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Relocate icon.png
Teleportation is a form of movement in Dota that instantly moves a target from one point to another. Teleport tends to refer to spells that have a global range and blink refers to spells of limited range; these classifications have a number of distinguishing properties and may be treated differently by different effects.

Teleport[edit | edit source]

Town Portal Scrolls are the most common use of teleportation.

A teleport moves a unit from one point to another instantly and at unlimited range. There is normally a delay associated with a teleport as well as a restriction of where units may teleport to.

  • Boots of Travel 1 icon.png
    Target: Self
    Destination: Allied non-hero unit or building
    Delay: 3 (this value is not affected by the increase timer nor does it affect other allies' TP timers.)
  • Test of Faith (Teleport) icon.png
    Target: Allied unit/self
    Destination: Allied fountain/self (if cast on self, all units under Chen's control are teleported to him after a delay)
    Delay: 6/5/4/3 (0 for creeps)
  • Relocate icon.png
    Target: Self and tethered unit
    Destination: Any point on the map
    Delay: 2.7/2.35/2
  • Recall icon.png
    Target: Allied hero
    Destination: Self
    Delay: 5/4/3
  • Poof icon.png
    Target: Self
    Destination: Meepo or Meepo illusion
    Delay: 1.5
  • Morph Replicate icon.png
    Target: Self
    Destination: Replicate illusion
    Delay: Instant
  • Reality icon.png
    Target: Self
    Destination: Haunt illusion
    Delay: Instant
  • Town Portal Scroll icon.png
    Target: Self
    Destination: Allied building
    Delay: 3 (5/5.5/6/6.5 for 1/2/3/4 recent allied teleports)
  • Dark Rift icon.png
    Target: Allied heroes in a 600 radius
    Destination: Allied non-hero unit or building
    Delay: 6/5/4

Blink[edit | edit source]

A blink or true blink has very specific parameters that are shared with all other true blinks:

  • They are point-targeted and when cast, they move the casting unit from one point to another at a defined range.
  • The movement is instant, meaning they do not incorporate any sort of "travel time," although Teleportation icon.png Teleportation​ has a three-second cast animation.
  • True blinks are disabled while rooted.
  • They disjoint projectiles upon cast.

Pseudo-blink[edit | edit source]

Pseudo-blink is a general term for abilities that instantly change a unit's position. These abilities include those which are very similar to True Blinks, but do not meet the criteria and they are not strictly point-targeted. Some of them always move the hero a fixed distance and some can be interrupted. The moved unit does not necessarily have to be the caster. Some pseudo-blinks can disjoint projectiles, but most do not. As for 7.00 version, Pseudo-blinks are disabled when rooted, meaning one cannot change its position under the effects of a rooting ability.

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