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16 + 1.7
21 + 2.9
15 + 2.6
Level 1 16 25
Hit Points 454 967 1594
Mana 195 728 1261
Damage 36‒42 81‒87 125‒131
Armor 1.94 8.31 14.48
Attacks / Second 0.71 0.97 1.23
Movement Speed 290
Turn Rate 0.6
Sight Range 1800/1000
Attack Range 550
Missile Speed 3000
Attack Duration 0.17+0.7
Cast Duration 0.3+0.51
Base Attack Time 1.7
Collision Size 24

Kardel Sharpeye the Sniper is a ranged agility hard carry who excels at dealing heavy damage at an incredible range. His third ability, Take Aim, allows him to deal high DPS at a safe distance, and avoiding damage as he is relatively frail. He also excels at harassing enemies due to his second ability, Headshot, which gives him a chance to do extra damage and a brief slow, and his first ability, Shrapnel, which slows and deals damage over time in an area. While he can be a nuisance to lane against, he is also extremely squishy early-game and requires supports to lane effectively. He scales extremely hard into the late game, dealing a remarkable amount of dps while sitting outside of harm's reach, almost permaslowing heroes with his headshot. Though he is a rather frail hero, his potential in the hands of a good player and team is high.


Sniper Kardel Sharpeye, the Sniper
Play "Killing is the last resort, true. But the other resorts don't even have a pool."
Role: Pip carry.png Carry
Lore: Kardel Sharpeye was born deep in the mountainous valleys of Knollen where, since time immemorial, the folk have survived by hunting the strange, cliff-dwelling steepstalkers above their village—killing them from a distance and collecting their carcasses where they fell. Sharpeye was among the best of these strange folk for whom projectile weapons are but another appendage, and to shoot is as natural as to touch.

On his day of summoning, when he was to gain full standing in his village, Sharpeye took the ancient test: a single shot from the valley floor to strike a beast down from the cliffs. To miss was to be dishonored. With his entire village standing vigil, Sharpeye took his shot. A steepstalker fell; the crowd cheered. But when the carcass was collected, the village grew silent, for the elders found that the bullet had pierced its glittering central eye then fallen to be clenched in the steepstalker's mandibles. This ominous sign was the literal opening of a dark prophecy, foretelling both greatness and exile for the gunman who made such a shot. Sharpeye the Sniper was thus, by his own skill, condemned to make his way apart from his people—and unwelcome back among them until he has fulfilled the remainder of the prophecy by attaining legendary stature on a field of battle.
Voice: Gary Schwartz (Responses)


Blocked by Spell Immunity. Not blocked by Linken's Sphere. Can be purged. Play
Shrapnel icon.png
Ability Affects Damage
Target Point Enemies Magical
Fires a ball of shrapnel that showers the target area in explosive pellets. Enemies are subject to damage and slowed movement. Reveals the targeted area.
Cast Range: 1800
Effect Radius: 450
Damage per Second: 12/24/36/48
Move Speed Slow: 15%/20%/25%/30%
Slow Duration: 2
Shrapnel Duration: 9
Cooldown 15 Mana 120
Kardel's modular rifle also fires incendiary rounds, useful for assaulting entrenched locations.


  • Shrapnel icon.png Shrapnel starts to damage and slow after a 1.1 second delay (0.3 second cast time + 0.8 second effect delay).
  • Provides 450 radius flying vision at the targeted area. Unlike the damage and slow, the vision is instantly applied after cast.
  • Deals damage in 1 second intervals, starting off immediatly after the effect delay. The slow debuff is refreshed in the same intervals.
  • Deals 33% of its damage to buildings (4/8/12/16 damage per second).
  • Deals a total of 120/240/360/480 (40/80/120/160 to buildings) damage to a single unit.

Partially blocked by Spell Immunity. Not blocked by Linken's Sphere. Can be purged. Cannot be used by illusions.
Headshot icon.png
Ability Affects Damage
Passive Enemies Physical
Sniper increases his accuracy, giving him a chance to deal extra damage and briefly stop the movements of his enemies. Headshot procs cannot be evaded.
Proc Chance: 40%
Damage: 15/40/65/90
Move Speed Slow: 100%
Attack Speed Slow: 100
Slow Duration: 0.5
Partially blocked by Spell Immunity. Damage goes through, slow does not.
Taking potshots at steepstalkers in his childhood has been thoroughly refined into perfect leads on enemy combatants.


  • Increases Sniper's attack damage output on an average by 6/16/26/36.
  • Headshot icon.png Headshot can proc upon attacking allies.

Take Aim
Not blocked by Spell Immunity. Cannot be purged. Can be used by illusions.
Take Aim icon.png
Ability Affects
Passive Self
Extends the attack range of Sniper's rifle.
Attack Range Bonus: 100/200/300/400
Kardel always takes it upon himself to stay as far from harm as he can while still performing his role - taking perfect aim.


  • With level 2 and higher Take Aim icon.png Take Aim, his attack range is higher than the attack range of towers, allowing him to attack them without them being able to attack back.

