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The spectating interface, with elements labeled.

Spectating is an in-game function available for all live games. This feature is also known as DotaTV. It can be accessed under the Watch tab. Spectating can be done as a Party.

Third party streams can also be viewed from Dota 2's official streaming hub.

Spectator Options[edit]

The Spectator Options panel.


Spectators can select which style of camerawork to watch from.

Camera Style Description
Direct Camera Camera automatically follows important events across the map.
Free Camera User is given full control of the camera, and access to Showcase View.
Player Perspective Camera is shown from the player's perspective. Click on a player's top icon to select his/her vision.
Hero Chase Camera centers and follows a hero. Click on a player's top icon to follow his/her hero.


Spectators can select from up to 6 broadcasters to listen to.


Camera Style Description
Both Teams Sees map vision of both teams in the map.
The Radiant Sees map vision of Radiant team.
The Dire Sees map vision of Dire team.

Game Stats[edit]

The stats chart, showing net worth arranged from highest to lowest.

The Game Stats is a drop-down chart that arranges players by certain statistical values. They can be toggled by hotkeys.

Stats Listing
Last Hits/Denies
Hero Level
XP Per Minute
Current Gold
Net Worth
Gold Per Minute
Buyback Status
Fantasy Points


Order Explanation
Spectator-stats-icon1.png Order all players by value
Spectator-stats-icon2.png Order players by faction (Radiant and Dire)
Spectator-stats-icon3.png Order players by faction, then value

Item Chart[edit]

The Item Chart.

The Item Chart allows spectators to view all items in each player's Inventory and Stash.

Experience Graph[edit]

The Experience Graph.

The Experience Graph shows the experience disparity between the two teams, as well as the time and impact of kills made by both sides.

Gold Graph[edit]

The Gold Graph.

The Gold Graph shows the gold disparity between the two teams, as well as the time and impact of kills made by both sides.

Fight Recap[edit]

The Fight Recap screen.

The Fight Recap screen displays information and statistics from the latest teamfight.

It includes:

  • Player Deaths
  • Gold Changes
  • Experience Changes
  • Amount of Damage Dealt
  • Abilities Used
  • Items Used


Main article: Pennants
The Pennant counter tracks how many spectators are displaying this team's Pennant.

Players can equip Pennants in the Fan slot of the Loadout screen. Pennants will be displayed when spectating live Tournament games where the corresponding team is playing. Owning a pennant gives the spectator a chance to receive a Heroic quality item from the Crafting List when watching a Tournament game with at least 100 spectators.

Action Items[edit]


Players can equip gifts in the Action Item slot of the Loadout screen. It can be activated with a hotkey to give cosmetic items to a number of random players and other spectators in the game.

Exiting Spectator Mode[edit]

Click on the "X" at the top right corner to exit spectator mode.

Auto Spectating[edit]

Tournament games can be spectated automatically.

Other information[edit]

  • Players will be notified in-game if 25 spectators are spectating their game.
  • There is a slight time delay to prevent cheating.
    • Time delay can be adjusted for private lobby games (10 seconds or 2 minutes).

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