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Treasure Key

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Treasure Key
Treasure Key.png
Used to open locked Treasure Chests. Double click or right-click the key in your backpack and select the chest you want to open.
Used By:
Treasure Chests
Equip Slot:
Created By Valve
Released May 31, 2012 Patch
Availability Purchase
Tradeable Yes
Nameable Yes
Marketable Yes
This'll rattle their cage.
Clockwerk about to open a chest

The Treasure Key is a single-use tool item, available through trading or purchase at the Dota 2 Store. Each key can be used once and will open one selected Treasure Chest.

To use a key, the player right clicks on the key in their backpack and clicks the 'Use with...' button before selecting the chest they wish to be opened. The key can be used with any regular series chest in the player's backpack, where it is consumed, along with the chest, in the process.

During some special events, specialized keys were made available. These keys could be used with specifically associated series of chests, which regular keys could not open. Remaining special keys, at the end of promotions, are transformed into regular keys.

Keys cannot be found from random drops. Upon purchase, they are immediately tradable, provided the user's first Steam purchase was more than 30 days ago. Otherwise, a 3-day waiting period is imposed. Items from chests will inherit the trade restrictions of the keys used to open the chest(s).

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