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This page lists the known unreleased content for Dota 2. Only factual data, leaked or confirmed by Valve Corporation, is listed. Development of Dota 2 is for most of its part confidential and it's difficult to determine if this content will be released on the main client or it will be scrapped.

Unreleased Heroes[edit]

Unreleased Hero status[edit]

These are heroes that are currently in a moderately advanced state of development by Valve and should be released "soon". Unreleased Heroes tend to have only extremely crude or comedic icons and avatars (often until they are announced for the next update), or just voice responses. Particles status is often difficult to evaluate.

Hero Avatar Textures Particles Skill Icons Strings Notes
Abyssal Underlord Alpha Alpha In Progress Has npc_heroes file
Winter Wyvern Alpha Has voice acting [1]

Ranking is: alpha, beta, polished, finished. Only heroes which has files or descriptions in the public Dota 2 game client are listed on the table. The heroes are ranked in order of the current state of development judging from the elements present in the Dota 2 beta files, not in the expected order of release.

Captain's Mode[edit]

The following unreleased heroes are unavailable in Captain's Mode as of DotA 6.81d (latest DotA 1 version):

Unreleased neutral creeps[edit]

Creeps Camp
Blue Dragonspawn Sorcerer.jpgBlue Dragonspawn Overseer.jpg Drakken Camp
Jungle Stalker Camp.png Stalker Camp


  • Game modes hinted for future availability in Dota 2:
    • Easy Mode - Weaker Towers, increased experience gain, more periodic gold, and no gold lost upon death.
    • TagTeam - You are assigned two random heroes (different hero classes). You choose which to start the game with. You start with the same bonus gold as all random.
  • Achievements
  • The ability to join "ongoing games that are missing players"[1]