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Spell Lifesteal only comes into effect when using a spell that deals damage, healing for a certain percentage of the damage dealt by the spell.

Sources of Spell Lifesteal[edit | edit source]

Spell Lifesteal stacks fully with every other source of lifesteal and every other attack modifier, except with itself.

Working[edit | edit source]

The following abilities can lifesteal with Spell Lifesteal

Unit abilities

1 The instantly killing effect of these spells also triggers Spell Lifesteal, healing based on the killed unit's remaining health.

2 Despite these spells using separate units to apply their effects, the damage sources of those are set on the caster, so Spell Lifesteal procs and heals.

3 The rum wear-off health loss does not proc Spell Lifesteal.

4 Only the splash from an Aghanim's Scepter upgraded Empower can proc Spell Lifesteal. The cleave cannot.

5 Does not lifesteal off of the area health cost. Only steals life when targeting an enemy to damage it.

Not working[edit | edit source]

The following abilities do not lifesteal with Spell Lifesteal

1 The cleave from Empower cannot proc Spell Lifesteal.

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