Not blocked by Spell Immunity. Partially blocked by Linken's Sphere. Cannot be purged. Play
Assassinate icon.png
Ability Affects Damage
Target Unit Enemies Magical
Sniper locks onto a target enemy unit, and after 1.7 seconds, fires a devastating shot that deals damage at long range, and mini-stuns the target.
Cast Range: 2000/2500/3000
Damage: 355/505/655
Cooldown 20/15/10 Mana 175/275/375
Partially blocked by Linken's Sphere. Blocked on impact. So the vision granting debuff is still placed.
In order to fulfill the prophecy and return to his home town, Kardel must make another shot as perfect as the one on the day of his ancient test.


  • Assassinate icon.png Assassinate has a cast time of 2 seconds (0.3 second hero cast time + 1.7 second spell cast time).
  • The projectile travels at a speed of 2500 and can be disjointed.
  • Assassinate icon.png Assassinate places a debuff on the target as soon as Sniper begins casting. The debuff lasts 4 seconds, or until the projectile lands, or the cast gets canceled.
  • The cast is not canceled when the target turns invulnerable or hidden during the cast time.
  • Places a crosshair on the target, which is visible to allies only. The initial sound during the cast time is audible by Sniper only.
  • The mini-stun lasts for 0.01 seconds.

Recommended items[edit]


  • Picking up Slippers of Agility early can help to address Sniper's very low base damage, assisting him in farming creeps.
  • A Ring of Aquila can be made with Wraith Band and Ring of Basilius which provides some bit of health and mana which Sniper lacks in the early game with an additional damage boost plus the ability to push towers.
  • Magic Wand is useful in emergencies due to Sniper's lack of health. The use of stick charges gives him better survivability.
  • A common item for Sniper is Shadow Blade. This gives Sniper a much needed escape mechanism as well as enabling him to position himself in team engagements, allowing him to deal tons of damage without being caught in the fight.
  • Butterfly is one of the best high end items he can pick up. The attack speed and damage greatly boosts Sniper's combat capabilities, while the Evasion gives him more survivability.
  • Maelstrom can be bought on Sniper for additional damage dealing capability. When upgraded into Mjollnir, the attack rate of Sniper is enhanced significantly, giving him more chances to proc both the Chain Lighting effect and his Headshot passive. Another little known fact about orb effects is while most don't stack, Maelstrom and Mjollnir semi-stack with other orb effects like Desolator. The constant orb effect will hit every time except when Maelstrom/Mjollnir proc. their effect.
  • Manta Style is an item commonly picked up on many carries. It gives a lot of additional survivability, something that Sniper lacks. Besides giving +10 strength and +10% movespeed, it allows Sniper the ability to create confusing illusions on demand.



  • A number of Sniper's lines are either direct quotations or paraphrases of lines used by the Sniper class in Team Fortress 2, a popular class-based shooter also by Valve. Such phrases include:
    • Play Thanks for standing still, wanker!
    • Play Let's have a go at it!
    • Play Professionals have standards.
    • Play I'm polite and efficient.
    • Play As long as there are two heroes left on the battlefield, someone is gonna want someone dead.

Incidentally, his voice actor, Gary Schwartz, also voices the Heavy Weapons Guy and Demoman in Team Fortress 2.

  • Sniper's line, "Play Inconceivable!" is likely a reference to Vizzini's catchphrase in the film The Princess Bride due to the similarities in both the appearance and voices of the two.
  • Sniper's name, Kardel Sharpeye, is a reference to professional CounterStrike player Kyle "Ksharp" Miller of team 3D, who is regarded for his skillful AWP (Sniper rifle) use.
    • Sniper's ultimate, Assassinate, also uses the same, though slightly modified gunshot sound as CounterStrike's AWP.
  • Sniper's model in Dota 2 is based loosely off of Gary Oldman's portrayal of the real life sniper Lee Harvey Oswald in the 1991 film JFK.
  • Sniper's fun name in DotA was Vasily Zaitsev, a highly skilled Russian sniper who was active during World War 2.
  • Sniper's line, "Play What a dum-dum!" is a pun on the Expanding bullet, also known as a dum-dum. It is designed to expand on impact in order to limit penetration and create a wound larger in diameter.
  • Shrapnels were weapons used during World War I

Update history[edit]

April 29, 2014 Patch

  • Fixed Sniper's acquisition range not matching his maximum attack range.
    • This affects his ability to auto attack units at his maximum range.

July 18, 2013 Patch

June 28, 2013 Patch

  • Fixed Headshot icon.png Headshot's Trueshot component not working with Illusions.
  • Updated to higher fidelity Sniper icon.png Sniper model.

April 19, 2013 Patch

  • Added victory animations and more aggressive posing of idle, run and attack when enemy is in range.

March 14, 2013 Patch

November 30, 2012 Patch

September 13, 2012 Patch

July 19, 2012 Patch

  • Added teleport start and end animations for Sniper, Spirit Breaker and Weaver.
  • Added spawn animations for Sniper and Weaver.

February 16, 2012 Patch

  • Fixed Headshot bonus proc damage working against Towers and Buildings.
  • Fixed Headshot working while Doomed.

