Rune of the Bladeform Legacy

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Rune of the Bladeform Legacy
Cosmetic icon Rune of the Bladeform Legacy.png
Gem / Rune
Juggernaut icon.png

This gem tracks the number of Omnislash kills Juggernaut has with Bladeform Legacy
Created By Valve logo.png
Released 17 Mar 2017
Origin Bladeform Legacy

This gem comes socketed with Bladeform Legacy. It tracks and displays a special in-game counter when Juggernaut minimap icon.png Juggernaut gets kills with Omnislash icon.png Omnislash. A counter of ten or more will unlock an additional style for Bladeform Legacy. If the gem removed, the style and in-game counter will be lost.

Customizations[edit | edit source]

Customization Type Preview
Origins Style Colors
Omnislash icon.png Omnislash
Kill Count