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A treasure
Ah, had this treasure not fallen to me, I would have delved to the sea floor to claim it!

Treasures are tool items that contain cosmetic items. Most treasures are obtained through the item drop system, although some can be bought directly from the store. They are modeled after what the treasure contains; treasures containing items for a specific hero will be styled after their respective heroes, while event treasures will possess details related to the event.

Once opened to the tune of a cheering crowd, the player will receive one or more items from the treasure's droplist. The treasure is removed from the player's inventory and replaced with the received item.


  • Most treasures are only active for a period of time, then they are retired to inactive status.
    • Most inactive treasures remain in the backpack, and can still be found on the market.
    • Some inactive treasures are removed from the game entirely.
      • This usually applies to event treasures.


Rarity Tiers[edit]

  • Each treasure comes with a list of common Standard drops, as well as a Very Rare drop.
  • Some treasures also contain Extremely Rare drops.
    • Extremely Rare drops occur at approximately 1-2% chance.
  • Drop rates between tiers are assumed to be equal across all treasures.
  • These tiers have nothing to do with item rarity.


  • Opening several treasures will not yield duplicate items from the standard droplist.
    • Items that have been previously unboxed will not drop again until all items on the standard droplist have been unboxed at least once.
    • After all standard items have been unboxed, future treasure openings will yield random items from the droplist.
    • Although this system ensures all standard items can be obtained after sufficient unlockings, item rarity still affects drop chances.
      • This means that a rarer item may not drop until more common items have already been unboxed.
    • This rule does not apply to Very Rare or Extremely Rare drops.

Multiple Drops[edit]


  • Treasures were previously known as treasure chests.
  • Treasure chests were accompanied by a chest-specific Treasure Key, which had to be purchased from the Store.
  • After the June 06, 2014 Patch, all treasures with specific keys were changed to expired treasures.
  • After the August 14, 2014 Patch, all remaining treasures were changed to expired treasures.
    • Expired chests cannot be opened, and are essentially worthless.
    • Expired chests were removed from the user Armory.
  • All existing treasure keys were converted into current treasures, which do not require a key to open.

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