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The Side Lane Shop is an extra shop located on the Radiant side of the bottom lane and the Dire side of the top lane, near the River. The Side Lane Shop sells certain items away from base, allowing heroes to continue laning for longer before returning to base.

All items found at the Side Lane Shop are also found at the main base shop, except Energy Booster icon.png Energy Booster and Ultimate Orb icon.png Ultimate Orb, which is also found at the Secret Shop.

The top Side Lane Shop is tended by Quirt; the bottom by Sithil.

List of Items[edit | edit source]

Town Portal Scroll (75) Town Portal Scroll Magic Stick (200) Magic Stick Stout Shield (200) Stout Shield Sage's Mask (325) Sage's Mask
Ring of Regen (350) Ring of Regen Orb of Venom (275) Orb of Venom Boots of Speed (450) Boots of Speed Cloak (550) Cloak
Ring of Health (850) Ring of Health Morbid Mask (900) Morbid Mask Helm of Iron Will (900) Helm of Iron Will Energy Booster (900) Energy Booster
Slippers of Agility (150) Slippers of Agility Quelling Blade (225) Quelling Blade Band of Elvenskin (450) Band of Elvenskin Belt of Strength (450) Belt of Strength
Robe of the Magi (450) Robe of the Magi Blades of Attack (420) Blades of Attack Gloves of Haste (500) Gloves of Haste Chainmail (550) Chainmail
Quarterstaff (875) Quarterstaff Broadsword (1200) Broadsword Ultimate Orb (2100) Ultimate Orb Blink Dagger (2250) Blink Dagger
Void Stone (850) Void Stone Mantle of Intelligence (150) Mantle of Intelligence

Upgrade Items[edit | edit source]

These items can be completed solely with items from the Side Lane Shop:

Poor Man's Shield (500) Poor Man's Shield Arcane Boots (1350) Arcane Boots Phase Boots (1290) Phase Boots Power Treads (1400) Power Treads
Helm of the Dominator (1800) Helm of the Dominator Hood of Defiance (2100) Hood of Defiance Oblivion Staff (1650) Oblivion Staff Blade Mail (2200) Blade Mail
Perseverance (1700) Perseverance

Notably, Tranquil Boots icon.png Tranquil Boots and Ring of Basilius icon.png Ring of Basilius cannot be completed at the Side Lane Shop since they require a Ring of Protection icon.png Ring of Protection.

Balance changelog[edit | edit source]







  • Added Hyperstone icon.png Hyperstone to the Goblin Shop
  • Added Javelin icon.png Javelin to the Goblin Shops
  • Added Quarterstaff icon.png Quarterstaff to the Goblin Shops
  • Added Ring of Health icon.png Ring of Health to the Goblin Shop
  • Changed how the secondary shops work. You can now see their location and click them while in fog.


  • Changed the second secret shop model (to Goblin Shop) and the shop's carried items


  • Added a new secret shop containing limited items (only stout(Stout Shield icon.png Stout Shield) and Helm of Iron Will icon.png Helm of Iron Will for now) to the top left and bottom right areas
  • Added Bottle icon.png Bottle to the new secret shop