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[edit] Unreleased Heroes

[edit] Unreleased Hero status

These are heroes that are currently in a moderately advanced state of development by Valve and should be released "soon". Note: The heroes are ranked in order of state of development present in Dota 2 beta files, not in order of release.

Hero Avatar Textures Particles Skill Icons Strings Notes
Abyssal Underlord - Alpha - Alpha In Progress Has npc_heroes file
Oracle - Alpha - Alpha - -
Goblin Techies - - - - In Progress Has abilities coded[1]
Winter Wyvern - - - - - Has voice acting[2]

Ranking is: alpha, beta, polished, finished. Most other heroes have only extremely crude icons and avatars. Particles status is highly subjective.

[edit] Captain's Mode

The following unreleased heroes are unavailable in Captain's Mode in DotA: Abyssal Underlord icon.png Abyssal Underlord, Arc Warden icon.png Arc Warden, Oracle icon.png Oracle and Winter Wyvern icon.png Winter Wyvern.

The following unreleased heroes are available in Captain's Mode in DotA: Goblin Techies icon.png Goblin Techies.

  • Note this does not imply that this hero will be immediately available in Captain's Mode in Dota 2 once it is released.

[edit] Unreleased neutral creeps

Creeps Camp
Blue Dragonspawn Sorcerer.jpgBlue Dragonspawn Overseer.jpg Drakken Camp
Jungle Stalker Camp.png Stalker Camp

[edit] Miscellaneous

  • Game modes playable in Dota 1:[1]
    • Death Match - If you die, you will have to pick a new hero before you can respawn.
    • Easy Mode - Towers are weaker, experience is gained faster, and you get more periodic gold.
    • TagTeam - You are assigned two random heroes (different hero classes). You choose which to start the game with. You start with the same bonus gold as all random.
  • Achievements
  • The ability to join "ongoing games that are missing players"[2]
  • The ability to replace missing players with bots (currently only in Limited Heroes)[3]
  • Custom games[4]

[edit] References