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Unusual is a Quality that grants cosmetic items a custom particle effect. Unusual items are modified by an Ethereal Gem.

Custom couriers come in Unusual quality. They are only obtainable at a 1-2% chance through opening certain Treasures.


Most unusual effects have colors that can be altered by Prismatic Gems.

Gem Effects[edit]

Main article: Ethereal Gem

These effects are attached to Ethereal Gems. Gems can be removed with a Master Artificer's Hammer and placed on a different unusual courier to give it that particle effect. Doing so will destroy the original courier.

Other Effects[edit]

These particle effects are not linked to any Ethereal Gems, and are not officially categorized as Unusual quality.

Courier Obtained from Description Sample Notes
Star Ladder Grillhound SLTV StarSeries Season Five ticket Flames burn from courier's jaws. Full Effect Grillhound.png Effect intensity increases with games watched
Wynchell the Wyrmeleon Premier League Season Four ticket Light shines from courier's eyes. Ghostly blue glow around courier. Wyrmelon effect ingame.png Effect intensity increases with games watched
Inky the Hexapus G-1 Champions League Season 5 ticket Blue light shines from shell. Bubble, shells and starfish fall from courier. Hexapus.jpg Effect intensity increases with games watched


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To do. Upgraded Greevils have their own unique effects, depending on the essences used.thats all.


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To do.

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