Refresher Orb

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Refresher Orb
Refresher Orb icon.png
A powerful artifact created for wizards.
5200 (1800)
Bought From
Active Reset Cooldowns
Bonus +12 Health regeneration
+250% Mana regeneration
+20 Attack damage
Disassemble? No
Alert allies? No
Refresher Orb (5200)
Perseverance (1700)
Perseverance (1700)
Recipe (1800)

The Refresher Orb is an Item purchasable at the Main Shop, under Caster.

Ability[edit | edit source]

Reset Cooldowns
No Target
Resets the cooldowns of all your items and abilities.
Cooldown symbol.png 195
Mana symbol.png 375


  • Interrupts the user's channeling spells upon cast.
  • Only refreshes items in the user's inventory. Items in the stash, in other units' inventories or dropped items are unaffected.
  • Only refreshes items owned by the user. Allied items in the inventory are not refreshed.
  • Refreshes all spells owned by the user. This includes hidden or inactive spells (e.g. invoked spells or Battle Cry icon.png Battle Cry​).
    • This means that it does not refresh all spells for Rubick icon.png Rubick​. Stolen spells are only refreshed when he owns them upon refreshing.
  • Visually resets the cooldown of Tranquil Boots (Active) icon.png Tranquil Boots, but does not skip the broken state.
  • Since items of same kind always share cooldown, it is not possible to refresh a Refresher Orb's cooldown with another Refresher Orb.

Recommended heroes[edit | edit source]

Heroes whose default item build includes Refresher Orb as a situational item

Strength: Doom, Beastmaster, Tidehunter, Omniknight.

Intelligence: Shadow Shaman, Zeus, Dark Seer, Enigma, Outworld Devourer, Warlock.

Recommend: Undying, Invoker, Earthshaker, Techies, Wraith King, Necrophos, Silencer, Lich, Faceless Void.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Using Refresher Orb allows some skills to have two instances running simultaneously; for example, Eye of the Storm icon.png Eye of the Storm​, Chaotic Offering icon.png Chaotic Offering​.
    • Note though that some spells are specifically coded to not be able to run multiple instances at the same time (e.g. Exorcism icon.png Exorcism​). Before building Refresher Orb, be sure that the ability you aim to use it with supports multiple instances at the same time or is worth having its duration doubled.

Gallery[edit | edit source]