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Spawning[edit | edit source]

  • Play Shadow Demon!
  • Play Your old master has returned!
  • Play Heed me, and it will go better for you.
  • Play Sa nith icha gluth. (This land will be consumed.)
  • Play This time it is the demon who will do the summoning!

Beginning the Battle[edit | edit source]

  • Play I will scatter all who gather here today.
  • Play Ozh domosh acha. (My reign begins now.)

Drawing First Blood[edit | edit source]

  • Play First blood. Ah ha ha ha ha.
  • Play With this blood I seal my promise of Dominion!

Moving[edit | edit source]

Attacking[edit | edit source]

  • Play Attack!
  • Play Dominion is mine!
  • Play Fall before me!
  • Play By my shadow!
  • Play A summoning!
  • Play My shadow seeks!
  • Play Come into my dominion!
  • Play Thus do I dominate!
  • Play Voth doq izh. (War on you.)
  • Play Omoz sek. (Darkness comes.)
  • Play Izh vo'acha ses. (You can not hide.)
  • Play Ozh icha tak izh! (I will have you.)
  • Play Izh vo'acha nesh. (You are not safe.)
  • Play By the demon's will!

Casting a Spell[edit | edit source]

  • Play It's all to my advantage.
  • Play No shadow will shelter you.
  • Play Come into my shadow!
  • Play Ozh acha doq izh. (I am upon you.)

Casting Demonic Purge[edit | edit source]

  • Play Good has no hold on you!
  • Play The demon's curse!
  • Play Your friends can't help you now.
  • Play That's me you feel.
  • Play You wear my shadow now!
  • Play Hahsh ozh poz! (Feel my power!)
  • Play Ozkavosh tak izh. (Demon-kind takes you.)
  • Play Purged!
  • Play Stripped!

Casting Disruption[edit | edit source]

On Enemies[edit | edit source]

  • Play You'll be back!
  • Play Leave me!
  • Play Off with you!
  • Play Disruption!
  • Play You brought me new minions.
  • Play New followers!
  • Play My, how you've grown.
  • Play Evangelizing for my cause?

On Allies[edit | edit source]

  • Play To a better place.
  • Play A demon's blessing!
  • Play I look after my own.
  • Play Come back soon.
  • Play Back, and more of you!
  • Play You're a fine acolyte!

On Self[edit | edit source]

  • Play I'll be right back!
  • Play I must away!
  • Play Hold that thought.
  • Play Shadows take me.
  • Play Don’t wait up.
  • Play Eyik ozh omoz. (Behold my hell.)

Killing With Shadow Poison[edit | edit source]

  • Play Just you wait. (unused)
  • Play Slowly now… (unused)
  • Play You're sickening! (unused)
  • Play That was sick!
  • Play My shadow does that to people.
  • Play Finally.
  • Play In the end, you're all mine.
  • Play Ahm'irush tak izh. (The plague has you.)
  • Play Vo'sol. (No hope.)

Casting Soul Catcher[edit | edit source]

  • Play Just your bad luck.
  • Play Caught your soul.
  • Play Your soul ensnared.
  • Play Izh icha safras. (You will suffer.)

Failing To Place Soul Catcher On An Enemy Hero[edit | edit source]

Failing[edit | edit source]

Gaining a Level[edit | edit source]

  • Play In shades refined.
  • Play How my shadow darkens.
  • Play Fearsome energies invoked!
  • Play It all comes together in the end.
  • Play Doubt not a demon's will.
  • Play My cult grows in number!
  • Play The Second Domination draws near.
  • Play Muwahha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
  • Play Rahh, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
  • Play Ozh omoz groth! (My shadow spreads.)

Killing a Hero[edit | edit source]

  • Play The shadow grows.
  • Play Your soul will make a fine minion!
  • Play My cult grows by one.
  • Play Slain you say? I hardly noticed.
  • Play Go on, bewail your fate.
  • Play Cry for all the good it does you!
  • Play My shadow sweeps over you.
  • Play Did you not see the demon in your gaze?
  • Play Look to the shadows for a taste of your fate.
  • Play The weeping is yours, the laughter is all mine. Ha ha ha ha ha!
  • Play You conspired against me.
  • Play Eyik vo'hollom. (Behold oblivion.)
  • Play Izh sol fek. (Your day is over.)
  • Play Vo'sol izh. (There is no hope for you.)
  • Play Cry some more.

Killing a Rival[edit | edit source]

  • Play Shadow Fiend My shadow rises while your shadow falls.
  • Play Doom Whatever hell you came from will have to take you back.
  • Play Anti-Mage Deal with it, Anti-Mage.
  • Play Anti-Mage My will, not thine.
  • Play Anti-Mage You'll not dispel my magic!
  • Play Anti-Mage Over-ruled!
  • Play Bane The nightmares you harvest are like sweet dreams to me.
  • Play Razor You might be a power in the underscape, but here, you're a damp spark.
  • Play Clinkz The demon that made Clinkz botched the job if you ask me.
  • Play Warlock I'll never come to your call.
  • Play Warlock Warlock, you should have written your memoir, not your grimoire.
  • Play Omniknight Omniknight, you were wholly a nuisance.
  • Play Chen There lies Chen. Never were followers more misguided.
  • Play Shadow Fiend Ozh icha tak lash. (I will take my share.)
  • Play Shadow Fiend Izh greesh vo'lieyev. (Your debt is not yet paid.)
  • Play Doom Ahm'vo'izh fek sa chron, Lucifash. (Not even you can stop me, Lucifer.)
  • Play Doom Izh vo'poz doq nith, Lucifash. (You are powerless here, Lucifer.)
  • Play Doom Ozh vo'chron izh rast, Lucifash. (I am no longer your puppet, Lucifer.)