November 03, 2011 Patch

  • Fixed Assassinate reveal debuff never disappearing if the target dodges it with a blink.

September 29, 2011 Patch

  • Fixed Assassinate ministun interaction with BKB

September 09, 2011 Patch

  • Sniper will only say his shrapnel line if he captures any heroes in the radius.

August 07, 2011 Patch

  • Fixed Legacy hotkeys on Sniper and Earthshaker

August 02, 2011 Patch

  • Fixed the cast time on Assassinate.
  • Assassinate keeps units from going invisible.
  • Fixing the duration on the Shrapnel's slow. It was hardcoded to 1.5 and now it's 2.0.

July 29, 2011 Patch

  • Fixed Shrapnel slow not getting upgraded per level.

April 30, 2011 Patch

  • Created.

Balance changelog[edit]


  • Headshot icon.png Headshot now causes a 0.5 second 100% MS and AS slow instead of a 0.25 second stun
  • Shrapnel icon.png Shrapnel area of effect increased from 400 to 450


  • Fixed Sniper's acquisition range not matching his maximum attack range.
    • This affects his ability to auto attack units at his maximum range.


  • Take Aim icon.png Take Aim attack range bonus increased from 80/160/240/320 to 100/200/300/400.


  • Take Aim icon.png Take Aim attack range bonus increased from 75/150/225/300 to 80/160/240/320.


  • Shrapnel icon.png Shrapnel AoE increased from 360 to 400.


  • Shrapnel icon.png Shrapnel
    • Now provides vision in the targeted area.
    • Cast range increased from 1200 to 1800.
  • Headshot icon.png Headshot
    • Procs cannot be evaded (the entire attack gets through).
    • Chance rebalanced from 25/30/35/40% to 40%.
    • Damage rebalanced from 30/45/60/75 to 15/40/65/90.
    • Ministun duration increased from 0.01/0.1/0.2/0.2 to 0.25.
  • Assassinate icon.png Assassinate cast range increased from 1500/2000/2500 to 2000/2500/3000.


  • Shrapnel icon.png Shrapnel
    • AoE increased from 350 to 360.
    • Duration increased from 8 to 9.
  • Headshot icon.png Headshot damage increased from 30/40/50/60 to 30/45/60/75.
  • Take Aim icon.png Take Aim range bonus increased from 65/130/195/260 to 75/150/225/300.


  • Headshot icon.png Headshot damage increased from 30/30/40/50 to 30/40/50/60.


  • Shrapnel icon.png Shrapnel AoE increased from 325 to 350.


  • Shrapnel icon.png Shrapnel damage increased from 10/20/30/40 to 12/24/36/48.


  • Assassinate icon.png Assassinate kills now give XP even if you are outside of range.
  • Night vision increased from 800 to 1000.


  • Shrapnel icon.png Shrapnel
    • Duration decreased from 10 to 8 seconds.
    • AoE decreased from 450 to 325.



  • Increased Take Aim icon.png Take Aim range from 55/110/165/220 to 65/130/195/260.


  • Replaced Scattershot with a new ability Shrapnel icon.png Shrapnel:
    • Fires a ball full of shrapnel into the air. which promptly explodes, showering the target area. Enemy units that walk in this area get damaged and slowed. Deals 30% damage to buildings. Shrapnel lasts for 10 seconds.
    • AOE: 450. Slow: 15/20/25/30. Slow Duration: 2. DPS: 10/20/30/40. Cast Range: 900. Cooldown: 15. Manacost: 120


  • Decreased Assassinate icon.png Assassinate cooldown from 30/20/10 to 20/15/10 seconds.


  • Scattershot gives vision on the area it is cast on.


  • Improved Scattershot's damage range from 10-35 to 20-35.


  • Improved Sniper's Agility growth a bit


  • Slightly increased base mana


  • Restored Headshot's old functionality of triggering on allied creeps


  • Assassinate level 3 cooldown from 5 seconds to 10 seconds.
  • Headshot doesn't work on allied units.


  • Headshot lvl4 from .25 to .2 and restored old sniper starting agi


  • Sniper's agility from 26/1.9 to 28/2.4
  • Scattershot damage from 14-40 to 10-35


  • Balance tweaks done to the following heroes (Don't panic, these are mostly VERY minor, but you guys like to know, so here):
    • Broodmother, Sven, SA, Enigma, Ursa, Tinker, Tiny, Sniper, Troll, Rhasta, Bristleback, Dragon Knight, Venomancer, Viper, Spiritbreaker, Bounty Hunter, Jugg, VS, Zeus, Weaver, Tide Hunter, Enchantress and Silencer.

Replaced Abilties[edit]

Not blocked by Spell Immunity. Not blocked by Linken's Sphere.
Unknown icon.png
Ability Affects Damage
Target Point Enemies Physical
Fire a ball of shrapnel on the air which promptly explodes, dealing damage in target area.
Range: 750
Radius: 200
Damage per Pellet: 10-25
Number of Pellets: 8/12/16/20
Cooldown 15 Mana 120


  • The pellets deal piercing damage, which deals 150% to creeps, 50% to heroes, and 35% to buildings.


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