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Speed Gaming
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China China
Created: 2013
Team Information
Sponsor(s): Feenix



Rattlesnake was formed in January 2013 by LaNm, Luo, Kabu, Icy, and Fan.[1] Fan was later replaced by SagM.

In August 2013, Kabu left the team.[2] LaNm also left to join DK.[3]

In September 2013, All Beauty Must Die and JoHnNy joined the team.[4] Later that month, Rattlesnake picked up international squad Kaipi as their second team, with members EternaLEnVy, pieliedie, bOne7, SingSing and Aui_2000.[5][6]

Speed Gaming

In October 2013, the organization decided to change the name of their international squad to Speed Gaming in order to establish a better identity. The whole organization transitioned to the new name after the conclusion of the ACE Dota 2 League.[7][8]

In November 2013, Arteezy joined the international team as their 6th member.

In February 2014, Speed Gaming's international squad decided to leave to join Cloud9.

In March 2014, Speed Gaming picked up a new Chinese squad, consisting of My-Miku, Zy, Zrd, Jdh, and Zyp.

Current Roster

Speed Gaming.Nan Tong

ID Name Position Join Date
China 一方通行 1 2014-09-22
China ChaoYue 2 2014-09-22
China Iwy 3 2014-09-22
China 飘杰 4 2014-09-22
China MelodyLovers 5 2014-09-22


Speed Gaming.Nan Tong

Date Place Event Opponent Winnings
2015-01-28 B717th - 20th Dota 2 Asia Championship 2015 2 / 3 Wildcard Bracket (W/L) $15,062
2015-01-03 A77th - 8th I-League Season 2 0 : 2 Team icon Vici Gaming.png Vici Gaming $1,680
Date Place Event Opponent Winnings
2014-10-31 B717th - 20th National Electronic Sports Tournament 2014 0 : 2 Team icon LGD Gaming.png LGD Gaming $1,629
2014-10-29 A33rd - 4th G-League 2014 0 : 2 Team icon CDEC Gaming.png CDEC Gaming $1,640

Speed Gaming.int

Date Place Event Opponent Winnings
2014-02-03 A22nd Eizo Cup 11 0 : 2 Team icon Team Empire.png Team Empire €500
2014-01-15 A22nd Dota 2 Champions League 0 : 3 Team icon Alliance.png Alliance $15,000
Date Place Event Opponent Winnings
2013-11-24 A11st MLG Columbus 2013 2 : 1 Team icon Team DK.png Team DK $68,445
2013-11-07 A11st Nexon Invitational Super Match Week 2 3 / 1 Group Play (W/L) $10,000
2013-10-17 A11st Electronic Sports Prime Dota 2 Cup 2 : 1 Team icon Evil Geniuses.png Evil Geniuses $1,500


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