Last Hitting[edit | edit source]

  • Play A follower.
  • Play A new minion.
  • Play All for the Second Dominion.
  • Play Dominion is mine!
  • Play Swept up in the shadows.
  • Play Demon gold.
  • Play Bow down.
  • Play It's more than your worth.
  • Play Bow to me!
  • Play Bow Down.

Dying[edit | edit source]

  • Play No!
  • Play Follow me not!
  • Play Torn apart again…
  • Play My cult is leaderless!
  • Play Darkness within darkness…
  • Play Curse that light!
  • Play I've lost my dominion!
  • Play Undaunted, I die…
  • Play Curse your bright cabal!
  • Play Beset on all sides!
  • Play The field is rife with enemies.
  • Play That's it: You're out of the cult.
  • Play Sof izh. (Curse you.)
  • Play Ozh vo'fek. (I cannot be stopped.)
  • Play Omoz groth ozh. (The abyss welcomes me.)

Respawning Quickly[edit | edit source]

  • Play Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
  • Play Ozh poz icha gluth wroth. (My power will rise again.)

Respawning[edit | edit source]

  • Play Give me a moment to regroup.
  • Play Let me pull myself together.
  • Play Take care what you summon.
  • Play Summon forth, fifth and sixth.
  • Play Served with a summons.
  • Play My shadow, in tatters, reknits.
  • Play I need more shadows here, to beat back this scouring light!
  • Play Who toys with demons will find himself toyed with.
  • Play I sense uncertain mastery of these most sinister arts…
  • Play I'll bite this hand that feeds me, and take it for my own!
  • Play I heard the cabal call my name.

Purchasing an Item[edit | edit source]

  • Play This will further the Second Domination.
  • Play Well-suited to a demon's power.
  • Play Oh, shadows, I shall use this in your name.

Purchasing a Specific Item[edit | edit source]

  • Play Aghanim's Scepter Ah, Scepter!
  • Play Aghanim's Scepter Scepter mine!
  • Play Blink Dagger Blink dagger!
  • Play Blink Dagger Blink dagger!
  • Play Blink Dagger Ah, this dagger brings back memories.
  • Play Scythe of Vyse Scythe of Vyse!
  • Play Force Staff Force Staff!
  • Play Shiva's Guard Shiva's Guard!
  • Play Necronomicon Necronomicon!
  • Play Bloodstone Bloodstone!

Bottling a Rune[edit | edit source]

  • Play I can wait a bit longer.
  • Play Patience is my middle name.
  • Play The shadows gather.

Denying[edit | edit source]

Losing[edit | edit source]

  • Play Nooooo!
  • Play Defeated!
  • Play A blinding light dispels my shadow!

Winning[edit | edit source]

  • Play Yeeessss!
  • Play Victory!
  • Play All creation swept into my shadow!

Calling a Missing Hero[edit | edit source]

  • Play Bottom is missing.
  • Play Middle is missing.
  • Play Top is missing.

Taking Aegis of the Immortal[edit | edit source]

  • Play Immortality!
  • Play Here is to a reign unending.

Activating Haste[edit | edit source]

  • Play Haste!
  • Play All the quicker to extend my reach.

Activating Double Damage[edit | edit source]

  • Play Double damage!
  • Play And they thought it could get no darker.

Activating Regeneration[edit | edit source]

  • Play Regeneration!
  • Play So shall my shadows cohere!

Activating Illusion[edit | edit source]

  • Play Illusion!
  • Play Worship all of us, equally.

Activating Invisibility[edit | edit source]

  • Play Invisibility!
  • Play In my shadow all is hidden.

Activating Bounty[edit | edit source]

  • Play Demon gold.
  • Play Ozh icha tak lash. (I will take my share.)

Attempting to Use an Ability on Cooldown[edit | edit source]

  • Play Not yet.
  • Play Not yet.
  • Play Not yet!
  • Play I'm not ready.
  • Play I'm not ready.
  • Play I’m! Not! Ready!
  • Play It's not time yet.
  • Play It's not time yet.
  • Play It's not! Time yet!

Attempting to Use an Ability without Mana[edit | edit source]

Thanking[edit | edit source]

  • Play Thanks.
  • Play A demon's gratitude.
  • Play Hrmrmr… thanks.
  • Play Barrhh… thanks.

Coming Under Attack[edit | edit source]

  • Play I'm under attack!

Taunting[edit | edit source]

  • Play No demon lord has ever been more assured that this one, is in the bag.
  • Play No demon lord has ever been more assured that this one, is in the bag!

Shitty Wizard[edit | edit source]

  • Play Bah! Shitty wizard!

Crummy Wizard[edit | edit source]

  • Play Crummy wizard!

Pain[edit | edit source]

Anger[edit | edit source]

Happiness[edit | edit source]

Laughter[edit | edit source]

  • Play Uh ha ha ha ha.
  • Play Hm ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
  • Play Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
  • Play Buw ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
  • Play Ah! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ah ha ha ha!
  • Play Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.