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Training missions are tutorials that offer a single player experience in the form of a campaign. So far, its purpose is mainly for teaching the player about the basics of the game in a scripted scenario.

Mechanics I: Davion, the Dragon Knight[edit]

Mechanics I logo

This first quest features Dragon Knight icon.png Dragon Knight as the playable hero. The goal is to defeat an enemy hero, Razor icon.png Razor, with the help of Keeper of the Light icon.png Keeper of the Light. This quest acts as a basic tutorial on controlling a hero. Things taught are:

  • Moving the hero
  • Moving the camera
  • Attacking
  • Leveling up skills
  • Using skills
  • Buying items
  • Using items
  • Obtaining gold
  • Getting Last Hits

Mechanics II: Sharpeye, the Sniper[edit]

This second quest features Sniper icon.png Sniper as the playable hero. The goal is to defeat an enemy hero, Tidehunter icon.png Tidehunter. This tutorial teaches you about:

  • Ranged combat
  • Area of Effect Abilities
  • The Minimap
  • Towers
  • Couriers and the Stash
  • Using Town Portal Scroll icon.png Town Portal Scroll

Lane Introduction: Sniper vs Axe[edit]

This mission places the player as the hero Sniper icon.png Sniper once again. The objective is to destroy the enemy's middle lane tower, while also defending your own tower from Axe icon.png Axe. The player is restricted to playing in the Mid-lane only, a wall appears when attempting to leave the combat area. This tutorial explains:

  • Starting Item Build
  • Towers: Attack and Defend
  • Combat: Fighting in a Lane

Middle Lane Practice: Know Thine Enemy[edit]

This quest gives the player the freedom to choose their own hero from a selection of 20 heroes, and pits them against an AI controlled hero from the same limited pool. The mission is to destroy both mid lane towers and gives the player the freedom to move around the map, benefiting from Runes and Jungling, however lane creeps will only spawn on the mid lane. The shop is also unrestricted, allowing the player to purchase any items they choose. This mission introduces:

  • A Limited Hero pool
  • Towers: Attacking and Defending Tier 1 and Tier 2
  • Items: All Unlocked

Play Vs Bots: Training Skirmishes[edit]

This quest sends the player into a full 5v5 game with AI controlled Allies and Enemies, with a hero selection of the same limited 20 hero pool as previous missions. The objective here is to destroy the opposing team's Ancient. Winning a single game will unlock the next mission, however to complete the mission fully, the player will have to win 5 games.

Play Vs Humans: The War Begins[edit]

This final mission pits the player along with 4 other human players, against 5 human players in a full game with a limited hero pool. The goal is to destroy the enemy Ancient, while defending your own.

Last Hit Training[edit]

This training mission teaches the user on how to last hit, and deny, effectively.

Last Hit Practice[edit]

This is a bonus mission in which the player can choose any hero and select any lane. The goal is to get as many last hits in the space of 10 minutes, while an AI hero attempts to deny you. This mission also shows you the number of last hits you have gained, the number of creeps that have died, and your percentage of successful creep kills.


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