.

March 22, 2012 Patch

  • Fixed being able to dispell Venomous Gale, Poison Sting and Poison Nova.

February 16, 2012 Patch

  • [Undocumented] Added injured animations for Venomancer.
  • [Undocumented] Added chase animations for Venomancer.

January 12, 2012 Patch

  • Fixed Plague Ward collision size.

September 23, 2011 Patch

  • Fixed how Venomancer's Poison Sting refreshes on attack.

September 09, 2011 Patch

  • Fixed Venomancer's Poison Sting from doing extra damage each attack on buff refresh.

August 06, 2011 Patch

  • Veno wards and Shadow shaman wards all use the smaller hull size. This should prevent them from blocking narrow paths.

August 03, 2011 Patch

  • Fixed Shadow Shaman's wards and Venomancer's Wards not being able to attack Roshan.

July 16, 2011 Patch

  • Fixed a bug where Veno's venomous gale wasn't visible.

July 08, 2011 Patch

  • Venomous gale travels at 1200 speed and provides 800 vision.
  • Poison sting does it's damage at the begining of the interval instead of the end.
  • Adding a fake modifier for poison sting to be used by illusions.
  • Poison Nova no longer hits units in the fog
  • The Nova starts with a radius of 255 and expands out over 1.15s to a radius of 830. Before it started at a radius of 0.
  • Nova Does an extra tick of damage when the effect is applied to enemies

July 01, 2011 Patch

  • Fixed Venomous Gale hitting invisible units.
  • Fixed Poison Nova hitting invisible units.

May 26, 2011 Patch

  • Fixed Poison Sting vs mechanical units.
  • Fixed Poison Sting from illusions.

April 09, 2011 Patch

  • Added Venomancer Venomancer.

Balance changelog[edit]


  • Poison Nova icon.png Poison Nova applies its debuff on Spell Immune enemies


  • Base damage reduced by 5.
  • Base HP regen reduced from 0.75 to the default 0.25.


  • Plague Ward icon.png Plague Ward night vision reduced from 1200 to 800.
  • Base movement speed reduced from 290 to 285.


  • Poison Nova icon.png Poison Nova no longer ignores invis/fogged units.
  • Venomous Gale icon.png Venomous Gale
    • No longer ignores invis units.
    • Damage over time rebalanced from 15/30/45/60 to 0/30/60/90 .
  • Poison Sting icon.png Poison Sting:
    • Duration increased from 6/8/10/12 to 6/9/12/15.
    • Damage no longer dispels healing or disables dagger .
  • Plague Ward icon.png Plague Ward:
    • Wards now have Poison Sting icon.png Poison Sting for 50% of the damage at the current skilled level (When both Venomancer and a Plague Ward affect a target, only the highest dps is applied).
    • XP bounty increased from 12/12/25/25 to 20/25/30/35.


  • Poison Sting icon.png Poison Sting duration increased from 6/7/8/9 to 6/8/10/12.


  • Venomous Gale icon.png Venomous Gale
    • Manacost rescaled from 90/105/120/135 to 125.
    • Initial damage rescaled from 50/70/70/100 to 25/50/75/100.
    • Damage per tick increased from 10/20/40/50 to 15/30/45/60.
  • Poison Sting icon.png Poison Sting duration rescaled from 7 to 6/7/8/9.



  • Base HP regeneration increased from 0.25 to 0.75.





  • Reworked Shadow Strike
    • Old Shadow Strike:
      • Decay Damage 10/20/40/50. Initial Damage: 50/70/70/100. Movement Modifier: 50%. Decay Power: 3. Interval: 3. Duration: 15. Cast Range: 400. Cooldown: 22. Mana cost: 90/105/120/135.
    • Venomous Gale icon.png Venomous Gale:
      • Releases a Venomous Gale which poisons enemy units it comes in contact with. Units that are hit by it get a slow/dps like his previous shadow strike
      • AoE: 125. Cast Range/Distance: 800. Cooldown: 22. Mana cost: 90/105/120/135.
  • Improved Plague Ward icon.png Plague Ward cast range and vision radius
  • Poison Sting icon.png Poison Sting is now lethal


  • Plague Wards now give less gold and cost slightly less mana


  • Venomancer's attackrange from 490 to 450


  • Balance tweaks done to the following heroes (Don't panic, these are mostly VERY minor, but you guys like to know, so here):
    • Broodmother, Sven, SA, Enigma, Ursa, Tinker, Tiny, Sniper, Troll, Rhasta, Bristleback, Dragon Knight, Venomancer, Viper, Spiritbreaker, Bounty Hunter, Jugg, VS, Zeus, Weaver, Tide Hunter, Enchantress and Silencer.


  • Poison sting duration decreased from 3 to 2


  • Tweaked poison nova, same overall damage, but over 12 seconds instead of 7.


  • Recoded Poison Nova to multiinstance, so refresher allowed again


  • Poison nova range decreased

Replaced Abilities[edit]

Shadow Strike
Blocked by Linken's Sphere.
Unknown icon.png
Ability Affects Damage
Target Unit Enemies Magical
Hurls a poisoned dagger which deals large initial damage, and then deals damage over time. The poisoned unit has its movement speed slowed for 15 seconds. An instance of damage is dealt every 3 seconds.
Range: 400
Duration: 15.1
Strike Damage: 50/70/70/100
Periodic Damage: 10/20/40/50
Periodic Damage Interval: 3
Cooldown 22 Mana 90/105/120/135


  • Slow starts at 50% and decreases as time passes.
  • Total damage dealt is 100/170/270/350.


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